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Use a Hybrid Approach to Accelerate the Value of an SAP HANA Investment by  HP & Intel®

March 19, 2014 - Access the following white paper to uncover how you can successfully implement a hybrid approach to SAP HANA and the cloud to ultimately give your IT the flexibility it needs to handle huge data spikes, all while gaining the actionable insights of real time analytics.


Use a Hybrid Approach to Accelerate the Value of an SAP HANA Investment by  Hewlett-Packard Limited

February 06, 2014 - Access the following white paper to uncover how you can successfully implement a hybrid approach to SAP HANA and the cloud to ultimately give your IT the flexibility it need to handle huge data spikes, all while gaining the actionable insights of real time analytics.


Use BYOD Policies to Integrate Personal Devices Securely by  HP & Intel®

May 13, 2013 - This e-guide from SearchHealthIT.com highlights the importance of implementing effective BYOD policies to ensure the security of your health care data. Moreover, learn how to embrace BYOD without compromising compliance.


Use Case: Maximizing Deduplication ROI in a NetBackup Environment by  SEPATON

September 01, 2008 - Deduplication technology is changing the economics of data protection by enabling companies to backup and restore petabytes of data without adding capacity--making the cost of backing up to a VTL comparable to physical tape.


Use effective call centers to build customer loyalty by  Infor CRM

February 08, 2012 - This tip guide features chapter 6 from Paul R. Timm's book, 'Technology and Customer Service: Profitable Relationship Building.' Access this resource now to learn how to align business process with customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives, tips for CRM strategy and how to effectively leverage the call center to improve customer loyalty.


Use Green Data Storage Technologies to Gain Power Efficiency – Presentation Transcript by  Dell, Inc.

September 06, 2012 - This presentation transcript discusses storage energy efficiency, including green data storage technologies that can help control energy costs. Check it out to see what Jon Toigo, CEO and managing principal of Toigo Partners International suggests to gain power efficiency.


Use IBM PureSystems patterns to achieve simplified IT with superior economics by  IBM

December 31, 2013 - Explore this resource to learn about an integrated infrastructure platform that promises faster time-to-value, reduced management and overhead costs, lower risk use and reduced errors in operations management, and more. Learn how these systems are designed to reduce complexity, speed deployment and provide automated scaling. Read on to learn more.


Use of Virtualization Technology with SAP by  VMware and Intel

January 28, 2009 - The arrival of VMware virtualization technology and the multi-core Intel® Xeon® processor specifically designed for virtualization helps upgrading the company's core business systems in a limited amount of time.


Use Service Virtualization to remove testing bottlenecks by  IBM

May 16, 2013 - Learn how to overcome today's test and development roadblocks with Service Virtualization.


Use the Hybrid Cloud Model to Unite Disparate Cloud Computing Visions by  VMware, Inc.

December 12, 2013 - This expert e-guide covers the different approaches to cloud computing implementation and lets you know when you should make the move to the hybrid cloud.


Useful tips on how to choose the right Cloud or ERP solution by  IQMS

October 02, 2013 - This e-guide outlines important issues for manufacturers to consider when establishing requirements. Mike Canniff, senior partner at Mercury Consulting and professor of management information systems at the University of the Pacific, provides his insights for cloud ERP integrations.


Useful Tips to Help Budget your DCIM Project by  Raritan Inc.

March 28, 2014 - This white paper reveals 2 critical tips to help you plan out an efficient data center infrastructure management (DCIM) project without driving up major costs.


USENIX HotCloud '10 by  Novell, Inc.

October 21, 2010 - This paper describes infrastructure software for this new IT landscape. It will discuss the service-oriented distributed management necessary to create an IT platform.


User Access Controls: Authorizations Insight for PeopleSoft by  Approva Corporation

January 01, 2007 - Approva's Authorizations Insight for PeopleSoft monitors user authorizations across all your PeopleSoft ERP environments to detect, remediate and prevent segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts and inappropriate access to sensitive pages.


User Directed Storage Management: How To Make Users Accountable For Responsible Storage Usage by  Northern Parklife

February 12, 2009 - The accelerated pace of doing business in today's world puts organizations under tremendous pressure. They need to be fleet and flexible, able to rapidly respond to opportunities, make decisions, and deploy resources. Critical to this is the way information is managed and stored.


User Experience Services At-a-Glance: Go beyond the surface by  Hewlett-Packard Company

October 08, 2013 - This helpful resource discusses how your organization can extract the relevant information from the vast array of data your applications hold in an innovative and interesting way to keep customers engaged.


User experience: is it just a 'nice to have'? by  Hewlett-Packard Limited

February 21, 2013 - In this brief on-demand video, John McCarthy – Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research – explains why user experience is at the core of systems of engagement.


