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Reclaim Wasted Capacity by  Northern Parklife

August 03, 2009 - This four-part webcast demonstrates the necessity for a proper storage management solution, such as Northern Storage Suite, in an organization's storage infrastructure. They'll review how NSS can reclaim wasted capacity, control user behavior, getting your end-users on-board with saving capacity and how to properly plan for future storage needs.


Recognize your Apps Personalities by  Hewlett-Packard Company

October 09, 2013 - This brief video explains how the right applications transformation strategy can lead your enterprise to a new level of success by enabling you to categorize and profile apps based on business impact, simplify apps management, and more.


Recognizing the Value of Data Management in the Financial Sector by  Bloomberg

February 21, 2013 - The combination of poor reference data management and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is creating a data management mess for many in the financial sector. Access this expert resource to explore how organizations can start preparing to meet new compliance regulations and increase data transparency.


Recommended Best Security Practices for Unified Communications by  Polycom, Inc.

March 30, 2012 - Unified Communications (UC) can be viewed as another set of data and protocols utilizing IP networks. From a security perspective, it is very similar to other IP data services. This document describes the security issues that organizations should consider as they deploy UC, and offers Polycom's recommendations for implementing secured UC.


Recommended Use of Resource Pools in Vmware vSphere DRS Clusters by  Global Knowledge

February 12, 2013 - This white paper provides six scenarios based on real world experiences implementing VMware resource pools, including instances when the resource pool fails with details of the results and recommendations for correcting the problem, as well as the results of implementation successes and best practices.


Reconciling Datacenter Consolidation and Security by  Oracle Corporation

January 01, 2010 - Security concerns continue to hobble consolidation efforts in the data center. The concerns are real, and most often stem from a scattershot, non-integrated approach to consolidation. There is a better, more secure way, grounded in servers and software platforms built from the ground up to work optimally with one another.


Reconfigure Your Antimalware Strategy to Boost Endpoint Security For Advanced Threat Protection by  Webroot

September 17, 2013 - This expert e-guide explains why reconfiguration of your current antimalware strategy is all it takes to mitigate new trends in cyber-attacks.


Record, Evaluate, Monitor and Archive All Your Customer Interactions For your Cisco Switch by  Teleformix

July 01, 2008 - Call recording and review are the most effective and efficient ways to ensure your customers receive high quality treatment and accurate information. ECHO™ provides the vehicle for this.


Records and Information Management 2.0 for Dummies by  Iron Mountain

October 21, 2013 - This expert e-book will guide you and provide the necessary resources to help you understand the fundamental elements and practical steps needed to start and sustain an effective records and information management program—most importantly avoid legal repercussion.


Records Management for Disaster Recovery by  Iron Mountain

November 26, 2012 - The importance of a disaster recovery (DR) plan is a no brainier – having one can save your business; not having one will jeopardize it. Records management is a key aspect of effective DR, but more often than not it is overlooked. Read on to learn how to build a business case for incorporating records management into your overall DR plan.


Records Management Implications of The Affordable Care Act by  Iron Mountain

November 07, 2013 - This white paper explores the implications of major regulations updates being made due to the Accordable Care Act (ACA) to healthcare records management in 2014.


Records Management Solutions That Keep You HIPAA-Compliant by  Iron Mountain

October 22, 2013 - This white paper features a HIPAA-compliant healthcare partner that offers you the benefits of outsourcing while ensuring data protection across your organization.


Records Management: A Real World Guide by  IBM ECM

September 05, 2007 - Read this white paper to learn how records management as part of an enterprise content management (ECM) solution delivers substantial ROI through reduction in corporate risk, lower operational costs, and improved productivity.


Records Management: The Keys to Success by  Iron Mountain

April 17, 2012 - With the heightened compliance regulations, your records management has never been more important. Read this e-book to discover: the importance of physical and digital records convergence, why data retention is a cross-departmental concern, new apps designed specifically for e-discovery, and the compliance risks associated with social media.


Records Management’s Breaking Point: Managing Electronic Records in High Volume Environments by  ASG Software Solutions

December 20, 2010 - This white paper outlines some of the issues that make electronic records management so challenging, highlights why organizations need to tame the high-volume transactional records beast, and lastly, describes what to look for in a transactional records management solution.


Records Management’s Breaking Point: Managing Electronic Records in High-Volume Environments by  ASG Software Solutions

April 15, 2011 - This White paper outlines issues that make manging transactional electronic records challenging, demonstrates why organizations need to tame the high volume transactional records beast, and lastly, describes what to look for in a transactional electronic records management solution.


Records Retention Schedule Brings Science to Art of Information Management by  Iron Mountain

September 26, 2012 - In this video, Carol Stainbrook explains why establishing and adhering to an effective functional records retention schedule is a key element of effective enterprise information management.


