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Transitioning from Tape to a Disk Backup Appliance by  EMC Corporation

May 01, 2012 - This SearchStorage.com E-Guide is here to help you make the transition from tape to disk as smooth as possible. Read on as backup expert Brien Posey offers insight into the 7 steps that you need to follow in order to have a fast, stress-free transition.


Transitioning to a Dynamic Data Center by  Hitachi Data Systems

January 28, 2011 - The speed of change in global markets and the challenges of new modes of business demand companies operate in and react to quickly changing landscapes. Nowhere is this more critical than in the means and methods the enterprise uses to power its business, typically via IT services.


Transitioning to a Dynamic Data Center by  Hitachi Data Systems

February 02, 2011 - The speed of change in global markets and the challenges of new modes of business demand companies operate in and react to quickly changing landscapes. Nowhere is this more critical than in the means and methods the enterprise uses to power its business, typically via IT services.


Transitioning to a Dynamic Data Center: The Keys for Successfully Migrating Your Business by  Hitachi Data Systems

December 20, 2010 - This paper will explore some of the more common pitfalls that hamper successful data center transformations and the keys to overcome them.


Transitioning to a Virtualized Storage Environment: Tools and Techniques by  IBM

October 25, 2013 - Join this webcast to learn how the innovative IBM virtual storage center can help you transition traditional storage into a virtual environment, thus making a real, tangible impact on storage costs, while dramatically improving flexibility.


Transitioning to an Information Infrastructure by  EMC Corporation

August 01, 2008 - EMC helps IT focus on the importance of information and effectively manage it in the face of exponential growth, a dynamic regulatory environment and constantly changing business requirements on increasing revenue and profit.


Transitioning to Cloud Business: Best Practices for ISVs by  Progress

January 14, 2014 - This Saugatuck Strategic Report shares not only analysis of key market shifts, and the challenges faced by ISVs in these transitions, but also provides critical success factors and best practices from more than seven years of Saugatuck Technology research and business consulting with a diverse range of software providers around the world.


Transitioning to LTE: Business and Technical Considerations by  Alcatel-Lucent

November 30, 2010 - LTE evolution is more than a move to a new technology. It encompasses a shift in the service provider’s business model to a more sustainable and profitable one. Read this presentation transcript to learn more!Trackback URL


Transitioning to the Private Cloud with Confidence by  Cisco

July 29, 2013 - Cloud computing may be the future of IT, but it also presents challenges businesses can't afford to overlook. Review the key characteristics, business benefits and barriers when moving to a private cloud.


Transitioning to the software defined data center (SDDC) by  Hewlett-Packard Company

November 26, 2013 - There is a significant investment in the monitoring tools that support your current physical and virtualized infrastructure. This webcast will help you develop tactical and strategic plans for transitioning to the new challenges of managing and optimizing the abstracted infrastructure elements of the SDDC.


Transitioning Traditional Centrex to Hosted IP Centrex by  Verizon and Adtran

March 01, 2008 - This white paper will help you to accurately compare traditional Centrex service to Hosted IP Centrex, it will also share critical information to help make your migration from Centrex to VoIP a success.


Transparent Application Scaling with IBM DB2 PureScale by  IBM

March 15, 2011 - With IBM DB2 pureScale transparent application scaling, you can transparently add capacity to your network to handle fluctuations in demand without changing the application. pureScale technology also helps to deliver active-active high availability. Find out how these features work. 


Transparent Integration and Synchronization of Data with DataXtend Enterprise by  Progress

October 01, 2006 - Many SOA projects fail due to underestimating requirements for dealing with the data layer of the infrastructure. Learn how to synchronize data in real time across a distributed enterprise, using a transformation system based on a common data model.


Transparent, Trusted, and Timely Information: The Key to Enabling Integrated Accountable Care by  Information Builders

April 30, 2013 - This informative paper examines the inherent struggles for those in the healthcare industry that come with a move from fee-for-service to value-based care. Read today to learn of a new vision for patient-centered accountable care and discover a new integrated approach for healthcare organizations to achieve their goals.


Transport, Location and Semantics by  Progress

December 31, 2010 - This paper describes how an enterprise service bus (ESB) enables interoperability at "the seven key points of mediation," which is necessary to achieve the goals of service oriented architecture (SOA): reuse and agility. It spotlights the first three points of mediation: transport, location, and semantics.