User Interface Development for Embedded Systems by  Mentor Graphics

January 13, 2009 - An embedded system is a special-purpose system in which the computer is completely encapsulated by or dedicated to the device or system it controls.


User Profile Manager Best Practices Guide by  Citrix

February 01, 2009 - This document provides the best practices for addressing the "last write wins" issue and key profile use case scenarios that can dramatically benefit with a User Profile Manager solution.


User Provisioning: The Business Imperative by  CA Technologies.

February 29, 2012 - Did you know utilizing a comprehensive provisioning tool can help you improve compliance, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency? Read now to learn more!


User Virtualisation from AppSense could Reduce the Time and Cost of Windows 7 Migration by  AppSense

August 16, 2011 - Access this exclusive video to discover how user virtualisation can reduce the time and cost of a Windows 7 migration.


User Virtualization and Windows 7: Migration, personalization, satisfaction by  AppSense

June 08, 2011 - Windows 7 will soon be the preferred organisational operating system, and the migration could cause difficulty. Read now to discover how user virtualisation will automate the process of migrating and managing thousands of user profiles and endpoint devices.


User Virtualization: Paving the Way to Windows 7 by  AppSense

August 16, 2011 - This exclusive resource presents how you can leverage user virtualisation to your advantage in order to achieve a seamless Windows 7 transition. Learn how to reduce migration complexity and ease system management without added costs.


User Workspace Management and Desktop Virtualization by  RES Software

September 18, 2009 - The User Workspace Management market is generating increasing attention from IT professionals and analysts. This White Paper provides a brief description of User Workspace Management and its critical importance to desktop virtualization deployments.


User's Guide to Office 2007 - No Need to Wait, Deploy It Now by  Global Knowledge

December 10, 2008 - It seems we're always dragged kicking and screaming into the newest operating system, programs, or hardware systems. Office 2007 is quite an initial adjustment yet it is one the most functional products from Microsoft in a while.


User-Based Licensing for Endpoint Protection and BYOD by  Webroot

June 11, 2013 - User-based licensing allows protection on multiple devices for each employee, meaning companies need only know the number of mobile workers, not the number of devices. Inside, you'll find 5 reasons you should consider user-based licensing for your organization.


User-ID Linked with Next-Generation Firewalls Improves Network Visibility and Controls by  Palo Alto Networks

November 12, 2012 - This white paper highlights a security solution that integrates existing enterprise directory services with next-generation firewalls so application activity and policies are linked directly with users or groups. Read on to learn how user-based analysis, reporting, and forensics can improve visibility and protection.


User’s Guide to the Emerging Database Landscape: Row vs. Columnar vs. NoSQL by  Infobright, Inc.

July 28, 2011 - This white paper addresses strategies for effectively addressing the impact of data overload on application performance, speed and reliability, as well as where newer technologies such as columnar databases and NoSQL come into play.


Uses and Misuses for Disk-based Backup by  ExaGrid Systems, Inc.

June 19, 2013 - In this E-Guide, expert Jon Toigo offers advice on maximizing the disk storage you have and avoiding the tendency to use this media when it isn't necessary.


USF Federal Credit Union Establishes Airtight DR with EVault and Simpler-Webb by  i365, makers of Evault

April 24, 2008 - Since implementing i365 InfoStage, things have gotten a lot easier -- and a lot more comfortable -- for USF FCU.


Using a Gateway to achieve PCI compliance by  Forum Systems

October 16, 2013 - This exclusive resource examines a gateway product that can help your organization achieve PCI compliance.


Using a Risk-Based Approach to Address a Changing Threat Landscape by  RSA, The Security Division of EMC

January 31, 2013 - In this white paper, gain exclusive insight on risk-based authentication systems. Learn why these systems will continue to enable convenient user access, boost information security policies to prevent fraudulent access, and ensure user privacy.


Using Advanced Analytics to Gain Insights into Your Revenue Stream by  SAP America, Inc.

February 20, 2009 - This CustomerCentric Selling® research can help organizations analyze their sales and marketing processes to gain insights more quickly and accelerate business performance.


Using analytics in DCM: Techniques and tips for doing the job well by  IBM

November 07, 2011 - Dynamic case management (DCM) aims to empower knowledge workers, improve efficiency and deliver better outcomes. Adding analytics to the mix can add even more benefits by providing new insight into case information. This e-guide offers tips for combining DCM and analytics, which can help users spot trends and glean insights from case information.


Using application control to reduce risk with endpoint security by  Sophos, Inc.