Recover Data Safely, Quickly by  CA ARCserve

October 20, 2010 - Read this white paper to learn why ARCserve Disk-to-Disk data recovery tool is the clear choice for quick, reliable and easy to use data security.


Recovering from a disaster: Over 40 tips and steps to take by  Dell Compellent

October 11, 2011 - DR plans must be flexible and scalable to address a wide range of things that can go wrong. This exclusive SearchDisasterRecovery.com E-Guide provides you with everything disaster recovery from A-Z - including over 40 tips and steps to help ensure your DR plan functions successfully.


Recovering Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server Data: Granular Search and Recovery Means Time and Cost Savings by  Ontrack® PowerControls™ by Kroll Ontrack

February 10, 2009 - This paper spotlights the issues SharePoint administrators and IT administrators encounter when trying to recover SharePoint data and reveals a solution.


Recovery Manager for Active Directory by  Dell Software

Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory offers an easy-to-use solution for fast, granular, online recovery of Active Directory (AD) in the event of inadvertent modification of AD due to software failure or human error.


Recovery Manager for SharePoint by  Dell Software

Recovery Manager for SharePoint is an enterprise recovery solution that provides emergency access to all SharePoint content all the time. With Recovery Manager, any recovered content can be restored to any SharePoint instance or saved to a file system. Get your business-critical data back online before the entire server farm comes back.


Recruit and Build the Right Team for your Service Desk by  Citrix Online UK

May 16, 2011 - An organization is only as successful as the people who run the Service Desk. Check out this white paper and explore key ways you can recognize the right people to help build your Service Desk team.


Recruit and Build the Right Team for Your Service Desk by  Citrix Online- GoToAssist

October 06, 2011 - Access today's exclusive white paper to learn important information regarding best practices of managing the people on your organization's help-desk.


Recruitment Software Guide by  iCIMS

January 07, 2013 - Today's global, social world is changing the recruitment game, and HR teams must adapt their strategies and technologies to this reality if they hope to recruit the best candidates. In this expert e-guide, discover sourcing strategies to find high quality, "passive" candidates, how recruitment software is getting "socialized," and much more.


Rectiphy ActiveImage Protector 2.7 by  Rectiphy Corp.

October 21, 2010 - Rectiphy ActiveImage Protector™ is a hard disk backup / restore utility for Windows systems designed for corporate, small office/home office (SOHO) workstations, and home users. Read this informative white paper to learn more about how ActiveImage Protector can help you.


Red Alert: Why Tablet Security Matters by  BlackBerry

December 01, 2011 - While tablet computers continue to grow in popularity, for enterprises, there is much to be concerned about. Fact is, most tablets are made for consumer entertainment and not for keeping enterprise secrets. However, the exception is the highly secure, enterprise ready BlackBerry Playbook tablet.


Red Hat and Intel: Driving a New Era for the Data Center by  Intel

May 04, 2010 - Read this solution brief to learn more about the collaboration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Intel Xeon processors and discover how powerful that combination is with the ability to increase workloads and add capabilities on demand, have plenty of headroom in reserve for usage peaks, have budget-friendly, low operating costs, and more.


Red Hat and Intel: Moving Intelligence Forward by  Red Hat and JBoss

June 01, 2009 - Put state-of-the-art intelligence to work on the challenges of tomorrow by running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the latest Intel® Xeon® processors. Red Hat's open source, commercial-strength innovation delivers optimized results for performance, energy efficiency, and advanced virtualization on Intel platforms, all at an affordable price.


Red Hat and Intel: New Horizons in Scalable Performance, Reliability, Security, and Efficiency by  Red Hat and Intel

December 18, 2013 - This whitepaper talks more about how Red Hat Enterprise Linux combined with the power of Intel Xeon processors can help IT stay above workload management and set your business on the path towards a new computing environment.


Red Hat Cloud Foundations Reference Architecture: Private IaaS Clouds by  Red Hat and JBoss

February 10, 2011 - Red Hat's suite of open source software provides a rich infrastructure for cloud providers to build public/private cloud offerings. This Volume 1 guide for deploying the Red Hat infrastructure for a private cloud describes the foundation for building a Red Hat Private cloud.


Red Hat Cloud Foundations, Edition One: Implementation Cookbook by  Red Hat and HP

March 01, 2011 - This paper provides an overview of a reference architecture prepared by Red Hat that fully documents how to build your own private cloud.


Red Hat Cloud Foundations, Edition One: Implementation Cookbook by  Red Hat and JBoss

February 09, 2011 - This paper provides an overview of a reference architecture prepared by Red Hat that fully documents how to build your own private cloud.