TransPromo Opportunities in a Digital World: Electronic Adaptations in an Era of Mobile Communications and Distracted Customers by  Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software

September 01, 2008 - This whitepaper traces the evolution of E-Transpromo, demonstrating the increasingly important role across new media. It explores self-service web portals, online banking and bill consolidators, cell phone bill pay, and secure transaction email.


Transzap fuels a competitive edge with increased application uptime from IBM System z by  IBM

December 01, 2009 - The System z solution from IBM has helped Transzap, a software-as-a-service firm establish a dynamic infrastructure that helps reduce costs and greatly improves the level of service Transzap is able to provide to its customers. Read this case study to learn about the features and business benefits of IBM's System z solution.


Travel Leader Accelerates Business Analytics Using SAP HANA on UCS by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

January 29, 2014 - This exclusive case study discusses how a leading travel company improved SAP business intelligence application performance through a UC solution that consolidated their servers. Read on to learn how your organization can achieve similar results.


TravelTainment Case Study by  Pentaho Corporation

March 28, 2012 - This case study outlines how travel industry software company TravelTainment streamlined and simplified its data warehouse and reporting system to better serve the needs of its customers.


Tread carefully with social media-based customer loyalty programs by  Infor CRM

February 07, 2012 - Read this tip guide now to learn expert tips for interacting with your customers through Web 2.0.


Treasure Data Service: The first cloud service for the entire data pipeline by  Treasure Data

January 08, 2014 - This brief resource introduces the first cloud service for the entire data pipeline. Inside, learn how this strategy can help you acquire, store, and analyze customer information and big data.


Treating Data as an Enterprise Asset to Achieve Business Value by  IBM

July 27, 2011 - This paper explores how Telecoms who apply information governance to solve business problems and service significant events in a similar manner can recognize significant return. Learn how information governance can help Telecom's improve the quality and reliability of data to increase profitability, reduce unnecessary costs and risks.


Treehouse in the Glen: Green Toy Store Grows with Symantec Endpoint Protection by  Symantec Corporation

July 05, 2012 - The owner of Treehouse in the Glen had found himself spread too thin trying to manage his toy business and the mix of security products they had implemented. In this case study, uncover how he was able to reduce the time spent on managing information security, defend against virus outbreaks and enable faster system performance.


Trend Micro Deep Security 7.5 vs. McAfee and Symantec by  Trend Micro, Inc.

February 17, 2011 - Server and desktop virtualization are essential elements of any IT strategy that seeks to decrease capital and operational expenditures. In the rush to implement virtualization technologies, many organizations simply deploy the same anti-virus solution that is in use on their physical server and desktop systems.


Trend Micro Deep Security: VMWare vSphere with Operations Management by  Trend Micro

February 20, 2014 - This informative resource introduces a security and operations management solution that protects virtualized datacenters and desktops from the latest threats. Read on to learn how this solution can help your organization address 5 main areas of concern, including security, business continuity, and 3 more.


Trend Micro Endpoint Comparative Report Performed by AV-Test.org by  Trend Micro, Inc.

January 31, 2011 - In May of 2010, AV-Test.org performed endpoint security benchmark testing on five market-leading Enterprise endpoint solutions from Symantec, McAfee, Microsoft, Sophos and Trend Micro. Read this comparative report to see the results of these tests and how Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security stands distinctly apart from other products.


Trend Micro Hosted Email Security by  Trend Micro

April 14, 2010 - Trend Micro Hosted Email Security is independently rated #1 for anti-spam as it blocks 99% of spam 100% of the time. Download a FREE trial version.


Trend Micro Hosted Email Security by  Trend Micro

April 14, 2010 - Trend Micro Hosted Email Security is independently rated #1 for anti-spam as it blocks 99% of spam 100% of the time. Download a FREE trial version.


Trend Micro Proven #1: Smart Protection Network powers Trend Micro Corporate endpoint solutions to top rankings by  Trend Micro, Inc.

June 28, 2011 - 3.5 new security threats emerge every second and most come from the web. That's why current methods of testing anti-malware on offline PCs and endpoints don't provide the best possible defense. Learn about an approach that tests for threats at multiple layers for comprehensive protection.


Trend Micro’s End-to-End Vulnerability Management: A New Approach to Layered Security by  Trend Micro, Inc.

