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Simplify SAP Financial Accounting via Microsoft Excel by  SAP America, Inc.

May 28, 2014 - Watch this video to learn about a technology that leverages SAP Gateway's secure integration to get access to SAP financial data via Microsoft applications. Learn how simple it is to create, validate, park, and post financial documents, as well as use Microsoft Excel to get a more flexible view of financial data.


Simplify scorecarding: Successfully link strategy to operations by  IBM

November 30, 2012 - Executives and business managers need to know how the business is performing against strategic and operational objectives. However, the large volume of data collected makes it difficult to get a clear, reliable view of performance. View this resource to learn how to overcome these challenges.


Simplify Security for REST and WS* Web Services: The Gateway Approach by  Intel

March 28, 2011 - This solution brief presents how to simplify the implementation of standardized enterprise security for both REST and WS-* services, and how a Service Gateway can act as a central Policy Enforcement Point to delegate authentication/authorization and provide REST to SOAP mediations without having to write code.


Simplify SSL Certificate Management Across the Enterprise by  Symantec Corporation

May 07, 2012 - Managing SSL Certificates has become a complex task especially for organizations with multiple locations, divisions and increasing Web-based services. In this resource, uncover a five (5) step guide to help you take control on SSL Certificates across the enterprise and key recommendations.


Simplifying Storage Management in a Growing Environment by  Hitachi Data Systems

February 12, 2008 - No business, regardless of size, has been immune to the growth of digital content. This white paper discusses how data storage has changed and the new technologies available to combat this increase in content.


Simplify the Data Center Network and Optimize Operations with LAN and SAN Convergence by  Dell, Inc.

April 30, 2013 - In this informative white paper, explore the challenges in maintaining costs of virtualized data center operations, and unveil the benefits of converging local area network (LAN) and storage area network (SAN) to keep up with today's evolving needs.


Simplify the Move to Cloud Business by  HP & Intel®

May 31, 2013 - In this white paper, get critical advice on how to simplify your transition to the cloud with an automated solution, and move toward the network agility your business needs.


Simplify the Process of Application Deployment with the IBM PureApplication System by  IBM

May 21, 2013 - Watch this brief video today as IBM's Marcus Belvin demonstrates a tool that uses patterns of expertise to greatly streamline and simplify the deployment process – from weeks to under just 1 hour.


Simplify the User Experience: Enable Business Users to Automate the Integration of Microsoft Office Business Applications with the SAP Business Suite by  Winshuttle, LLC

December 04, 2008 - This white paper describes how Winshuttle data management applications enable finance, accounts payable/receivable, purchasing, human resources and production planning teams to easily automate the incorporation of Excel data into an SAP solution.


Simplify Virtual Desktop Deployments to Ensure Cost-Effective Implementations by  Dell and VMware

September 30, 2013 - This short solution brief showcases innovative blade storage arrays that enable a fully virtualized architecture that integrates storage, servers and networking within one blade chassis.


Simplify VMware vSphere* 4Networking with Intel® Ethernet 10 Gigabit Server Adapters by  Intel

July 05, 2011 - Server virtualization can quickly result in excessively complex network ports if you don't have a plan. This white paper explores the factors that can lead to GbE port bloat, including physical server connection paradigms and security procedures. 


Simplify Your Infrastructure with VRTX by  Dell and Microsoft

June 04, 2013 - This video details a product that can consolidate your data center and make it run more efficiently while easing IT management.


Simplify Your Relationship with Endpoint Security by  Symantec Corporation

December 07, 2011 - View this paper to explore the key reasons why managing endpoint security is complex, why a hosted endpoint solution can ease this complexity, to uncover Symantec Endpoint Protection.cloud and more.


Simplify Your Route to the Internet: Three Advantages of Using LISP by  Global Knowledge

January 29, 2013 - Uncover the ins and outs of the Location ID separation protocol (LISP): what it is, how it works, how it compares to BGP, and the top three advantages it provides. View now to get help deciding if this protocol can truly help simplify the route to the internet in your organization.


Simplify, Automate and Optimize Management of Your Storage Infrastructure by  IBM

February 05, 2014 - This whitepaper discusses a system that helps to increase visibility, control and automation for data and storage infrastructures without the use of various, multi-vendor solutions.


Simplifying and Accelerating Operating System Migration with Application Virtualization by  InstallFree Inc.

March 25, 2010 - The adoption of Win 7 OS for the desktop means migrating user applications and settings - a big IT challenge. This paper and case study detail how application virtualization improves desktop management and reduces the costs and risks of Application Incompatibility, Regression Testing Burdens, Application Upgrade Costs and User Rejection Risk.


Simplifying and Optimizing IT - Dell Helps Control Data Center TCO by  Dell, Inc.