Red Hat Cloud Foundations, HP Edition: Private IaaS Clouds by  Red Hat and HP

March 01, 2011 - Red Hat's suite of open source software provides a rich infrastructure for cloud providers to build public/private cloud offerings. This Volume 1 guide for deploying the Red Hat infrastructure for a private cloud describes the foundation for building a Red Hat Private cloud.


Red Hat Cloud Foundations, HP Edition: Private IaaS Clouds by  Red Hat and HP

April 11, 2011 - Cloud computing promises a dynamic new vision for IT - with servers, applications, storage and networksinstantly available and ready to expand or contract to meet the demands of the moment.


Red Hat Cloud Foundations: Cloud 101 by  Red Hat and JBoss

February 09, 2011 - This paper lays out the characteristics of a cloud computing infrastructure. It describes the forms that cloud computing can take and how different types of technology providers and consumers of technology relate to each other.


Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure by  Red Hat

August 05, 2013 - This video covers a Red Hat product that can help you move to the cloud on your terms, to meet your organization's needs.


Red Hat CloudForms Demo Auto-Discovery and Configuration by  Red Hat

April 07, 2014 - This video details a cloud and virtualization management platform that can help simplify management.


Red Hat CloudForms Demo Automatic Provisioning by  Red Hat

April 07, 2014 - This video covers a scalable, open and extensible platform that will help you simplify the provisioning of virtual machines.


Red Hat CloudForms Demo Operation Efficiency and Reduce Costs by  Red Hat

April 09, 2014 - This valuable video covers a private and hybrid cloud and virtualization management solution that will help you reduces the cost and complexity of running your data center.


Red Hat CloudForms Demo: Gain and Remain in Control by  Red Hat

April 08, 2014 - This video details a solution that can enable policy-based management capabilities for your virtual or cloud environments.


Red Hat CloudForms: Auto-Discovery and Configuration Management Demo by  Red Hat

August 02, 2013 - This video covers a Red Hat solution that will give you the visibility you need to run an efficient cloud or virtualized data center environment.


Red Hat CloudForms: Better Manage your Virtual, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures by  Red Hat

April 12, 2013 - This whitepaper covers an open hybrid cloud management solution that will help you better manage you virtual, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.


Red Hat CloudForms: Cloud Resource Management the Right Way by  Red Hat

November 27, 2013 - This whitepaper covers a set of management tools that can handle anything your virtual infrastructure environment can throw at you.


Red Hat CloudForms: Gain and Remain in Control of Your Cloud & Virtual Infrastructure Demo by  Red Hat

August 02, 2013 - This video covers Red Hat product that can improve your cloud or virtualized data center management strategy and also walks you through using the product.


Red Hat CloudForms: Manage Your Private Cloud Now by  Red Hat

November 22, 2013 - Today's customers want to choose how and when you deliver IT resources, speed and choices. In order to comply with demand, you need flexibility and control. Fortunately there is a way for you to deliver on-demand and customizable resources to your customers. Watch now to learn more.


Red Hat CloudForms: Operational Efficiency and Resource Optimization Demo by  Red Hat

August 02, 2013 - This informative video covers a Red Hat product that can help ease management of your cloud environment.


Red Hat Continues To Redefine SOA: Simple. Open. Affordable by  Red Hat

October 30, 2008 - Despite the significant progress made with open standards in the industry, most SOA platforms are delivered with many proprietary, closed extensions that focus on customer lock-in more than automation of the value chain. Red Hat believes there is a better way. We redefine SOA to be simple, open, and affordable.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Challenge the Status Quo by  Red Hat

October 09, 2013 - Watch this video and learn how businesses are tapping into the innovative potential of their companies with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Your Solaris Alternative by  Red Hat

December 30, 2011 - This white paper talks about the challenges of migrating from Solaris 10 to Solaris 11 and highlights the benefits of migrating from Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux instead.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 on Next-Generation Servers by  Dell, Inc., Intel and Red Hat

April 26, 2011 - This white paper examines the defining reliability, availability, and serviceability characteristics of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Learn how they enable the addition and removal of physical and logical devices while improving system availability and increasing capacity.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Scalability by  DLT Solutions.

March 10, 2011 - Scalability is one of the areas of focus in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. The importance of scalability is driven by the convergence of several factors, which have combined to create a strong customer demand for a high performance, production ready Linux infrastructure. Read this paper to learn more about scalability and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Asks, What If? by  Red Hat

November 26, 2013 - This video will introduce you to some of the opportunities Red Hat Enterprise Linux can create for your business. Watch and discover what Red Hat can do for you.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Compared with Microsoft Windows by  Red Hat

November 22, 2013 - This whitepaper provides a comparison of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Microsoft Windows to see who can deliver the most value as a web optimization solution.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux has Best Total Cost of Ownership on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization by  Red Hat.