January 31, 2011 - An explosion in system and application vulnerabilities has been met with new ways to attack these weaknesses. In this paper, EMA analysts take a look at factors driving the need for increased security, and how new approaches to mitigating vulnerabilities such as virtual patching or remediation, provide more ways to deliver vulnerability management.


TrendLabs: Global Threat Trends 1H 2010 by  Trend Micro, Inc.

October 22, 2010 - In this report covering January to June 2010, we examine various cybercrime incidents, the criminal’s use of multiple tools such as botnets, and look at threat trends and activity currently causing, and likely to continue to cause the most pain, cost and disruption to connected users across the world.


Trends and Changes Affecting Cloud Services by  Oracle Corporation

October 25, 2012 - This document focuses on the trends that are driving decision-making on cloud including the growing connection between cloud, mobility, and data; cloud services governance and integration; and continuing development of cloud ecosystems among vendors.


Trends and Considerations for Storage Tiering by  Dell, Inc.

March 07, 2014 - Access this exclusive e-guide to uncover the pros and cons of deploying a storage tiering system, in addition to the recent trends.


Trends in ALM: Requirements management tools by  IBM

November 07, 2011 - This tip guide— aimed at Agile organizations looking for ways to overcome the obstacles of requirements management— looks at trends in requirements management tools and the changing role of the business analyst.


Trends in Business Analytics by  IBM

September 02, 2011 - In his presentation "Trends in Business Analytics", Colin White (Founder, BI Research) will explore the impact that trends such as analytic RDBMSes, Hadoop and MapReduce, the NoSQL movement, smarter and real-time analytics, and self-service business intelligence will have on businesses.


Trends in business intelligence by  ComputerWeekly.com

January 18, 2011 - Several important technology changes, social trends and customer needs are driving the future development steps and functionality of Business Intelligence solutions, this report from Birchman reveals.


Trends in Enterprise Mobility by  ComputerWeekly.com

April 22, 2013 - This research report from Comptia offers advice to organisations on provisioning mobile devices, assesses the benefits of mobile and identifies the challenges of remote working.


Trends in IT-Enabled Business Innovation by  Hewlett-Packard Company

April 10, 2014 - Modern organizations are seizing technology as a leverage point to develop and maintain a competitive advantage. In this white paper, discover the ways winning organizations are achieving IT-enabled business innovation to move ahead – and stay ahead – of the competition.


Trends Shaping Software Management: 2014 by  CDW Corporation

April 02, 2014 - This whitepaper covers the importance of addressing application compatibility and license agreements when dealing with the BYOD trend.


Trends to Watch: Customer Experience and Interaction by  Oracle Corporation

October 09, 2013 - The following article details how technologies are evolving to meet new customer demands, and providing recommendations for both enterprises and vendors.


Trial download: IBM Rational AppScan by  IBM

July 29, 2008 - Download this free trial to experience how IBM Rational AppScan software helps you quickly and easily pinpoint Web application vulnerabilities.


Triboo Manages 10 Million Unique Website Users Per Month with Riverbed by  Riverbed Technology, Inc.

November 07, 2011 - Triboo specializes in managing e-commerce activities and performance marketing for many Italian companies. The company’s website was struggling to support over 2 million page views and 45 million hits each day, so they turned to Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager.


Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire Log Center: Integrated for Unparalleled Security by  Tripwire, Inc.

February 24, 2011 - Tools for monitoring and protecting the IT infrastructure have evolved into powerful, yet isolated, islands of defense. Because modern threats can take advantage of this isolation, IT security needs a single, comprehensive view of infrastructure security.


Tripwire IT Security & Compliance Automation Solutions –Empowering IT Security in an Insecure World by  Tripwire, Inc.

February 24, 2012 - In this solution brief, discover how Tripwire IT security and compliance automation solutions provides the visibility, intelligence and automation of IT security controls needed to gain confidence in the protection of your data.


Tripwire IT Security and Compliance Automation Solutions: Empowering IT Security by  Tripwire, Inc.

September 26, 2012 - View this informative white paper to learn how you can improve your IT security practices. Uncover some of the toughest challenges to maintaining Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA). Uncover the sensitive data that needs protection as well as security policies and controls that could lead to a false of security.


Tripwire Log Center by  Tripwire, Inc.

February 08, 2011 - A decade or more ago, logs of events recorded by firewalls, intrusion detection systems and other network devices were considered more of a nuisance than a help. There were too many of them, they weren’t easily collected, and there was no easy way to make sense of which were important.