March 30, 2009 - The data center of every business, whether SMB or enterprise, needs to find its own sense of balance between simplification and optimization that needs to be attained in order to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the enterprise information technology (I.T.) infrastructure. To learn how Dell can lower the TCO of your data center, read on.


Simplifying and Securing Group Policy Management by  Dell Software

December 31, 2011 - Discover key tips for protecting, maintaining and recovering your Group Policy infrastructure in this essential resource. Find out how you can secure every desktop and server in your Windows environment with these best practices.


Simplifying Application Assessment for the Cloud by  Hewlett-Packard Limited

January 06, 2012 - The Applications Suitability Mapping for Cloud service is a consultative service, directed at evaluating an application's fit to a cloud environment. Read this white paper to learn more about how this solution can provide assessment of your applications and discover the many benefits you can enjoy.


Simplifying branch office security by  Sophos, Inc.

December 01, 2011 - Enforcing consistent network security throughout your enterprise can be challenging—especially for those of you with branch offices with few users and no IT expertise. This paper introduces a new standard — an innovative, unified, cost-effective solution for managing branch office security.


Simplifying Business Integration: Presentation Transcript by  EXTOL International, Inc.

April 06, 2009 - Complexity in business integration can be a serious impairment to any SMB, or even large company, in today's economy. Read this Presentation Transcript of the “Simplifying Business Integration” webcast to learn how to properly manage business integration with the right strategies.


Simplifying Citrix XenApp -- Get the Insight you Need to Optimize Your Citrix Investment by  XTS

April 01, 2008 - This white paper provides an analytical perspective on how to best manage your Citrix environment.


Simplifying Compliance and Data Security for Health Providers by  Websense

December 16, 2013 - This informative paper discusses how you can simplify data security and compliance for health providers, providing helpful best practices for keeping you sensitive data safe in the age of mobility.


Simplifying Contact Center Technology by  Oracle Corporation

August 01, 2008 - Computer telephony integration (CTI) enabled contact centers realize immense cost savings, increased reliability and improved performance. Learn how an on-demand solution can simplify your organization’s contact center technology.


Simplifying Data Centers & Storage Area Networks by Creating a Virtual Infrastructure Layer by  OnPATH Technologies

June 01, 2008 - A virtual infrastructure layer can help your organization adapt to the dynamic needs of a virtualized data center by providing a more secure environment that enables a hands-off approach to managing the SAN. This Webcast provides an overview of the...


Simplifying Deployment, Security and Management of DNS/DHCP Services by  BT Diamond IP

February 19, 2008 - This white paper will offer approaches to streamlining efforts to keep IP networks up and running for critical DHCP and DNS services.


Simplifying Disaster Recovery (DR): One-Button Replication for Combined Physical/Virtual Data Centers by  FalconStor Software

May 19, 2009 - The FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS) solution can be deployed in conjunction with VMware vCenter SRM to empower VMware vCenter SRM to automate and manage the DR process for the entire physical and virtual infrastructure. Read this white paper to learn more.


Simplifying Disaster Recovery for Complex Virtual Environments by  Acronis

January 28, 2011 - Many organizations struggle to deal with the management challenges of complex IT environments, not only on backup performance and the achievement of Recovery Time Objectives in disaster recovery, but also on productivity, performance and profitability.


Simplifying eDiscovery & Compliance in the Big Data Era by  CommVault Systems, Inc.

December 31, 2012 - This resource offers practical insights and strategies to help you simplify eDiscovery and compliance in the age of big data and realize effective big data backup, archive, search, and analytics capabilities.


Simplifying Entry-Level Backup/Recovery — Quantum Offers New Scalability for the SMB by  Quantum Corporation

December 17, 2009 - In order to deal with unprecedented data growth, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) need to look into solutions tailored to their specific and changing needs. Read this analyst brief to learn SMB storage best practices, and learn about Quantum’s new additions to the SMB storage market.


Simplifying IT through Virtualization by  Dell, Inc. and Intel®

April 05, 2010 - Working with Dell will ensure that your virtualization projects achieve fast time to value and return on investment (ROI). Read this paper to learn about how Dell Global Infrastructure Consulting Services, backed by a close partnership with Microsoft, offers flexible, high-impact consulting services for comprehensive solution design and much more.


Simplifying Log Collection, Storage and Analysis by  ArcSight, an HP Company

September 29, 2009 - ArcSight Logger is a turnkey appliance for collection, efficient storage, and high-performance search and reporting of all enterprise log data. Read this paper to learn more details.


Simplifying management and lowering total cost of ownership for SSL certificates by  GlobalSign

May 17, 2011 - This white paper explains the basics of using a Managed PKI for SSL solution to alleviate such issues, the benefits of using GlobalSign’s Managed SSL Solution and how this solution enables organisations to quickly and simply manage their SSL Certificates, as well as significantly reduce the operating costs of using SSL.


Simplifying Management Through Windows Storage Consolidation on Dell Powervault NX3000 Nas Appliances by  Dell, Inc.