May 19, 2011 - A virtualization platform can be very expensive. It's important to consider all costs included in the virtualization process  to ensure a successful virtual environment. Read on to discover how the combination of two Red Hat operating systems will lower your total cost of ownership and increase your infrastructure value


Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Datasheet by  Red Hat

March 28, 2014 - This whitepaper examines a Linux OpenStack Platform designed to deliver an integrated foundation to create, deploy, and scale a secure and reliable public or private OpenStack cloud.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform: Community-invented, Red Hat-hardened by  Red Hat

August 05, 2013 - With Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, you can focus resources on building applications that add value to your organization, while Red Hat provides support for OpenStack and the Linux platform it runs on.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux-7: Path to the Open Hybrid Cloud by  Global Knowledge

April 02, 2014 - Check out this exclusive white paper to discover how Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 can help your organization establish an open, vendor-independent, hybrid cloud.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux-The Original Cloud Operating System by  Red Hat

November 19, 2013 - This whitepaper will help discover more about Linux and the benefits of running your IT environment on this OS.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux: The Original Cloud Operating System by  Red Hat

September 04, 2013 - This whitepaper will help you understand how Linux, unlike competing OSes, is the natural fit for cloud computing.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Your Solaris Alternative by  Red Hat and HP

August 10, 2009 - This whitepaper will review some key features and benefits of both Solaris and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We will also explain why Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an ideal solution for enterprises that are facing Sun and SPARC's uncertain future, whether you are considering launching a new IT production environment or migrating a legacy environment...


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation Accelerator Service by  Red Hat.

January 25, 2012 - Virtualisation can help today’s organisations respond to increasing business demands. This resource explores a service that can help you rapidly deploy virtualisation within your environment. Learn how to optimise virtualisation performance and obtain best practices to ensure maximum benefits from your investment.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RH318): The Skills You Need to Deploy and Manage Virtual Environments by  Red Hat.

May 25, 2011 - Access this white paper to discover how Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization extends the Linux platform to provide cutting edge features and performance for enterprise virtualization. Also learn about the different training methods Red Hat offers for server virtualization.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 Datasheet by  Red Hat & IBM

February 17, 2012 - Explore the full capabilities and features of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV), a complete, open-source virtualization management solution for server and desktop virtualization in this resource. Discover how RHEV builds on the powerful Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor and the oVirt open virtualization management platform.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 Live Chat by  Red Hat

February 20, 2012 - Join this exclusive live chat on February 23rd, 11 AM - 2 PM EST to explore Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization with the Red Hat Virtualization team. Discover how you can leverage this enterprise-grade solution for mission-critical workloads, and get key questions answered.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 Live Chat Transcript by  Red Hat

February 27, 2012 - In this Q&A session with the Red Hat Virtualization team, gain insights into the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) platform and discover how RHEV compares to the competition in terms of price, flexibility, features and more. Review the experts' responses to key questions posed by your peers.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 on IBM System X – a Smarter Choice by  Red Hat & IBM

February 17, 2012 - Organizations stand to gain cost-savings of 40-75% from server consolidation and reduced data center space and power needs. Discover how a Red Hat and IBM partnership can help deliver enterprise-ready virtualization solutions that offer increased performance, scalability, security and manageability.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and HP ProLiant servers by  Red Hat and HP

July 18, 2012 - Access this white paper to discover how Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) on HP ProLiant servers can offer performance scalability and security at a lower cost than proprietary virtualization solutions.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Real-World Application Performance by  Red Hat

December 31, 2011 - Compare the performance of real enterprise workloads and applications such as SAP, Oracle database and IBM DB2 on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) in this brief summary. Discover how you can leverage an open source virtualization platform to gain 96 percent or more bare metal performance.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Competitive Features, Performance and Price by  Red Hat and HP

February 16, 2012 - Access this webcast to learn about the new features of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0. This webcast provides a hypervisor comparison and outlines the benefits of choosing an open-source, enterprise-ready option.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Demonstration by  Red Hat and JBoss

October 14, 2010 - Join Andy Cathrow for an in depth look at Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. In this webinar he’ll demonstrate advanced features such as templating, live migration, high availability and system scheduler. See a preview of new features in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 2.2, including Virtual Desktop support with SPIC, OVF import/export and more.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops by  Red Hat.