July 19, 2011 - Unauthorized applications should be a prime consideration for applying application control, as it increases the risk of malware infections and data loss. View this paper to explore how integrating application control with endpoint solutions can provide the most efficient and comprehensive defense against unwanted applications.


Using AppManager for J2EE Operational Management by  SUSE

June 24, 2004 - Sign up now for AppManager in Action—a series of webinars presented by our product pros and designed specifically for our customers.


Using Bandwidth More Efficiently with Switched Digital Video by  Motorola, Inc.

December 31, 2008 - Switched Digital Video (SDV) offers tremendous promise for network operators seeking to more efficiently use bandwidth and deliver highly targeted content to subscribers.


Using Big Data for Smarter Decision Making by  IBM

February 14, 2012 - This white paper explores cutting-ege developments in business analytics and how analyzing big data benefits your business. It also examines different types of big data workloads and how to optimize systems to handle different workloads and integrate them into a single infrastructure. Read now to learn more.


Using Big Data Security Analytics to Catch APTs by  Hewlett-Packard Company

November 19, 2013 - In this informative white paper, unveil 3 ways that big data security analytics can help you gain actionable intelligence to thwart advanced persistent threats (APTs) and achieve visibility into IT infrastructures for top defense.


Using Case Management to Empower Employees and transform Customer Service by  Kofax, Inc.

August 24, 2012 - This white paper demonstrates how empowering your employees can lead to significantly improved customer service. Learn how dynamic case management applications can assist in delivering employee empowerment and transform the customer experience.


Using Classification to Manage Email Policy for the Enterprise by  TITUS

May 01, 2008 - Email has historically been a weak link in organizational security. Classification and policy based strategies enable email to be managed more securely and effectively. Email classification is a technique for adding metadata and visual labels to email.


Using Cloud Backup and Recovery Services to Achieve Desired Business Outcomes by  Asigra

February 26, 2014 - This IDC Market Spotlight addresses 4 primary reasons organizations are embracing cloud backup and recovery services, and 3 cloud service provider strategies, including their associate risks and rewards.


Using cloud technology to enhance sustainability and reduce consumption by  ComputerWeekly.com

November 23, 2010 - Environmental issues are a common part of most IT strategies as awareness of carbon footprints and energy use of technology has become widespread. But how can cloud computing help to improve sustainability, and what role should the cloud play in green IT planning? This report examines the green credentials of cloud computing.


Using Code Quality Metrics in Management of Outsourced Development and Maintenance by  McCabe Software, Inc.

March 13, 2009 - This paper provides answers to basic questions relating to the management of outsourced development and maintenance. What is the metrics approach to managing sub-contractors? What is the quality of the code expected to be that has been developed by the sub-contractor? Read on for the answers to these and other important considerations.


Using Collaboration Tools for Effective ALM by  CA Technologies.

June 04, 2012 - Read this expert e-guide to discover 10 ways that social media allows team members in different locations to collaborate and communicate effectively with each other. Learn how to get started using these new development tools.


Using Converged Network Adapters for FCoE Network Unification by  Dell, Inc. and Intel®

September 10, 2012 - Access this exclusive source to learn how your organization can streamline your data center beyond virtualization with converged network adapters.


Using Creativity and Data Analytics to Drive Corporate Strategy by  Concur Technologies

April 03, 2014 - This expert e-guide explores why creativity is becoming a critical skill for finance professionals, and offers key recommendations from a leading CFO to help you successfully move forward.


Using Cyclomatic Path Analysis to Detect Security Vulnerabilities by  McCabe Software, Inc.

November 10, 2010 - The paper discusses how path coverage is better than branch or statement coverage in testing to uncover security vulnerabilities, including showing how several CWE vulnerabilities could be undetected by branch coverage but detected by path coverage. Download this paper and find out how Cyclomatic Path Analysis can uncover these vulnerabilities.


Using Data Deduplication Products as Part of an IT Disaster Recovery Strategy by  Quantum Corporation

September 23, 2010 - Download to learn all about using deduplication as a part of your IT disaster recovery strategy!


Using data deduplication products as part of an IT disaster recovery strategy by  Quantum Corporation

October 06, 2010 - Check out this FAQ podcast, to hear W. Curtis Preston, independent backup expert and executive editor, source and target deduplication, how these approaches differ, what that means from a disaster recovery perspective and more.


Using Data Mining to Detect Insurance Fraud by  IBM

November 18, 2010 - Insurers lose millions each year through fraudulent claims. This paper explains how leading insurance companies are using data mining techniques to find fraudulent claims. Read on to learn how to combine powerful analytics with your existing fraud detection and prevention efforts.