December 01, 2011 - This white paper provides a brief introduction to several technologies that can help you reap the benefits of storage consolidation. Read on to learn the keys to creating a unified storage infrastructure, and how to lower costs throughout your storage infrastructure without compromising efficiency or performance.


Simplifying Network Security with a Single Source Provider by  Perimeter eSecurity

December 04, 2008 - Read this whitepaper for a look at how, if done properly, reducing the number of security vendors or only selecting one vendor for multiple services is a great way for organizations to manage costs, obtain needed expertise, and expand security services.


Simplifying Power Management in Virtualized Datacenters by  Eaton Corporation

January 31, 2012 - In this concise, 7-page technology brief the benefits and obstacles of server virtualization are discussed, along with step-by-step instructions for installing a new plug-in that can help IT managers reap the benefits of virtualization. Read on now to learn more.


Simplifying Private Cloud Operations by  Dell, Inc.

November 21, 2011 - This IDC technology spotlight discusses the role that self-service provisioning, automation, and workload mobility management software plays in enabling IT organizations to efficiently manage private and hybrid cloud environments.  In addition, it introduces a new, advanced solution that can help optimize cloud management.


Simplifying SharePoint Backup and Recovery by  Dell Software

October 01, 2008 - Safeguarding your valuable SharePoint data is critical, but native tools are limited. In this new Quest white paper, discover the strengths and weaknesses of native tools, and how you can extend them. Read this white paper today.


Simplifying Storage Management for Virtual Environments by  Dell, Inc.

December 01, 2011 - This white paper is here to help you stay on top of your virtualized environment. In this paper you'll learn how integrated storage management from a single console can help reduce administrative costs, simplify management and boost performance and availability.


Simplifying the Collection of Laptop and Desktop Data for eDiscovery by  Iron Mountain

September 01, 2010 - Enterprises today are confronting a dramatic increase in litigation, regulations, and compliance scrutiny. Read this data sheet to discover solutions to these growing issues.


Simplifying the Collection of Laptop and Desktop Data for eDiscovery by  Iron Mountain

June 04, 2010 - Enterprises today are confronting a dramatic increase in litigation, regulations, and compliance scrutiny. Read this paper to find out more.


Simplifying the Making of Complex Products by  Epicor Software Corporation

June 21, 2012 - Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be one of the best tools in your IT arsenal, but only if you have a system in place that is right for your particular business needs. Read this white paper to learn how a fully integrated ERP suite can help ease your product launch by giving you visibility into all of critical business data.


Simplifying the Management of Tier 1 ERP Systems for Mid-Sized Companies by  Oracle Corporation

May 04, 2009 - This white paper will discuss the impact of Tier 1 systems on IT departments in terms of ongoing maintenance, demonstrating that Tier 1 systems make many IT tasks easier, ranging from new-report generation to user training to upgrade management.


Simplifying the Scope of the PCI Audit: How Cross-Platform Server Isolation Helps Retailers Achieve Compliance by  Apani

February 01, 2008 - This paper will describe how Apani EpiForce can solve key aspects of the PCI compliance challenge. Apani® EpiForce® proactively eliminates vulnerabilities within the corporate network by isolating computers and the business-critical data, personal information and intellectual property stored on them into logical security zones.


Simplifying the Virtual Data Center by  Brocade

November 02, 2010 - Virtualization technology brings numerous benefits to enterprise IT organizations. But there are challenges as well, including increased demand for a reliable, resilient data center network. Read this informative white paper to learn more about simplifying your virtual environment.


Simplifying UNIX Migration - Dell and Red Hat Pave the Way by  Dell, Inc. and Intel®

July 01, 2009 - Dell has teamed-up with Intel and Red Hat and developed a migration strategy to simplify the consolidation of the enterprise data center from an outdated, proprietary architecture to an easily managed open systems platforms. To learn about how easy it is to migrate from UNIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Dell PowerEdge servers, please read on.


Simplifying virtual desktop deployments with EqualLogic PS-M4110 blade storage arrays by  Dell, Inc.

September 02, 2013 - This short solution brief showcases innovative blade storage arrays that enable a fully virtualized architecture that integrates storage, servers and networking within one blade chassis.


Simplifying VMware vCloud by  Global Knowledge

March 18, 2013 - Explore this resource to help clarify your cloud confusion – specifically in your VMware environment. Review the major components of vClouds and discover how each component interacts with the VMware vSphere platform to help you gain a better understanding of how vClouds can benefit your organization.


Simply Connecting Campus by  Juniper Networks, Inc.

February 15, 2012 - Mobile devices are taking over campus and branch networks. Do you know how to prepare for this influx?


Simply StoreIT File and Application Sharing by  Hewlett-Packard Company

September 30, 2013 - Read through this expert white paper to find out how this storage solution works to provide such superior service.