May 19, 2011 - This white paper discusses the benefits of virtual desktops over traditional delivery models and reveals the drawbacks to certain virtual desktop solutions that you may not be aware of.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops: Solution Guide by  Red Hat and JBoss

May 18, 2011 - The virtualization on x86 platforms has been a true game changer for desktop delivery. IT pros can now centrally manage, maintain, and enforce policies on desktops in ways never before possible with traditional desktops. This white paper explores the exact ways that the virtual desktop model can benefit companies.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers: Competitive Pricing Guide by  Red Hat

January 20, 2012 - This paper compares the pricing of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization with VMware vSphere5 for server virtualization. Both the Red Hat subscription pricing and the VMware license and support pricing are explained along with detailed comparisons.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers: Overview by  Red Hat and JBoss

May 18, 2011 - When choosing a virtualization platform, organizations should consider both initial acquisition costs as well as ongoing maintenance and support expenses. This brief white paper discusses the uses, costs, and benefits of an effective virtualization solution and compares its core components to other options in the market.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization For Servers: Overview by  Red Hat and JBoss

November 22, 2010 - Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization features a unique and revolutionary virtualization technology called KVM (Kernelbased Virtual Machine) that converts the Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel into a virtualization platform.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor by  Red Hat.

May 19, 2011 - This document is designed to give you information about Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor and its many features including large scale consolidation, high performance, storage and networking support and memory management.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager for Servers by  Red Hat.

May 19, 2011 - Access this white paper to discover a centralized management system that administers and controls all aspects of a virtualized environment, from host and guest management to storage management and high availability. Some of the many features of this virtualization manager include; live migration, power saving, monitoring, system scheduler and more.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Performance: Specvirt™ Benchmark by  Red Hat

July 31, 2012 - Access this essential white paper to compare the costs, performance and complexity of VMware vSphere 4 against RHEV.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Quickstart: Accelerate the Deployment of Virtualization in Your Environment by  Red Hat.

May 25, 2011 - Access this white paper to learn how this Quickstart will introduce virtualization to your environment without infrastructure interruptions. Also discover the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and requirements needed to ensure a smooth service delivery process.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization TCO Calculator by  Red Hat & IBM

February 15, 2012 - With this online virtualization assessment tool, discover the potential savings your business stands to gain from deploying Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) technology in your data center. Customize each setting to gain a detailed ROI analysis and TCO comparison for your business.


Red Hat gives Adobe a Flexible IT Canvas by  Red Hat

July 05, 2013 - Tune into this brief video today to learn how Adobe is using the Red Hat platform and Amazon Web Services to help customers simplify deployment, lower cost of ownership, and accelerate time to value.


Red Hat JBoss Business Rules Management System: Best Practices Guide by  Red Hat

December 31, 2012 - In this informative technology detail, discover best practices for development with Red Hat JBoss business rules management system. It will focus on three key areas of rules development: rule authoring, designing the domain or fact model and various aspects related to rule execution.


Red Hat JBoss Data Grid: The Perfect Solution for Big Data and Application Performance by  Red Hat

June 30, 2012 - Big data requires real-time access to data, scalability, and non-disruptive technology - qualities that relational databases just don't have. In this resource, discover how an in-memory data grid (IMDG) addresses the challenges posed by big data and application performance, and learn how one particular data grid can benefit your IT department.


Red Hat JBoss Enterprise BRMS Platform Best Practices by  Red Hat

December 31, 2011 - In this informative resource, learn best practices for dealing with a business rules management system (BRMS) -- a tool that combines business rules management, business process management (BPM), and complex event processing (CEP).


Red Hat JBoss Fuse: Data Sheet by  Red Hat

October 15, 2013 - In this informative data sheet, you can learn all about Red Hat JBoss Fuse, a comprehensive, standards-based integration platform that can be configured with any combination of components for a customizable IT footprint. Read on now to explore the functional components, the key features and benefits, and more!


Red Hat JBoss Fuse: Enabling Intelligent Integration Everywhere by  Red Hat

December 10, 2013 - Check out this short video to learn how JBoss Fuse enables the exchange of data simply and with greater agility across its innovative integration platform.


Red Hat JBoss Fuse: Technology Overview by  Red Hat

June 11, 2013 - This informative white paper examines an integration solution that can be deployed and managed easily in any configuration so you can have a different configuration at each endpoint across your infrastructure, whether it's on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid solution.


Red Hat JBoss Middleware vs. Oracle Fusion Middleware by  Red Hat

September 30, 2013 - When it comes to choosing middleware, there are so many options on the market that it can be a tough decision. In particular, Red Hat and Oracle offer similar platform offerings -- the JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform and the Fusion Middleware, respectively. In this resource, compare these two integration tools.


Red Hat JBoss Portal Platform: Our Value Proposition by  Red Hat

June 07, 2013 - Web portals give organizations the opportunity to deliver a tailored web experience to a range of end users. View this white paper to learn how portals are utilized to share information and provide online self-service. it explains the value of sites based on portals.


Red Hat Network Satellite: Management And Automation Of Your Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® Environment by  Red Hat and JBoss

July 29, 2009 - Red Hat Network (RHN) Satellite server is an easy-to-use, advanced systems management platform for your Linux infrastructure. Learn the business benefits gained through increased productivity, reduced system life cycle costs, greater administration consistency, and enhanced security. This overview details the many features of each module...