Using Data Reduction Solutions to Manage More Data With Less Infrastructure by  IBM

October 01, 2011 - This white paper explains how data growth has created a storage management gap that is exacerbated by increased availability requirements and the risks of downtime. Find out why purchasing more storage is not a viable long-term solution to this problem and get advice on how to significantly reduce your storage footprint.


Using Data Replication to Upgrade Your Oracle Database with Minimal Downtime by  Dell Software

December 31, 2013 - To save money, many companies are migrating to less expensive hardware and operation systems, and away from older versions of Oracle. In this white paper, learn about these types of migrations – and how to conquer their challenges. Then, learn about a data replication solution that reduces downtime and failure when upgrading to Oracle 12c.


Using DCM and analytics for maximum impact by  IBM

November 08, 2011 - This Tip Guide offers practical advice for combining dynamic case management (DCM) and analytics to spot trends and glean other insights from case information. Readers will learn where the combination is likely to work best, where business process management (BPM) fits into the picture, and how to avoid problems in implementation.


Using Deduplication in Backup Systems – Interactive Resource Center by  Quantum Corporation

October 15, 2010 - Data Deduplication has gained a lot of traction in the backup and recovery world over the past few years. This interactive classroom features exclusive lessons designed to get IT administrators up to speed on this technology and how it affects the entire IT market.


Using Deduplication to Meet Recovery Time Objectives, Reduce Storage Costs, Simplify Data Management, and Meet Compliance and eDiscovery SLA's by  CommVault Systems, Inc.

January 16, 2009 - CommVault Simpana is the only product that delivers files and email-attachments deduplication across backup and archive as part of a proven and unified data management solution.


Using Deduplication: 5 Steps to Backup Efficiencies by  Datalink

June 24, 2011 - Deduplication technologies are providing many benefits for organizations seeking to optimize their backup environments. Access this exclusive resource to discover five key factors in selecting and deploying a deduplication selection.


Using Desktop Virtualization to Drive Quality and Cost Savings in Clinical Computing by  Dell, Inc.

August 22, 2011 - As the healthcare industry seeks to implement and drive widespread adoption of clinical computing, performance and accessibility of applications for clinicians are critical. Learn how solutions such as client virtualization are increasingly playing a role in bridging the gap between available resources and end-user satisfaction.


Using Desktop Virtualization to Drive Quality and Cost Savings in Clinical Computing by  Dell, Inc.

August 04, 2011 - Incentives created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are expected to increase EHR adoption and point-of-care computing -- meaning demands on availability and performance are high, while the budgets to manage devices are small. Find out how desktop virtualization can assist with these healthcare challenges.


Using DevOps Approaches for Pre-release and Production Software Quality by  IBM

October 30, 2013 - This essential E-Guide highlights the benefits of a DevOps approach and explores how businesses can successfully integrate their teams to increase collaboration, streamline testing processes and reduce risks.


Using DevOps Approaches for Pre-release and Production Software Quality by  IBM

November 19, 2013 - or some organizations, post-release HD ticket volume is 50% of the annual total! Unfortunately, this is often because development and operations teams fail to work together before a software release. In this e-guide, learn how  DevOps approach can help remedy those issues.


Using EHRs to Achieve Meaningful Use by  SearchHealthIT.com

June 17, 2013 - As stage 2 implementation dates loom, providers and industry stakeholders are assessing how well they've integrated certified electronic health records, technology standards and meaningful use stage 1 requirements into healthcare delivery.


Using electronic contact details for marketing by  Experian QAS

December 01, 2009 - What does an e-Marketer do when he or she gets to work? What tasks do they perform that are impacted upon by legislation and regulation? Let's take a look at a simplified view where we acquire, hold and use electronic contact information e.g. email addresses and see how legislation and regulation has an impact.


Using Encrypting File System to Protect Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data on a V3c Client Running Windows XP Professional by  Microsoft

June 28, 2007 - This white paper explains how to use Encrypting File System (EFS), a feature that is provided by default in the Windows® operating system, to protect data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients for Outlook Compatibility Update running on Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (SP2).


Using enterprise architecture to develop a blueprint for improving your energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint by  IBM

December 31, 2008 - This whitepaper is about enterprise architecture as it pertains to finding and maximizing the business value in greener operations. Higher energy efficiency and a smaller carbon footprint are obvious areas of interest for any business, but how do you balance these goals with productivity, customer service, and all your other business concerns?


Using Enterprise Systems to Gain Uncommon competitive Advantage by  Accenture

January 01, 2007 - Enterprise systems can lead to high performance in terms of differentiated customer response, new market discovery and development, and even the rapid reconfiguration of fundamental business processes.