Tripwire Log Center Product Brief by  Tripwire, Inc.

October 02, 2012 - Consult this informative white paper to learn how log management is helping to better identify threats and deploy security information and event management systems (SIEM). Learn how you can uncover suspicious activities and improve security by reading this asset now.


Tripwire VIA System State Intelligence executive brief by  Tripwire, Inc.

September 28, 2012 - What's missing from today's approach to IT security is real-time security intelligence that immediately shows you when you have a security problem, what caused it and what to do about it. This white paper reveals how you can easily utilize cutting-edge technologies to take the guesswork out of identifying the activity that needs your attention.


Triumphing Over the Information Maze by  Microsoft

September 15, 2009 - This article focuses on the need for transparent collaboration, and clearly demonstrates the value of collaborative systems that work: they save money and they boost revenue.


Troubleshooting Cisco Switches by  Global Knowledge

April 01, 2013 - When an outage or network incident takes place, it can often create an intense burden for the engineers called upon to assist. Having a solid strategy for how to approach incidents can give you the calm confidence to effectively resolve the problem even in the midst of the proverbial storm.


Troubleshooting Enterprise Activation Issues by  BlackBerry

January 07, 2009 - This webcast will cover the following topics: Enterprise activation overview, Prerequisites for enterprise activation, Troubleshooting stage 1 issues: activation, Troubleshooting stage 2 issues: verifying encryption etc.


Troubleshooting Performance in Virtualized Application Delivery Architectures by  Riverbed Technology, Inc.

September 30, 2013 - This Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) white paper reviews the key challenges and requirements for performance management specifically related to Citrix XenApp deployments and examines the Riverbed Performance Management solution in that light.


Troubleshooting Remote Site Networks - Best Practices by  Fluke Networks

April 01, 2008 - See how to deliver a high level of network service at remote sites using the best practices outlined in this white paper.


Troubleshooting SQL 2005: Opening the Database Administrator's Toolbox by  Global Knowledge Network, Inc.

January 01, 2008 - This white paper guides you through troubleshooting using some of SQL 2005's built-in features to diagnose issues with your database.


Troubleshooting the Blackberry Enterprise Solution by  BlackBerry

January 07, 2009 - This webcast explains about five common troubleshooting areas, that is Enterprise Activation Issues, Mail delivery and latency Issues, Mobile Browsing Issues, PIM Synchronization Issues and Wireless Application Push Issues.


Troubleshooting Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Deployments with Cascade by  Riverbed Technology, Inc.

December 31, 2012 - Read this brief to learn how the Riverbed® Cascade® application-aware network performance management (NPM) solution unlocks VDI visibility.


Troubleshooting Your Network Without Breaking the Bank by  Riverbed Technology, Inc.

December 30, 2011 - As a network manager, application manager or security manager, you need systems that can collect data across your WAN, continuously analyze the data to discover problems, and troubleshoot issues as soon as they occur. Riverbed Cascade has fundamentally changed the economics of network performance management. Learn more.


Trucking Company Migrates Seamlessly to Server and Operating System by  Vision Solutions

April 03, 2014 - This case study explores the route that a trucking company took to keep its server running throughout their server migration.


True collaboration, or: Why SharePoint is no friend to the CIO by  Huddle

September 24, 2012 - Leveraging the cloud as a platform for content sharing has shown to boost user adoption rates to 90 percent, or roughly three times that of SharePoint, enabling true IT-driven enterprise collaboration. Read this white paper to learn why 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies have made the switch from SharePoint.


True Enterprise-Quality Linux Support: Edison Group White Paper by  Oracle Corporation

November 01, 2008 - This white paper discovers how organization can increase operational efficiency while cutting costs with Oracle Unbreakable Linux, a support program that delivers enterprise-quality support for Linux at a lower cost.


True Profiles: A Contemporary Method for Managing Customer Data by  Unica Corporation - An IBM Company

May 04, 2011 - As the internet changes the way of traditional marketing and communication, discover a “True Profile” as a means of understanding customer behavior, actions and preferences using analytics. Learn the 4 key components of True Profiles and the business benefits included.


True Stories of the Connected: Same Day Delivery by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

April 14, 2014 - This brief but informative webcast examines how bike messengers on the streets of San Francisco are benefiting from the increased connectivity that mobile technology provides.