Red Hat Open IaaS Architecture Service by  Red Hat

November 27, 2013 - This whitepaper details the importance of getting off to a good start when implementing an open cloud environment.


Red Hat PaaS: Bringing Open Choice & Application Portability to the Cloud by  Red Hat and JBoss

February 10, 2011 - This paper describes the capabilities, direction, and underlying principles of Red Hat’s PaaS strategy and is intended to help enterprise IT organizations, ISVs, and anyone planning a cloud deployment. Red Hat PaaS components will be delivered in phases so that our customers can take advantage of features and functionality as soon as possible.


Red Hat PaaS: Bringing Open Choice and Application Portability to the Cloud by  Red Hat

December 27, 2010 - Take full advantage of clouds with JBoss Enterprise Middleware. Reduce costs and cycle times, ease development, and increase flexibility without changing the way you build and integrate applications.


Red Hat Provides CEPSA with a Scalable, Standardized, High-Availability SAP Platform by  Red Hat and HP

April 10, 2013 - Access this exclusive study to learn how an energy company improved SAP platform response time, reduced infrastructure costs and built a standardized, scalable platform with high availability by switching to standard servers running on in a Linux environment.


Red Hat Server Modernization TCO Calculator by  Red Hat & IBM

June 09, 2011 - This assessment tool compares the projected costs of growing and maintaining a current Unix based server environment with the costs of migrating to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server environment.


Red Hat Service-Oriented Architecture by  Red Hat

July 16, 2009 - Red Hat can alleviate common infrastructure problems by moving organizations toward service-oriented architectures (SOA). High-quality, low-cost, SOA-enabled solutions from Red Hat and JBoss let customers focus their resources on the applications and business processes that differentiate their business and give them a competitive advantage.


Red Hat's Open Hybrid Cloud Architecture by  Red Hat

July 31, 2013 - Read this resource today for an overview cloud system software, understand the two classes this trend is diverging into and discover  a commercially supported and tested version of OpenStack now on the market, which will target customers that want an enterprise-ready distribution of OpenStack.


Redbook: Introduction to Messaging and WebSphere MQ (Act) by  IBM

December 31, 2012 - Messaging is an effective way to connect different applications and systems. This comprehensive resource offers a primer on messaging and describes how WebSphere MQ – a market-leading messaging integration middleware product – can be used to fuel messaging success.


RedBook: Oracle to DB2 Conversion Guide - Compatibility Made Easy by  IBM

September 01, 2010 - New IBM DB2 features make compatibility easy. In this guide, you’ll learn about native support for PL/SQL, new data types, scalar functions, improved concurrency, built-in packages, OCI, SQL*Plus, data movement tools, best practices and more—all designed to improve your ability to run applications on both DB2 and Oracle platforms


Redbooks: Connect Cloud and On-premise Applications Using WebSphere Cast Iron Integration by  IBM

November 25, 2013 - Download the following e-book and gain expert advice on what you need to know about connecting to the cloud and using on-premise applications to help drive your enterprise forward.


Redefine Virtualized and Cloud Data Center Economics with Active Fabric by  Dell, Inc.

November 20, 2013 - As technology rapidly evolves, businesses must keep their IT systems up-to-date. This guide outlines Dell's Active Fabric architecture and its goal to solve networking problems.


Redefining Backup & Recovery: A Call to CIOs by  CommVault Systems, Inc.

May 16, 2012 - Modernizing your IT environment can be a futile development if you don't keep your backup and recovery operations up to speed.


Redefining Cloud Network Virtualization with OpenFlow by  NEC Corporation of America

September 28, 2011 - NEC ProgrammableFlow takes a first step toward end-to-end network-level virtualization with the potential to make a radical impact on how cloud networks are operated, managed and scaled.


Redefining Defense-in-Depth by  Lumension

April 21, 2014 - This exclusive report examines how traditional protection solutions are decreasing in effectiveness and discusses a new defense-in-depth approach that can keep you endpoints safe from even the most malicious attackers.


Redefining Software Development in Healthcare Information Technology: The Role of Agile ALM, Cloud and Open Source by  CollabNet

April 08, 2011 - The globalization of all industries, the need to decrease application lifecycles and the adoption of agile tools and methods are building momentum and taking on a life of their own. Enterprises of all kinds are realizing that their traditional software development tools and approaches can no longer deliver end-to-end ALM for business agility.


Redefining the Economics of Storage: Flash at the Price of Disk by  Dell and VMware

January 31, 2014 - This informative white paper guides you through hot topics in storage today, including the state of storage economics in the enterprise, common barriers to flash adoption, and how one solution conquers the challenges of flash storage.