Single Point of Access, Single Point of Control by  Citrix

January 07, 2014 - Read on to learn how desktop virtualization can help support remote connectivity better than VPN.


Single Source of Truth by  SOASTA, Inc

January 07, 2014 - With real user measurement (RUM), you can measure perceived load time for your users at the exact point of engagement, so you know exactly where to improve performance for better outcomes. In this white paper, get an overview of the business and technical aspects of measuring performance with RUM.


Single Source of Truth: A Guide for Real User Measurement in the Workplace by  SOASTA, Inc

July 11, 2013 - Inside this valuable resource, discover how, by measuring from the user's browser or app, real user management (RUM) tools can quantify the correlation between page load time and user engagement, and show where to optimize performance for more positive outcomes.


Single Vendor Network: Myth or Reality by  Avaya

June 14, 2011 - This white paper presents an analysis conducted by Gartner of hundreds of clients discussing why they introduced a second vendor into their network infrastructure, and the impact it has on operational costs.


SingTel IP VPN Manufacturing Industry by  Do Not Use - Singapore Telecommunications Ltd

May 01, 2008 - IP VPN technology is a viable solution for manufacturing companies seeking to weave their operations into the rapidly changing industry. It has unleashed a new era of IT infrastructure and this white paper provides the details.


SingTel Selects Alcatel-Lucent as Strategic Partner in IPTV Deployment by  Alcatel-Lucent

June 12, 2009 - Read this case study to learn how SingTel, a major carrier in the Asia-Pacific region, overcame the challenges associated with providing new services and broadening their customer base. The solution allowed them to provide advanced IPTV features - including HD VoD - quickly and at aggressive prices, thereby affirming their place as a market leader.


SIP and the Art of Converged Communications by  Global Knowledge

June 18, 2013 - Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an internet signaling protocol, developed by the IETF (starting in 1996), for establishing, maintaining, and tearing down sessions between a variety of real-time media, including voice, video, and chat. This white paper is going to look at the way SIP is used in the converged Unified Communications environment.


SIP contact centers: Key benefits and potential challenges by  SearchSecurity.com

February 24, 2012 - Learn how Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), unified communications (UC) and contact centers fit hand in hand in this e-guide from SearchUnifiedCommunications.com.


SIP Management: Top benefits and potential challenges by  Metaswitch Networks

September 27, 2011 - This expert E-Guide discusses the benefits of SIP trunking and highlights best practices to address the potential challenges.


SIP: Myth versus reality by  Orange Business Services

July 21, 2009 - Modern packet-based communications are sweeping away traditional telephony standards and changing the way businesses stay connected. SIP, the latest IP enabler to hit the market, is often portrayed as the key to implementing more sophisticated, flexible voice and unified communications. But is that a fact, or merely well-publicized fiction?


SiSense Prism Do-It-Yourself Business Intelligence Software by  SiSense Ltd.

September 08, 2010 - Cutting-edge, do-it-yourself business intelligence (BI) and analytics. Go from mountains of raw data to reports, dashboards and analytics in a single product, in just an hour or two! Data preparation and mash ups are quick and easy, using visual drag-and-drop tools.


Site and Facilities Services from IBM - Success Stories: A Guide to Client References by  IBM

May 16, 2008 - As energy costs rise, so does the demand to reduce data center costs. In this white paper, you'll learn about IBM® Project Big Green's five-step approach to increasing your data center's energy efficiency.


Site visit programs fuel outsourcing success by  Hewlett-Packard Limited

October 25, 2013 - Site visit programs play a critical role in any successful outsourcing initiative. This on-demand webcast describes key features of an effective site visit program.


Six Best Practices for Agent Knowledge Management by  KANA

June 21, 2012 - Knowledge management can be a useful tool for improving the quality and efficiency of your contact center operations. This paper outlines a series of best practices to help you achieve maximum results from knowledge management within the contact center that will ultimately lead to better customer service, and higher revenues.


Six Best Practices to Prevent Enterprise Data Loss by  RSA, The Security Division of EMC

February 05, 2009 - Join Tom Corn, Vice President of Data Security Products at RSA, The Security Division of EMC as he discusses six best practices for preventing enterprise data loss. Hear how these best practices enable you to protect your critical data throughout its lifecycle -- no matter where it moves, who accesses it or how it is used.


Six Common Mistakes that Plague IT Projects and Three Keys to Avoid Them by  AtTask

August 12, 2011 - When it comes to IT projects, there are a number of common mistakes – and too often project managers avoid the problems that those mistakes create instead of facing them head on. Inside this white paper, learn about the 6 most common IT project mistakes and 3 ways to avoid them.


Six critical best practices to gain insight with Workforce Analytics by  SuccessFactors

February 26, 2014 - This resource counts down six HR best practices for using workforce analytics to deliver insights. Read on to learn how workforce analytics can help you hire the right talent, determine when to train or promote employees, and more.