Trust and security in the cloud by  ComputerWeekly.com

February 01, 2011 - This study from analyst Freeform Dynamics gives guidance on security for organisations considering Software as a service.


Trust in Cyberspace by  (ISC)2 UK Ltd

February 26, 2014 - In this white paper, unveil a list of characteristics that define trusted software, which is critical to ensuring its quality and reliability as a secure product.


Trust in Your Cloud by  VMware, Inc.

September 15, 2011 - Cloud computing is a new model for IT services leveraging the efficient pooling of an on-demand, self managed virtual infrastructure consumed as a service. Working in concert with the security partner ecosystem, VMware is helping businesses of all sizes migrate to secure cloud computing.


Trust, But Verify: Configuration Management with Data Certification by  ServiceNow

October 29, 2013 - This webcast covers the importance of effective data certification management.


Trusted Computing: Establishing Device Authentication by  Wave Systems Corp.

August 24, 2010 - View this video to learn the secret to better IT security may be at your fingertips. More likely than not, your PC contains a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), security chip on its motherboard.


Trusted Computing: Leveraging Hardware Security in 350 Million Platforms by  Wave Systems Corp.

August 24, 2010 - Learn about Trusted Computing in today’s enterprise with this executive briefing on two different forms of embedded hardware security: the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and self-encrypting drive (SED). Designed by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) to counter the vulnerabilities of software-based security, and so much more.


Trusted Computing: What the Future Looks Like by  Wave Systems Corp.

September 15, 2010 - Ethernet transformed networking. USB forever shaped the perception of peripherals. Will Trusted Computing transform the way we compute? Hear Wave CEO Steven Sprague draw parallels between Trusted Computing and successes in the cellular and cable industries.


Trusted Data Delivery - Help reduce operational costs and risk while improving accessibility of critical business data by  IBM

July 26, 2011 - This white paper discusses how to reduce operational costs and risk while you improve the accessibility of critical business data. Don't put your business in a catch-up position - be the one in the forefront with the CDC advantage.


Trusted Partners Create Options for Growth by  Alcatel-Lucent

August 16, 2010 - Today’s realities make business transformation no longer about if and when it will happen. The questions now are: How? How fast? Can it be done efficiently and effectively? The answers lie in an outsourcing strategy that shares benefits and manages risks. Read this paper to find out so much more.


TruthInIT.com Product Analysis Report - FalconStor SIR VTL by  FalconStor Software

August 01, 2009 - This report is an independent analysis of the FalconStor product and was sponsored by TruthInIT.com. The analysis is based on interviews with FalconStor, their customers, and other industry experts. The conclusion of this analysis is that FalconStor appears to have successfully added global deduplication to the most deployed VTL in the industry.


Try IBM Worklight Developer Edition at No Charge by  IBM

October 16, 2013 - With the right toolset, developing mobile apps can be simpler and easier than you previously imagined -- the trick is choosing the right one. Fortunately, you can download the IBM Worklight Developer Edition at no charge, and witness how it helps you build, test, and deploy native, HTML5, and hybrid mobile apps for a variety of mobile devices.


Try LotusLive by  IBM

October 05, 2009 - Sign up for a no charge 30-day trial of LotusLive Engage from IBM.


Try Microsoft Office 365 Trial Download by  Microsoft

August 01, 2012 - Download this free trial of Microsoft Office 365 to see the familiar software features of next-generation communications delivered as a cloud service.


Try Office 365 for free for 30 days by  Microsoft

December 23, 2011 - Receive a 30 day no-risk trial of Office 365, a suite of Internet-based services devised to help meet your needs for robust security, 24/7 reliability, and user productivity.


Try Office 365 for free for 30 days by  Microsoft

September 21, 2011 - Microsoft Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping to save time and money and free up valuable resources.


Try Rational AppScan by  IBM

November 03, 2009 - Download Rational® AppScan® Standard Edition V7.9, previously known as Watchfire AppScan, a leading Web application security testing tool that automates vulnerability assessments and scans and tests for all common Web application vulnerabilities including SQL-injection, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflow.


Try these 7 expert tips for successfully using analytics in DCM by  IBM

November 07, 2011 - A growing number of companies are revving up their dynamic case management (DCM) efforts with analytics technology. This technology helps users detect patterns, spot trends and gain other insights from their case information. This Tip Guide offers seven expert tips for combining the two technologies for maximum success.