Redefining the Role of Health Information Management in the New World of Information Governance by  Iron Mountain

December 31, 2013 - Explore this exclusive resource for recommendations to help HIM professionals unwind paper records and get to an optimized HIRM model – all while improving service, reducing costs and advancing management.


Redesigning Backup and Recovery for a Virtualized and Consolidated Future by  Quantum Corporation

October 08, 2009 - For many enterprises, the backup and recovery process has not kept pace with the sheer growth of data or the increased requirements for higher data protection. As a result, many storage organizations are redesigning their existing backup architecture.


Redington Customer Success Story by  SAP America, Inc.

August 21, 2013 - Watch this video to learn how Redington Gulf, a Dubai-based supply chain solutions provider for companies in the Middle East, consolidated IT distribution and services into one unified system with SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise.


Reduce asset downtime and improve product quality by  IBM

October 31, 2013 - The following white paper addresses the issue of asset maintenance and how to use predictive analysis to prevent a workflow catastrophe.


Reduce Cost and Complexity of Your Backup with NetBackup Backup Appliance by  Symantec Corporation

November 30, 2013 - There is a backup appliance specifically designed to eliminate the effort and time of installing and maintaining your disaster recovery and backup software and hardware, while saving you money. Read on to learn more.


Reduce Cost and Increase IT Efficiencies by  AdvizeX Technologies

March 07, 2014 - In this informative white paper, learn why automated management of the virtual data center -- backed by business service automation (BSA) tools -- can help you reduce IT complexity, risk, and cost. Discover a variety of tools that will automate and simplify management processes.


Reduce Costs & Increase Oracle® Database OLTP Workload Service Levels by  Dell, Inc. and Intel®

April 01, 2010 - The objective of this white paper is to identify the consolidation factor for an Oracle database running Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) workloads on legacy 9th Generation PowerEdge 2950 2U 2 socket to the new 11G PowerEdge R810 2U 4/2 socket servers.


Reduce Costs and Stay Compliant With Next-Generation SAM by  CDW Corporation

May 31, 2013 - Watch this webcast to learn how to reduce the costs of software management by optimizing maintenance and operations.


Reduce Costs by Simplifying Data Centers & Networks with a Virtual Infrastructure Layer by  OnPATH Technologies

December 06, 2007 - As data centers grow, many virtualized solutions lack the connectivity, bandwidth and fault tolerance that is necessary for efficient management. This Webcast provides an overview of the technology needed to employ an end-to-end virtualized data center...


Reduce Costs with CA's Mainframe 2.0 by  CA Technologies.

March 11, 2013 - This expert e-guide discusses the key advantages of a family of mainframe management products that helps IT managers dramatically reduce administrative costs for mainframe server environments.


Reduce CPU Usage with 'SMART' SQL by  BMC Software, Inc.

November 30, 2009 - This paper discusses how and why to design SQL that will reduce the number of times calls are made to DB2. We'll look at how to write SMART applications rather than writing applications that act like generic I/O modules to DB2, properly tune SMART SQL, and how to exploit SQL and application features in DB2 on z/OS version 8 and 9.


Reduce Fraud, Waste and Abuse with Flexible Analytics by  SAP America, Inc.

June 27, 2012 - This paper examines how SAP's latest analytics solutions can analyze multiple databases in real-time to identify and prevent improper government payments before they happen. Read on to learn how government agencies can leverage this technology to speed up the process of accessing multiple data sources, reduce the burden on IT staff and much more.


Reduce IT Cost by Simplifying and Improving Data Center Operations Management by  BMC Software, Inc.

February 17, 2010 - IT workload automation results in average annual savings in staff costs alone of $750,000. Learn more about automating complex IT processes - read the white paper.


Reduce Network Firefighting: Integrate Fault, Performance, and Configuration Management by  SolarWinds, Inc.

May 21, 2009 - Join SolarWinds Head Geek, Josh Stephens, as he discuss best practices for combining fault, performance, and configuration management into a single, unified approach for improving the overall health and efficiency of your network.


Reduce risk of applicationfailures: HP Testing and QA Services At A Glance by  Hewlett-Packard Company

October 08, 2013 - View this resource to learn more about how you can deliver quality management and testing services to eliminate waste in the systems engineering process and reduce the risk of system outages from software failures.


Reduce Risks and Protect Critical Information with Ease - Presentation Transcript by  Symantec

August 02, 2010 - The threat landscape is consistently evolving and today's cyber threats are getting stealthier. With these changes, businesses are finding that anti-virus only solutions are not enough to completely protect their business from risk.


Reduce Storage Power Consumption via Higher IOPS and Capacity per Watt by  IBM

December 09, 2011 - Check out this FAQ Guide to learn different ways to reduce storage power consumption from Greg Schulz, founder and senior analyst at StorageIO Group.