Using F5 WANJet to Accelerate EMC SRDF®: Optimizing Data Replication for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery by  F5 Networks

September 01, 2008 - This white paper addresses the performance needs of data replication for disaster recovery. It also explains how the F5 WANJet is specifically designed to optimize Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) traffic while lowering IT costs.


Using FalconStor FDS as a Backup Target for EMC NetWorker by  FalconStor Software

August 01, 2009 - This document describes the basic concepts and integration guidelines for FalconStor FDS in an EMC NetWorker environment. The document is intended to provide an architectural overview of FalconStor FDS being used with EMC NetWorker and the benefits of a combined solution.


Using FalconStor FDS as a Backup Target for Veritas NetBackup by  FalconStor Software

September 10, 2009 - This document describes the basic concepts and integration guidelines for FalconStor® File-interface Deduplication System (FDS) in a Veritas NetBackup™ environment. It is intended to provide best practices for configuring all components.


Using Free Web Application Security Scanning Tools to Secure Web Apps by  Imperva

April 07, 2014 - Expert Michael Cobb sheds light on the true benefits of a zero-cost, open source Web application security scanning tool.


Using HP Network Management to Improve IT Staff Efficiency and Reduce Costs for a Global Consumer Products Company by  Hewlett-Packard Company

June 23, 2010 - Read this case study to see how a United States–based global consumer products company deployed HP Network Node Manager i (NNMi) to provide more visibility into the root cause of network faults and reduce the costs associated with hardware, software, and outside vendor support.


Using IBM Data Reduction Solutions to Manage More Data with Less by  IBM

June 30, 2011 - This white paper explores one of the pressing issues for storage administrators today: managing and securing a growing tidal wave of data. It discusses specific problems and describes IBM Tivoli, IBM System Storage, and IBM ProtecTIER solutions that can help address them. 


Using IBM Social Business to Take Your Business Relationships to the Next Level by  IBM

October 01, 2011 - This IBM Redguide™ publication provides information about IBM Social Business and includes details about the business need and the value of transformation to a social business. It presents a high-level Social Business component diagram, highlights key capabilities, and includes customer case studies.


Using IBM Social Business to Take Your Business Relationships to the Next Level by  IBM

December 01, 2011 - This publication provides information about IBM Social Business and includes details about the business need and the value of transformation to a social business. It presents a high-level Social Business component diagram, highlights key capabilities, and includes customer case studies that exemplify how some of these capabilities can be applied.


Using ICD-10 Codes and Electronic Health Records to Achieve Value by  Dell, Inc.

June 20, 2012 - This white paper demonstrates how adopting ICD-10 and EHRs can provide information that would be useful to streamlining administrative burdens that plague both health plans and providers.


Using ICT financing for strategic gain by  ComputerWeekly.com

July 08, 2013 - Analysts Clive Longbottom and Rob Bamford offer advice to smaller businesses on financing and leasing of ICT hardware and software


Using Informatica to Improve Data Management, Increase User Productivity, and Reduce Costs: A Case Study of AT&T by  Informatica

May 28, 2010 - Read this paper to learn how AT&T utilized Informatica Data Archive to bring its database growth under control and improve application performance by reducing the amount of total storage required as well as trimming the amount of time required to load and back up its application data sets.


Using iSCSI for virtual server environments by  Dell Compellent

October 11, 2011 - In this interview, Mike Laverick, a VMware expert, discusses the pros and cons of using iSCSI for virtual server environments. Find out the proper steps you should take when implementing iSCSI in your virtual environment, how to configure iSCSI in vSphere and how to test the performance of an iSCSI storage device.


Using Mac and Windows apps side-by-side by  Parallels, Inc.

August 14, 2012 - Listen to this podcast to learn how you can run Mac and Windows applications side-by-side


Using Marketing Automation to Increase Your ROI on CRM by  Marketo

June 27, 2013 - Many CRM systems lack an effective way to manage leads - that's where marketing automation comes in. In this resource, explore the benefits of a marketing automation tool, and learn how implementing marketing automation can increase your ROI on your CRM system.


Using Master Data in Business Intelligence by  SAP America, Inc.

March 01, 2007 - Improve planning, building, and deploying a master data management (MDM) environment. Consider an evolutionary – rather than revolutionary – approach to MDM, and examine how to use MDM with business intelligence applications and an underlying data warehousing environment to improve decision making.


Using mHealth to Work Smarter by  Intel

June 15, 2012 - The adoption of mobile technology in the field of health is increasing as a means of accessing and delivering health information and services to enable better, more efficient healthcare. Read on to learn more about mobile health (mHealth) technologies and how they can help your business be more efficient, productive, and successful.