Try XenDesktop: Bring Windows Apps and Desktops to a Mobile World by  Citrix

November 01, 2013 - This IT download will help you learn first-hand if Citrix XenDesktop is right for your Windows application delivery needs with a 90-day, 99-user trial.


Tube Lines Takes Stock of Its Assets with IBM Maximo Asset Management by  IBM

December 08, 2010 - Integrating asset maintenance activity and equipment history in IBM Maximo with financial and planning systems is helping Tube Lines meet its financial targets, plan for long-range capital investments and improve the rail infrastructure. Read this case study now to learn more.


Tucson Police Department Moves To Digital Imaging With Linear Systems And LSI 3ware RAID Controllers by  LSI Corporation.

September 17, 2009 - When the Tucson Police Department decided to equip its crime scene specialists with digital cameras, it chose Linear Systems Enterprise DIMS ImageServer for the ID Section’s server and storage needs. For its RAID protection, Linear Systems chose the LSI 3ware 9650SE controller card. Read on to find out the amazing results.


TUFF SHED Builds Productivity with Tracking Solution by  AT&T Corp

October 04, 2011 - In this case study discover how TUFF SHED, a leading provider of installed storage buildings and garages, implemented TeleNav Vehicle Tracker™ from AT&T to help the company improve the productivity of its workforce and better monitor its fleet.


Tuning ERP and the Supply Chain for Profitable Growth by  Epicor Software Corporation

January 01, 2007 - Some of the biggest opportunities exist in the supply chain and globalization. This Ventana Research white paper explores how you can improve business performance by addressing opportunities and risks within your supply chain and ERP systems.


Tuning Performance and Capacity Management- Server Performance Monitoring and Beyond by  SearchDataCenter.com

May 09, 2013 - This eBook explores the need for new infrastructure management approaches to effectively monitor the modern, virtualized data center. Gain expert advice for adapting traditional performance and capacity management techniques for today's cloud-based environments.


Tuning Performance, Capacity Management Ch. 3 by  SearchDataCenter.com

July 17, 2013 - As data centers continue to virtualize resources, server capacity planning poses new challenges. While these modern data center trends have enabled profound flexibility, they also require IT pros to better plan for spikes in resource demand. This article examines the issues for modern-day server capacity planning.


Turbocharge Your Business: Leveraging SaaS to Drive Innovation and Results by  IBM

August 27, 2013 - Market forces are driving business leaders to innovate, and fast. Cloud solutions, and specifically Software as a Service, can be a key enabler for accelerating the innovation process. Learn how sales, finance, marketing, procurement, and supply chain leaders are leveraging SaaS to become more agile and serve the customer better.


Turn Big Data Inward With IT Analytics by  Riverbed Technology, Inc.

December 05, 2012 - Big data promises to manage your complex business to make better decisions. But the technology services that run your business are also complex. This Forrester report helps leaders prepare for IT analytics that turn big data efforts inward to manage the technology services that run your business. Register now to get the full report.


Turn Data into Actionable Information by  Red Hat

September 30, 2013 - All businesses need timely access to critical information, in order to make real-time, more informed decisions. To create an IT infrastructure that allows you easy access to data, you should consider your middleware options.


Turn Identity into a Business Enabler, Not an IT Bottleneck by  Radiant Logic, Inc.

December 31, 2013 - This white paper highlights the benefits of a federated identity that can help you improve efficiencies, reduce risks, and maximize ROI.


Turn Information into Advantage: Speed Business Analysis with SAP HANA, maximize Business Outcomes with HP by  Hewlett-Packard Limited

September 05, 2012 - This paper offers strategies for boosting the speed of your organization's data analysis to enable you to derive more value from your information and make smarter business decisions.


Turn the social data flood into solid marketing decisions by  IBM

October 30, 2013 - The following webcast details how to transform the flood of social media data into actionable intelligence.


Turning Challenges into Opportunities in the Data Center by  Intel Corporation

June 01, 2007 - Developing reliable metrics for comparison of energy-efficiency performance is the first requirement.


Turning Cost Centers Into Dynamic Technology Assets by  HP

November 09, 2011 - This resource explores how consolidating your data center assets can help lower overall IT costs while successfully managing risks. Discover the top benefits of consolidation.