Six Data Protection Tips for SMBs by  Double-Take Software

August 19, 2009 - This whitepaper provides six tips for an SMB approach to protecting critical data. These tips used in conjunction with Double-Take Availability from Double-Take Software can help SMBs defend against crippling downtime and data loss.


Six Data Protection Tips for SMBs by  Vision Solutions

December 31, 2011 - Read this exclusive white paper to uncover six game-changing tips for small and midsize organizations to protect critical data, as well as a recovery solution to help tackle downtime and data loss.


Six Email Security Best Practices for Email SaaS by  SearchSecurity.com

April 22, 2013 - This expert guide will teach you six e-mail security best practices for e-mail Security as a Service (SaaS). Read on to learn more about guarding access to data, evaluating physical controls, entering service contracts, and more.


Six Email Security Best Practices for Email SaaS by  Symantec Corporation

December 03, 2012 - Uncover the 6 best practices for email security when evaluating solution providers, and explore the capabilities available with cloud-based email security services – read on now to learn more.


Six Enterprise Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services to Consider by  Citrix

September 12, 2013 - This expert whitepaper compares six of the best enterprise cloud storage and file-sharing services on the market to help you make an informed decision for your business.


Six Essential Steps for Unleashing the Power of Enterprise Mobility by  Cisco

July 31, 2013 - While devices are driving the mobile revolution, they are merely the first step to a truly mobile-friendly enterprise.


Six Fairy Tales of VMware and Hyper-V Backup by  Unitrends

December 04, 2012 - Virtualization is a powerful technology- you just have to make sure that you understand not only the rewards but also the consequences of uninformed decisions. Access this helpful white paper which explores 6 myths surrounding VMware and Hyper-V. Make sure that you're not going down the wrong path with your virtualization project.


Six Features Your Laptop Backup Must Have by  Druva Software

April 26, 2010 - The whitepaper explains the 6 critical features your enterprise laptop backup solution will need to defuse the explosion of corporate data.


Six Lessons Learned as Hospitals Journey to Smartphone Utopia by  BlackBerry

August 06, 2010 - This white paper reviews six lessons hospitals have learned as they incorporate smartphones into their existing enterprise communications infrastucture.


Six Must Have Features For Corporate Laptop Backup by  Druva Software

July 14, 2010 - This white paper explains the 6 critical features your enterprise laptop backup solution will need to defuse the explosion of corporate data.


Six Must Have Features for Corporate Laptop Backup by  Druva Software

October 18, 2010 - With the steady shift from desktop to laptop and explosion in use of data extensive applications like Microsoft Outlook, data today is more dispersed and diverse than ever. This Whitepaper explains the 6 critical features your enterprise laptop backup solution will need, to defuse the explosion of corporate data.


Six Reasons to Get Smarter About Storage by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

January 21, 2011 - A growing trend in small businesses is to solve storage problems with a simpler, more elegant technology: network-attached storage (NAS). Continue reading to learn about NAS appliances such as Cisco® Small Business NSS 300 Series Smart Storage solution, as well as learn the reasons why it differs from other NAS storage method.


Six reasons to move from Oracle to IBM: Learn how companies around the worldare boosting performance, cutting costsand managing growth by  IBM

June 06, 2011 - In six case studies, you’ll learn to tackle important challenges about moving to IBM. Learn how companies around the world are boosting performance, cutting costs and managing growth.


Six reasons why manufacturers should consider cloud ERP by  ComputerWeekly.com

July 01, 2013 - There are a number of benefits beyond total cost of ownership when manufacturing companies deploy cloud ERP, this research from Analyst Group Nucleus reveals.


Six Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Consider Cloud ERP by  TechTarget

March 18, 2014 - To justify cloud ERP solutions in manufacturing organizations, champions are increasingly asked to prove tangible business value. Take this brief survey to read Nucleus' exploration of cloud ERP. Specifically, the benefits to deploy cloud ERP, including increased flexibility, scalability, accelerating deployment, business continuity, and usability.


Six Secrets to 24x7 Exchange Availability by  Marathon Technologies

September 28, 2009 - The following six secrets to 24x7, disaster-tolerant Exchange will show you how to implement an Exchange environment with zero lost data and continuous application availability—with no IT intervention—in the event of a disaster.


Six Solutions for What's Keeping Executives Up at Night by  Citrix Online- GoToAssist

October 06, 2011 - This comprehensive white paper highlights six solutions to the issues support executives face on a daily basis.


Six Steps to a Successful Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 Deployment by  Dimension Data.

June 01, 2010 - If an organisation wants to realise the full advantages of Exchange Server 2010, it's important to take a systematic approach that includes a thorough understanding of all of the integration points, dependencies and end user profiles. Read this paper for 6 steps to a successful Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 deployment.