Reduce the complexity of your IT environment by  Hewlett-Packard Company

February 06, 2012 - Unprecedented data growth, IT sprawl, networking bottlenecks, and scalability limitations are just some of the top reasons causing many organizations to look for new ways to simplify their data centers. This expert resource explores top tools and strategies to help you successfully simplify data center management.


Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Multi-sourced IT Environments by  Hewlett-Packard Company

May 09, 2012 - Public, private and hybrid cloud services have made it increasingly difficult for IT organizations to govern and manage IT services— at the same time that businesses are demanding greater agility and faster delivery from IT. View this webcast to learn how to rein in this supplier sprawl to improve service quality and reduce costs and risks.


Reduce the Cost to Achieving HIPAA Security Compliance with Lumension® Solutions by  Lumension

October 19, 2009 - Healthcare organizations face a host of HIPAA Security Rule compliance challenges with the move to put patient medical records online. Lumension helps organizations address these compliance challenges by providing the proactive IT risk management and the required audit readiness to meet many aspects of the HIPAA Security Rule.


Reduce your Data Storage Footprint and Tame the Information Explosion by  IBM

March 03, 2011 - This paper explains how IBM Tivoli’s flagship products can help you build a smarter storage infrastructure that scales to meet your evolving business requirements. Continue reading to learn how to reduce your storage footprint and tame the information explosion.


Reduce Your Desktop TCO Through Client-Side Virtualization by  Virtual Computer, Inc.

March 11, 2011 - For most IT organizations, the operational cost of deploying, updating and migrating PCs is the most significant expense associated with the PC life cycle. IDC's Michael Rose outlines some key business considerations that you can apply to reduce your desktop TCO while providing an excellent experience for end-users.


Reduce your storage capacity requirements by 50 percent by  AdvizeX Technologies

August 31, 2012 - Check out this informative paper to explore a storage platform with thin capabilities built into both array hardware and software in order to deliver the simplest, most efficient and most scalable thin provisioning solution available today


Reduce your Storage Costs with Oracle Database 11g by  Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

March 31, 2011 - This tool illustrates typical storage costs associated with your data, as well as the time it takes to backup your databases. It allows you to compare the savings that are possible using compression technologies.


Reduce Your TCO with Automated Workspace Management by  RES Software

February 18, 2010 - This white paper examines how to use automated workspace management products to reduce PC TCO by at least $197 per PC per year while maintaining end-user productivity.


Reducing Archiving Costs by Implementing Email Labelling Technology by  Boldon James

July 20, 2011 - This paper offers an alternative approach to archive policy selection that uses email message labelling technology. View now to learn how labelling removes the need for end-users to understand archiving, and instead allow them to apply labels to each email message, ultimately reducing your email archiving costs.


Reducing Backup Volume: Key Ways your Organization can Save by  Quantum Corporation

February 03, 2010 - This case study explains how Quantum DXi3500 Saves Virtual Iron Time & Money with 95% Reduction in Backup Volume and Saving $12,000 annually on tape media costs.


Reducing Backup Volume: Key Ways your Organization can Save by  Quantum Corporation

October 23, 2008 - This case study explains how Quantum DXi3500 Saves Virtual Iron Time & Money with 95% Reduction in Backup Volume and Saving $12,000 annually on tape media costs.


Reducing call volumes by helping customers self-serve by  Jive Software

June 20, 2013 - In this brief case study, discover how Citrix integrated a software toolkit within their existing content systems that dramatically improved their customer self-service offerings. Customers can now easily search online for answers and interactions with peers and service reps in the same community space.


Reducing Cost & Complexity: Enterprise Strategy Group - TSM for VE Lab Validation Report by  IBM

February 28, 2013 - This ESG lab report discusses a scalable software designed to ramp up backup and recovery management and offers hierarchical storage management that makes data management simple and easy.


Reducing Cost & Complexity: Pay As You Grow Data Protection by  IBM

February 07, 2014 - This whitepaper discusses the major challenges faced by SMBs when it comes to data protection and explains how organizations can set up a "pay-as-you-go" data protection program that can provide improved protection for virtualized server environments and backup processes.


Reducing Costs and Creating a More Secure IT Environment with a Holistic Approach to Data Protection: An ROI Analysis of FalconStor Storage Management Solutions by  FalconStor Software

October 22, 2010 - Data protection and disaster recovery continue to be overarching challenges for most firms. To remedy a myriad of problems with data protection as well as operational and disaster recovery, companies are replacing legacy backup methods with new approaches. Read on to learn more.


Reducing Costs Through Better Server Utilisation by  Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

April 17, 2010 - IT organisations are faced with service-level pressures that necessitate cost reductions and greater operational efficiency. This white paper highlights how customers can use innovative virtualisation and consolidation technologies from Oracle to create substantial savings on their investments in Sun servers from Oracle.

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