Turning Customer Data into Analytical Marketing Fuel: How to Use Analytically Driven Customer Insight for Extraordinary Competitive Advantage by  SAS

November 02, 2010 - Businesses that fail to strategically leverage analytically driven customer insight will gradually become obsolete over time. This paper takes a closer look at why – and explains what you can do to evolve your marketing organization’s ability to turn data into customer insight, and insight into competitive advantage.


Turning Customer Interactions into Money: Using Predictive Analytics to Achieve Stellar ROI by  SPSS Inc. Worldwide Headquarters

December 31, 2008 - This whitepaper makes the case for using predictive analytics as a catalyst for a company's growth. It includes best practices from several global companies including: Cablecom, Royal & Sun Alliance, and T. Rowe Price. Ultimately, it is about maximizing the level of understanding that can be achieved with customer data.


Turning Security Upside-Down by  Webroot

July 29, 2011 - This white paper explains why security policies must be adapted to handle the sophisticated and highly targeted attacks that today's IT environments are prone to. Obtain best practices for developing a successful defence strategy and learn how cloud-based solutions fit into the security technology market.


Turning Security Upside-down by  Webroot

September 23, 2011 - This white paper explains why security policies must be adapted to handle the sophisticated and highly targeted attacks that today's IT environments are prone to. Obtain best practices for developing a successful defense strategy and learn how cloud-based solutions fit into the security technology market.


Turning Smarter Collaboration into a Strategic Asset Using IBM Client for Smart Work by  IBM

October 30, 2009 - CIOs are being counted on to deliver IT innovation to respond to accelerating and evolving business challenges. Check out this white paper to learn about IBM Client for Smart Work software, an open, security-rich, and cost effective Microsoft® desktop solution. 


Turning Social Media into a Game-Changing Customer Care Channel by  Aspect

May 23, 2013 - Today's customers demand highly personalized, engaging experiences, and leveraging social media to transform your contact center is a way to surpass these expectations. Access this whitepaper to learn how combining contact center best practices with social media CRM technologies can increase the effectiveness of your customer interactions.


Turning the Compliance Challenge into a Business Advantage by  SAP America, Inc.

September 18, 2008 - New rules have spawned an army of consultants, vendors and solutions to address the "compliance" problem. Read this paper to learn how to turn the compliance challenge into a business advantage.


Turning Virtual Sprawl into a Good Thing by  Hewlett-Packard Company

December 09, 2009 - This white paper discusses how HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping can be the key to the effective management of your virtual infrastructure, helping to make sure that you can gain the benefits of virtualization without increasing costs and risks.


Turnover Tactics by  CIO Decisions

February 01, 2007 - Chances are these execs will be gone in five years or less. The Peace Corps' limit on staff tenure makes managing turnover an art form.


Tutorial: 5 Steps to Effective Wireless Networking in Health Care by  Aerohive Networks

March 25, 2014 - View this e-guide from searchHealthIT.com for 5 expert tips on how to plan, implement, and manage health care wireless networks.


Tutorial: Five Steps to Effective Wireless Networking in Healthcare by  HP & Intel®

November 30, 2012 - This e-guide from SearchHealthIT.com demonstrates how health IT administrators should plan, implement and manage wireless networks within their respected facilities. Read now for five steps to effective wireless networking in health care.


Tutorial: Off-site Tape Backup and Recovery by  Iron Mountain

August 05, 2011 - In this tutorial on off-site tape storage, learn about the best way to store and recover your tape storage, off-site tape storage best practices, tape vaulting, tape backup alternatives and options like cloud backup.


Tutorial: What's Truly New in Tape Storage Technology by  Iron Mountain

September 26, 2011 - Contrary to popular belief, tape storage systems still have a number of inherent benefits. Long-term data archiving, the ability to be easily transported offsite, relatively low cost – just to name a few. This SearchDataBackup.com tutorial features information about the latest developments on tape storage systems.


Twelve Fantastic Features You Need to Know about Windows Server 2012 by  Global Knowledge

December 28, 2012 - This white paper presents the twelve most crucial features you need to know about the new Windows Server 2012.


Twelve Recommendations For Your Security Program In 2014 by  TITUS

February 13, 2014 - This Forrester Research, Inc. report highlights how the IT environment requires a more customer-oriented business, and 4 ways that IT security teams are now responsible for driving this initiative. Click now for 12 security strategy best practices designed to last.