Six Steps to Application Retirement by  Informatica

June 02, 2010 - How do you retire a legacy application and the supporting software and hardware stack, while keeping the data accessible for reporting, compliance, and regular business needs? In this webinar, you will learn the six steps to safely retire legacy applications using Informatica’s cost-effective information lifecycle management solution.


Six Steps to Continuous Application Readiness by  Flexera Software

July 11, 2012 - This white paper examines common Windows 7 migration pain points and describes a holistic approach you can implement immediately to overcome them. Discover the importance of ensuring application readiness and explore tools and techniques that can assist you in the process.


Six Success Factors for Building a Best-Run Marketing Organization by  SAP America, Inc.

October 18, 2010 - This paper discusses six success factors that will enable your marketing organization to overcome the challenges to reaching growth and profitability objectives. Continue reading to learn more about these six success factors and more.


Six Technology Tactics to Promote Corporate Social Responsibility by  Epicor Software Corporation

June 21, 2012 - <p>Read this white paper to learn about a new principle for manufacturers – corporate social responsibility (CSR). Learn how you can look to IT and software strategies to, not only exemplify good citizenship, but to achieve tangible financial benefits throughout your business and supply chain.</p>


Six Threats That Can Tarnish Your Website - And What You Can Do To Stop Them by  Symantec Corporation

April 30, 2013 - This comprehensive white paper explores six threats to your website and provides a solution for how you can prevent them.


Six tips for getting the most out of SAP Workflow by  Dolphin

November 21, 2012 - View this expert E-guide to learn more about how you can implement SAP Workflow in your organization. Discover how a properly designed SAP workflow will help your business with automated routine financial processes with areas like asset accounting and auditing.


Six Tips for Reducing Downtime in Travel and Transport by  Marathon Technologies

February 23, 2010 - Whether it's a security system, baggage handling application, order or vessel tracking downtime to applications supporting travel and transportation can throw off precisely timed schedules for travelers and shipments alike. This paper outlines six key tips for keeping travel and transportation logistics applications running without interruption.


Six tips for selecting automated test tools for Agile development by  IBM

November 07, 2011 - With increased use of automation in application lifecycle management (ALM), the role of the tester is changing. In this tip guide managers will get advice on what to look for when selecting automated test tools and will learn more about how they may best want to invest their testing dollars in automation.


Six Tips to Help Reduce Costs and Boost Productivity by  Kronos Incorporated

March 25, 2009 - Falling demand. Sweeping layoffs. And widespread plant closings. Unprecedented economic challenges are driving manufacturers to find new ways to reduce costs, increase productivity, and make better decisions. Decisions that can help optimize the use of labor and resources.


Six Ways A Unified Collaboration System Reduces IT Costs by  Oracle Corporation

April 01, 2009 - Need a quick win that will push your business ahead and cut costs? Learn 6 ways that Oracle Beehive, the only unified collaboration system built for the enterprise, can reduce your hard dollar costs, boost information worker productivity and extend the value of your existing IT investments.


Six ways HP helps IT support environmental initiatives by  Hewlett-Packard Company

October 01, 2007 - Learn how to reduce your organization's environmental impact and improve energy efficiency with solutions from HP.


Six Ways to Embrace IT Consumerization by  SearchSecurity.com

October 05, 2012 - This E-Guide from SearchConsumerization.com provides the definitions of IT consumerization, what it means to your organization, and offers six best ways that you can embrace it in your workplace.


Six Ways to Embrace IT Consumerization by  Webroot

March 01, 2013 - Here are six ways your organization can embrace consumerization. Get some helpful tips for working with end-users, focusing IT's role, avoiding "crapplications", and more.


Six Ways to Rev Up Your Revenues, Using VoIP by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

January 20, 2011 - How can you raise revenues without raising prices? You can gain new customers. Or you can make new sales from your existing customers. There’s a network technology that helps you do both: voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Read this paper to learn six ways to raise revenues with voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).


Six-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors: Top-line performance that’s bottom-line efficient by  HP, Vmware and AMD

September 15, 2009 - Unlike competitive products focused on raw performance, AMD technology-based servers deliver one platform to support the top-line demands of your business with a total cost advantage you can take right to the bottom-line.


Size DOES Matter - When Choosing the Right ERP Solution by  Xperia

May 30, 2006 - In regards to Enterprise Resource Planning, customer-supplier relationships are more important for small-to-medium manufacturers than large ones, because small-to-medium manufacturers tend to have few IT resources, and rely more on the software supplier.


Sizing and Best Practices for Deploying Virtual Desktops with Dell EqualLogic Virtual Desktop Deployment Utility in a VMware Environment by  Dell and VMware

November 04, 2013 - This informative paper explores a storage solution that was built for VDI deployments. Discover the specific features this system possesses to adequately perform for VDI and learn about the benefits this technology can provide. Read on now to learn more.