Using Microsoft Active Directory in the Domino World by  PistolStar, Inc.

February 10, 2009 - Active Directory for Windows-based Lotus shops has left administrators with yet another account to manage. Learn about the password management challenges AD brings and the benefits of enabling users to use AD as a central authentication point.


Using Microsoft Active Directory to Address Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard Requirements in Heterogeneous Environments by  Centrify Corporation

September 20, 2012 - This white paper outlines the business and technical case for centralizing administration. Learn more about the steps to take with user authentication and access controls as well as how to provide accountability through direct auditing of user activities.


Using MLAG in Dell Networks by  Dell, Inc.

January 31, 2014 - Access this exclusive white paper to discover all the ins-and-outs of MLAG technology, how they are used and recommendations on how to implement MLAG into your own network.


Using mobile phones to manage mobile workers’ expenses by  ComputerWeekly.com

November 22, 2010 - The tool of choice to the highly mobile workforce is the  mobile phone. From customer contact and records keeping, through calendaring and scheduling to mapping and news feeds, the  mobile phone is usurping the laptop as the main point of technology for the road warrior.


Using Operational Intelligence to Transform Customer Care Processes in Telecommunications & Public Utilities by  Vitria Technology, Inc.

June 14, 2011 - This presentation transcript discusses using operational intelligence to transform customer care processes in telecommunications and public utilities.


Using Optimized Power and Cooling to Maximize the Benefits of Virtualization by  APC by Schneider Electric

May 18, 2012 - Discover strategies to overcome the challenges of a virtualized data center. This white paper discusses issues like high density, worsening PUE and dynamic IT loads while providing practical methods of addressing them.


Using Oracle BI with Oracle E-Business Suite by  Noetix Corporation

August 01, 2008 - This webcast gives an overview of the Oracle E-Business Suite and demonstrates how to integrate Oracle BI suite with the Oracle EBS using Noetix software offerings.


Using Oracle In-Memory Database Cache to Accelerate the Oracle Database by  Oracle Corporation

July 25, 2009 - Read this white paper to learn how Oracle In-Memory Database Cache significantly reduces response time, while improving overall application throughput, by bringing data closer to the application, and by processing queries in an in-memory database.


Using Oracle In-Memory Database Cache to Accelerate the Oracle Database by  Oracle Corporation

July 25, 2009 - Read this white paper to learn how Oracle In-Memory Database Cache significantly reduces response time, while improving overall application throughput, by bringing data closer to the application, and by processing queries in an in-memory database.


Using Oracle In-Memory Database Cache to Accelerate the Oracle Database by  Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

July 28, 2010 - Read this white paper to learn how Oracle In-Memory Database Cache significantly reduces response time, while improving overall application throughput, by bringing data closer to the application, and by processing queries in an in-memory database.


Using Performance Drivers to Enhance Business Success: Identifying, Visualizing and Analyzing Key Performance Drivers (KPD metrics) by  myDIALS Inc.

November 04, 2009 - This paper examines performance metrics and focuses on the nature, identification and use of Key Performance Drivers to enhance business success. It illustrates how these KPD metrics can be visualized and logically related to the Key Performance Indicators that measure those outcomes.


Using Policy Based Routing and Access Control Lists in a Virtualized Network by  Dell, Inc.

December 31, 2013 - Explore this informative white paper to discover what's involved in configuring and applying PBR, user scenarios and much more.


Using Predictive Coding to Your E-Discovery Advantage by  SearchCIO.com

May 23, 2013 - E-discovery techniques such as predictive coding are increasingly popular, and organizations are starting to realize the benefits of these tools beyond just the legal realm. In this SearchCompliance handbook, learn how predictive coding and other e-discovery practices are proving beneficial to overall business processes.


Using SaaS to Reduce the Costs of Email Security by  Proofpoint, Inc.

February 01, 2009 - This whitepaper discusses the dramatic cost savings that companies can realize by adopting a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model for email security versus an on-premises approach.


Using Server-Based Networks to Meet your Small Business Challenges by  Dell, Inc. and Microsoft

July 09, 2007 - Today's server technology is surprisingly affordable and user-friendly and well worth your attention. Read this paper to learn about key benefits a server-based network can bring to your business.


Using SharePoint to Unify Records Management with Iron Mountain Solutions by  Iron Mountain

December 10, 2012 - As the amount of unstructured business data continues to grow, IT is under pressure to craft effective records management programs – and fast. Only 37% of companies with formal policies are able to consistently apply them company-wide. Read on to learn about a next-gen platform that integrates with SharePoint to provide highly-effective policies.