Twelve Ways Applications and Users Are Draining Your Bandwidth… and how to fix it by  SonicWALL

February 17, 2012 - Organizations continue to struggle with the ever-increasing demands for more bandwidth on their networks, but trying to meet these needs often becomes a money pit. This resource explores the twelve ways applications and users are draining bandwidth and uncovers how to control wide area networks and costs with a secure network optimization approach.


Twenty-three reasons why companies choose integrated XBRL by  IBM

May 27, 2011 - This paper discusses how companies around the world must determine how they will approach compliance with the mandated use of XBRL. Learn the proper approach to accelerate financial reporting, decrease errors, streamline processes and ultimately, lower costs.


TwinStrata CloudArray Subscription by  TwinStrata, Inc.

August 20, 2012 - TwinStrata CloudArray®, a downloadable virtual appliance makes cloud storage as fast, safe and easy-to-access as enterprise-grade local storage. Get all the benefits of cloud storage – cost and time savings, unlimited storage, disaster recovery, and more.


Two Billion Entry Directory Benchmark by  Oracle Corporation

April 01, 2008 - This benchmark evaluates Oracle Internet Directory performance under scales and throughput rates representative of those encountered in production use in both the communications industry and as part of large scale delivery architectures.


Two Great Ways to Protect Your Virtual Machines From Malware by  Sophos, Inc.

April 03, 2014 - This paper aims to help IT professionals, including security and virtualization specialists, understand and choose between two modern approaches to securing virtual environments.


Two Sides of the Same Coin: The Convergence of Security and Compliance by  Imperva.

October 01, 2008 - Security and compliance issue will continue to dominate IT initiations as long as valuable on customer, employees, patients and business financials is exchanged and stored.


Two Solutions For Responding to and Evaluating Your Data Center Infrastructure by  Virtual Instruments

October 31, 2013 - This brief paper features 2 solutions – one that responds immediately to a serious outage or disruption and provides necessary equipment and service to your organization, and the other provides an unbiased view of your current infrastructure to help capacity planning, utilization and potential areas of optimization.


Two Storage Experts Analyze Convergence and Flash Cache by  Dell and VMware

March 04, 2014 - This e-guide goes behind the scenes at the Dell Enterprise Forum as two storage experts explain the roadmap plans of the vendor for their upcoming solutions.


Two-Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Blanking Panel Solutions by  Upsite Technologies, Inc.

November 29, 2011 - This resource examines the effects of using blanking panels to manage air recirculation and air-intake temperatures within server cabinets. Discover how to use blanking panels to seal the open spaces between IT equipment and learn more about the importance of effective and conditioned airflow management in computer rooms.


Two-Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Blanking Panel Solutions by  Upsite Technologies, Inc.

February 01, 2008 - This white paper discusses a study showing the effect of blanking (filler) panels on airflow patterns and IT equipment intake temperatures within equipment (server) cabinets.


Twynham School Relies on DocAve® to Protect Valuable SharePoint Data by  AvePoint, Inc.

February 04, 2010 - Southwest England's Twynham Comprehensive School used AvePoint's DocAve Backup and Restore to provide reliable, granular, and full-fidelity backup and recovery capabilities to protect their over 50GB of data and hundreds of sites stored on its MOSS environment.


Tying the Shop Floor to the ERP System by  Plex Systems

March 31, 2009 - ERP on the Shop Floor is as critical to the viability of the enterprise as any component in the execution of manufacturing. High performing manufacturers have found that full integration of real-time operational data collected from the shop floor to the top floor is key to reducing costs, streamlining operations and improving customer satisfaction.


Tyler Memorial Hospital speeds delivery of patient records by  Captaris, Inc.

February 01, 2008 - Quickly locating the necessary patient records among millions of paper documents in a 200-square-foot storage room was difficult and time consuming for Tyler Memorial Hospital staff. Learn how they tackle their document challenges now.


Types of DNS Attacks Reveal DNS Defense Tactics by  Verisign, Inc.

March 21, 2013 - This E-Guide from SearchSecurity.com details different types of common domain name system (DNS) attacks, the unusual behaviors they invoke, and which defense tactics work best in the given scenario. View now to learn more!


Types of Prefabricated Modular Data Centers by  APC by Schneider Electric

November 21, 2013 - This whitepaper proposes a framework for removing the ambiguity in the naming of preassembled data center systems and subsystems.

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