Sizing and Best Practices for Deploying VMware View 5.1 on VMware vSphere 5.0 U1 with Dell EqualLogic Storage by  Dell, Inc.

October 31, 2012 - This comprehensive white paper presents the results of a series of storage I/O performance tests and provides storage sizing guidance and best practices based on those results for a VMware View based VDI solution.


Sizing HP ProLiant and BladeSystem 64-bit Servers for Exchange 2007 and Large Mailbox Storage Constraints by  Hewlett-Packard Company

January 14, 2009 - This document provides sizing information for running Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 mailbox servers on HP ProLiant servers with large mailbox storage constraints.


Sizing Server Platforms To Meet ERP Requirements by  IBM

January 19, 2011 - This Intel paper analyzes the effects of various factors on the utilization of the primary server resources: compute, memory and I/O. The analysis shows that 4-socket servers, which provide greater headroom than 2-socket servers, may be preferable in a number of situations.


Skill building takes time. Let knowledge paths pave the way. by  IBM

December 19, 2011 - Check out this resource center to find how-to articles, free trial software, discussion forums, educational videos and podcasts, and hands-on exercises to help develop your skills in technologies and products such as: cloud computing, Java, Linux, open source, Web development, XML, AIX and UNIX, business analytics, information management, and more.


Skill Level and Training Key Factors in IT Project Success by  Hewlett-Packard Company

December 01, 2008 - This white paper provides an analysis of a comprehensive survey with 144 senior IT managers examining the impact training and skill level had on the success of 377 IT projects.


Skills Forecast: Big Data Analytics by  ComputerWeekly.com

February 11, 2013 - This report analyses the projected demand for IT professionals with Big Data Analytic skills in the UK over the next five years.


Skills needed for a cloud computing success by  SunGard Availability Services

February 24, 2012 - In this expert e-guide, explore the essential IT skills you need to master to achieve cloud computing success. Discover why each of these skills is important to have in your organization, and how you can go about aquiring these skills.


Skills Needed in Extracting Value from Big Data Projects by  HP & Intel®

January 10, 2013 - While the technologies available for big data are important, it's critical to make sure you have the right people with the right skills and experience to successfully leverage big data analytics tools. Inside, take a realistic look at what to plan for and examine the key skill sets and roles that should be a part of your big data analytics plan.


Skills Needed in Extracting Value from Big Data Projects by  IBM

September 27, 2013 - This E-Guide highlights the skill sets and roles that are vital to the success of big data analytics initiatives.


Skip the Disk by  Iron Mountain

January 27, 2011 - The demand for data storage is exploding, which is driving up costs, amplifying the risks of data loss or exposure, and complicating plans for disaster recovery. At the same time, mid-sized enterprises are migrating away from tape backup. They are learning to skip the disk. Read on to learn how skipping the disk can help you.


Skyscape Captures Market with New Cloud Services by  VCE

October 08, 2013 - Read this case study to discover how Skyscape Cloud Services was able to achieve total granular control over service delivery, automated orchestration and protective monitoring, lower operating costs, and more.


SL Case Study: InScope Solutions by  Microsoft

September 01, 2008 - Read how a growing IT service firm decreased its auditing time and gained $10 million in revenue growth after deploying a solution using Microsoft Dynamics SL.


SL Case Study: Phoenix International by  Microsoft

September 01, 2008 - This engineering services company engages in global underwater recovery operations. Learn how it uses modern systems to maintain accurate financial data and estimate costs for clients in the commercial and government sectors.


SL Corporation - Enterprise RTView™ Case Study by  SL Corporation

February 01, 2008 - With a deep penetration in the algorithmic trading and capital markets, Progress® Software needed to be able to provide traders with a way to create custom views of market data and their trading position.


SL Enterprise RTView for Operational and Strategic Dashboards by  SL Corporation

February 01, 2008 - SL Enterprise RTView is a business information delivery platform that is used by IT Managers to rapidly configure, deploy, maintain and extend real-time and other critical enterprise information systems.


SLAs Key to Ensuring Reliable Cost-Efficient Cloud Services by  Kaseya International Limited

September 13, 2011 - In this expert guide, our editors examine SLAs in the era of cloud computing to help readers understand their use and a comprehensive analysis on drafting a proper SLA for your business needs,


Slash Document Archive Storage Costs up to 90% and Enhance ePresentment Performance by  Xenos Group Inc.

February 01, 2009 - This White Paper is intended for Enterprise Architects, Senior Line of Business Managers, and Managers of Marketing, CRM, High Volume Output and Archiving. The challenges of handling the costs and achieving the customer retention benefits related to archiving and online ePresentment of High Volume Transactional Output are identified...


Slashing Energy Costs by Improving Storage Efficiency by  Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

December 08, 2010 - This paper examines some of the innovative ways in which organizations all around the world are optimizing storage resources to save space, improve performance and reduce energy waste and costs.