Using SLAs to Gain a Competitive Advantage by  BlueCoat

December 28, 2008 - This whitepaper will discuss these managed service trends and challenges, and will identify the steps to success to meet customers. Escalating application and security requirements.


Using Snapshots in Your Data Backup Strategy by  Dell | EqualLogic

December 16, 2008 - This document discusses the use of snapshots in your data backup strategy, as well as a new snapshot product offering from EqualLogic to simplify your backup projects.


Using social and collaborative approaches to take case management to the next level, Part I by  IBM

November 07, 2011 - Read this expert e-guide to learn how collaboration enhances dynamic case management and empowers not just a company’s caseworkers (and other "information workers"), but its customers as well. Find out how organizations can promote and support effective worker collaboration and provide effective governance for collaborative efforts.


Using Social Media Monitoring Tools Starts with Business Connections by  IBM

March 14, 2013 - This expert e-guide explains what you need to know for getting the most from your social media analytics tools and provides useful tips for integrating social media into your analytics landscape.


Using Social Media to Deepen Your Customer Relationships by  Infor

November 24, 2010 - Written for the marketing executive, this paper provides a useful framework to begin to assess how an organization can engage in social media to build deeper relationships with its customers.


Using Social Media to Win Over Customers by  SearchCRM

March 12, 2013 - While many businesses are eager to join their customers at the social media party, doing so without the proper internal processes in place could spell disaster. In this brief expert e-book, you can learn how to create a successful social CRM initiative (and valuable customer relations) through implementing the right processes and technologies.


Using Social Search to Drive Innovation through Collaboration by  Vivisimo, Inc.

December 22, 2009 - This paper, will try to help you strike a balance between solid business thinking and explosive enthusiasm for any new technology option with 2.0 in the description. Our goal is to give you a new way of looking at old challenges.


Using Storage to Extend the Benefits of Virtualization and iSCSI by  HP and Intel

August 16, 2011 - HP provides a comprehensive infrastructure that drives additional savings and simplicity for your virtual server implementation. From server to network to storage and disk-based backup, HP can help you increase return from your investment in virtualization. Read this white paper to learn more.


Using Storage to Maximize the Business Benefits of Virtualization by  LeftHand Networks

June 11, 2008 - The adoption of virtualization by corporations is being spurred by the availability of high performance multi-core servers that deliver the processing power, memory, and connectivity speeds.


Using Talent Supply Chain Management to Overcome Challenges in the Professional Services Market by  SAP AG

January 01, 2007 - Discover how implementing an integrated talent supply chain management environment can help professional services providers enhance revenues by improving delivery performance and speeding client response.


Using Technologies to Increase Perfect Order Metrics by  Intermec

August 01, 2008 - Companies are continually finding new ways to get the right goods to the right customers on time. This white paper explains how each aspect of perfect order performance can be improved through enhancements to data collection processes and technologies.


Collaborative Reporting Architecture by  Actuate

January 09, 2008 - The Actuate® Enterprise Reporting platform is designed to create, maintain and deliver the structured account information required by today's most demanding Customer Self-Service and Online Channel applications for the words' l...


Using the ClearSight Analyzer to Troubleshoot the Top Five VoIP Problems and Troubleshoot Streaming Video by  Fluke Networks

August 09, 2010 - This paper examines each of these problems and addresses how the ClearSight Analyzer can be used to isolate the cause of the problem. Read on to learn so much more.


Using the Eclipse Data Tools Platform with SQL Anywhere 10 by  Sybase iAnywhere

March 27, 2008 - The Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) project is a new top-level project at eclipse.org.


Using the F5 Acopia ARX for Automated Storage Tiering by  F5 Networks

September 01, 2008 - IT organizations have the challenging task of managing an ever increasing amount of file data. The F5 Acopia intelligent file virtualization solution provides an automated tiering approach, without the drawbacks associated with other solutions.


Using the iPad in health care: How does it measure up? by  Aerohive Networks

June 07, 2011 - Many organizations would like to incorporate the Apple iPad into business processes, but is it a good idea for healthcare environments? Inside this expert e-guide, learn about the pros and cons of the iPad and whether or not hospital networks can support it.


Using Tiered Storage in a PS Series SAN by  Dell and VMware

March 10, 2011 - This Technical Report describes the concepts and benefits of tiered storage, and describes how to take advantage of storage pools and other features of EqualLogic PS Series Firmware to implement tiered storage in a PS Series SAN.


Using Total Cost of Ownership to Determine Optimal PC Refresh Lifecycles by  Wipro Technologies

May 01, 2009 - Written for IT decision makers and practitioners across industry verticals who are responsible for managing fleets of laptop and desktop PCs, this paper provides a TCO assessment framework for optimal PC refresh rates based on Equivalent Annual Cost analysis..


Using Total Cost of Ownership to Determine Optimal PC Refresh Lifecycles by  Wipro Technologies

May 04, 2009 - Wipro analysts gathered information from 106 IT organizations in North America, Great Britain, and Germany in March 2009. This whitepaper explores contributing factors that determine the optimal refresh rate for laptop and desktop PCs, using examples from the firms that participated in the survey.


Using UML and SDL for Next Generation Networking (NGN) by  Telelogic, An IBM Company

July 07, 1967 - UML and SDL are the design languages for third generation systems. This whitepaper discusses using an integrated UML and SDL approach, and using a design example that utilizes Telelogic solutions for Model Driven Development (MDD).


Using Virtual Provisioning to Reduce Storage Demands by  FalconStor Software

October 07, 2011 - Access this expert e-guide to gain insight into using thin provisioning to increase storage availability in your virtual environment. In addition, discover the benefits of virtualizing storage systems, such as increasing flexibility and application awareness.


Using Virtualization and BPM to Maximize Efficiency and Cost Savings by  APC by Schneider Electric

March 21, 2011 - In this presentation transcript, learn how midmarket organizations can leverage virtualization, BPM and compliance/security technologies to become more efficient and improve business processes.


Using Virtualization and Digital Control Technologies to Increase Data Center Operating Efficiency by  Emerson Network Power

July 07, 2009 - This paper describes how real-time, historical and predictive information - combined with server virtualization, a service-oriented architecture and digital power and operating system controls - can optimize operating efficiencies and reduce costs by 20-30% or more.


Using Virtualization and Digital Control Technologies to Increase Data Center Operating Efficiency by  Liebert Corporation

January 01, 2007 - This paper focuses on tools that are being developed to balance work load in the data center to improve thermal management.


Using visualization to understand big data by  IBM

November 12, 2013 - The following white paper details the impressive and inherently powerful technology of data visualization. Discover how this technology can dramatically increase your organization's competitive edge and see exactly how it can benefit you.


Using VM Archiving to Solve VM Sprawl by  CommVault Systems, Inc.

May 13, 2014 - Don’t wait until virtual server sprawl becomes a serious issue. Check out this informative resource to learn the causes, effects and potential solutions before it slows you down.


Using VM Archiving to Solve VM Sprawl by  CommVault Systems, Inc.

March 05, 2014 - Virtual machine sprawl is quickly becoming an issue for environments. This white paper shows how VM archiving can overcome the challenges of out of control virtual growth.


Using VMware Infrastructure 3 with 3PAR Utility Storage in Datacenter Deployments by  3PAR

October 01, 2006 - This paper discusses the complementary benefits of combining features of VMware and 3PAR technologies to gain increased performance and avoid the cost of over-provisioning servers and storage in an IT infrastructure.


Using Web Technology for Competitive Advantage: How Manufacturers Leverage the Web for Internal Efficiency, Enhanced Customer Service and Increased Sales by  Bowen & Groves

May 01, 2008 - More than simply serving a marketing role, a Web presence can boost internal efficiency, enhance customer service and increase sales.


Using Windows File Classification Infrastructure to Classify and Protect Documents by  TITUS

November 11, 2010 - This white paper describes how organizations can leverage the File Classification Infrastructure and partner solutions to identify the business value of data, raise security awareness, and protect information assets.


Using XML and Databases: W3C Standards in Practice by  EMC Corporation

August 14, 2008 - This paper describes the challenges faced in managing information in robust systems that enable reuse of XML-encoded data objects and support their efficient processing.


UT Dallas: University turns to smartphones for multi-year research project by  BlackBerry

September 16, 2011 - UT Dallas’ Center for Children and Families has been conducting a study on adolescents’ social networks and their impact on development. To assist in data collection, the team chose BlackBerry® hosted solution from Ceryx based on its ability to provide a controlled environment for their research.


Utah Flash Looks Forward To Sell-Out Crowds With Sugar Professional by  SugarCRM Inc.

November 08, 2010 - Read this case study to learn how Utah Flash switched from a legacy system of Excel spreadsheets and hard copy season ticket holder forms to Sugar Professional to  track leads and acquire new customers. Continue reading to learn how Utah Flash is now looking forward to sell-out crowds with Sugar Professional.


Utilize Desktop Virtualization to Migrate to Windows 7 in Time and Under Budget by  Dell Software

November 08, 2010 - In this webcast desktop virtualization expert Patrick Rouse will detail how companies can dramatically reduce the time, cost and complexity of migrating to Windows 7 by leveraging core desktop virtualization features of Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 and Quest vWorkspace.

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