Sleeping Android: the danger of dormant permissions by  ComputerWeekly.com

March 04, 2013 - This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security Thesis series explains how weaknesses in the Android platform could leave users open to exploitation or abuse.


Slicing the Big Data Analytics Stack by  SAS

May 05, 2014 - The following informative white paper explores the current state of big data and what pioneering companies are doing to leverage big data analytics. Learn about what a successful infrastructure needs to include, the effect of in-memory, and much more.


SlideShare, A Hosting Partner Success Story by  IBM

December 31, 2011 - In this brief case study, find out how SlideShare turned to a new, cost-effective hosting partner that leveraged automated services and infrastructure to achieve optimal performance and consistent support.


Slipping Through The Cracks Of Web Services To Serve Malware by  Trend Micro, Inc.

October 26, 2010 - Today's generation of cybercriminals continue to find more ways to abuse commonly used Web services for spamming and to spread malware. Leveraging the ever-growing number of Web 2.0 and computing platforms to facilitate operations, cybercriminals have moved away from simple and so much more.


Small and Midsize Business guide to Mobile Security by  SearchSecurity.com

December 20, 2012 - In this mobile security FAQ for small to midsize businesses, hear the answers to all of your pressing questions about the mobile threat landscape and what you can do to protect your mobile workforce. Discover how vulnerable SMBs are to mobile threats, tips for evaluating your solution options, and more.


Small and Midsized Business Solutions Brief for Desktop and Application Virtualization by  Dell and VMware

July 01, 2012 - Learn how virtualization can help simplify desktop and applications management and reduce costs.


Small Business Communications VoIP by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

August 14, 2009 - Read this paper to learn what is Small Business Communication VoIP and what it can do for your business.


Small Business Firewall Software Vs. Hardware Firewalls by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

February 02, 2009 - Small business firewall software and hardware firewalls are the methods used to protect computers against hacker attacks and other Internet threats.


Small Business Networking: The Basics by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

February 02, 2009 - Small business networking begins with a secure, reliable, fast data network foundation. This paper fleshes out 7 ways small business networking can transform your company.


Small Business Security: What You Need to Know by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

February 02, 2009 - Small business security is dependant upon defending against common threats, such as viruses, spyware, malware and hackers.


Small Business VoIP: The Basics by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

September 01, 2008 - Small business VoIP combines voice and data together on a single, secure network allowing your employees to stay connected with the people and data they need. The following is a guide to why you might want to consider a small business VoIP system.


Small businesses compete in e-commerce with same day shipping by  IBM

November 22, 2013 - Access this expert e-guide to uncover a solution to customer demand for same-day-shipping and how CRM has changed the entire customer experience.


Small Cells, Big Challenge: A Definitive Guide to Designing and Deploying HetNets by  Ixia

November 30, 2013 - Network operators are under pressure to enhance network coverage, reliability, and capacity, while increasing the quality of the mobile experience. Heterogeneous networks (HetNets) -- more diversified access networks -- are emerging as a strategy to bridge the cost and capacity gap and meet demand.


Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM Cloud by  IBM

March 09, 2012 - Development and testing workloads can be very complex to manage, often slowing time to market for critical applications. This video discusses the benefits of leveraging a new cloud technology for testing and developing. Learn how this platform can help you minimize costs, simplify environment set ups and improve security.


Smart cards: security risks by  ComputerWeekly.com

April 17, 2013 - This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security Thesis series assess the new features introduced in Java Card 3 Connected Edition smart card specification and their associated security risks.


Smart Cities: The anywhere working city by  ComputerWeekly.com

May 08, 2012 - This report from Microsoft presents a vision for the development of smart cities which bring together technology, architecture and people.


Smart Decision Making in the Era of New Financial Challenges by  Oracle Corporation

March 02, 2009 - Read this white paper to learn why the Monte Carlo modeling method provides a beacon of financial sanity and reliability at time when consumer confidence is at an all-time low and managers face new levels of accountability and keen public scrutiny in their decision-making.


Smart Decision-Making in the New Era of New Financial Challenges by  Oracle Corporation

March 06, 2009 - Read this white paper to learn why the Monte Carlo modeling method provides a beacon of financial sanity and reliability at a time when consumer confidence is at an all-time low and managers face new levels of accountability and keen public scrutiny in their decision-making.


Smart Decisions for Extraordinary Times by  Microsoft

September 09, 2009 - With Microsoft Unified Communications businesses can simplify management and maximize budget and resources. You can consolidate costly third-party solutions and avoid capital investments.


Smart Devices, Smart Security by  Voltage Security, Inc.

July 09, 2012 - This short white paper explores the top 5 tips for protecting your organization against new looming security threats from smartphones and tablets. These 5 tips can make or break mobile data security efforts. Read now to learn more.

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