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K-12 School District Implements BYOD and Incorporates Blended Learning Curriculum with Extreme Networks Products by  Extreme Networks

February 24, 2014 - This case study takes a look at how one school successfully implemented BYOD initiatives and centralized network management.


Kahuna Ventures Eliminates Email PST Files and Improves Data Retention and Recovery with Metalogix by  Metalogix

February 16, 2012 - Discover how a company reduced its email volume by 50 percent and enabled faster backups and recovery with an email archiving solution. Explore the advantages of implementing this archiving system, including the ability to eliminate management of burdensome PST files and comprehensive legal retention features.


Kaiser Permanente Physicians go Mobile using Nuance Technology by  Nuance

March 20, 2014 - This video talks about Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder and the results of a pilot study at Kaiser Permanente NW. Despite limited testing, the software has become incredibly popular with many more doctors asking to use it.


Kane County Saves $1 Million with Server and Desktop Virtualization on Dell Servers and Virtualized iSCSI SANs by  Dell and VMware

February 25, 2011 - Download this case study for an inside look at how the county virtualized 100 physical servers and 250 desktops, plus implemented a disaster recovery solution in two locations; and learn the solutions used and benefits achieved.


Kansas City Power & Light Energizes Network with Motorola's PTP 600 Series Fixed Broadband Solution by  Motorola, Inc.

May 02, 2007 - This case study details how a large organization has deployed a new broadband solution that is more powerful and cost effective with the use of the unlicensed spectrum.


Kaseya IT Automation Framework by  Kaseya International Limited

April 27, 2011 - The Kaseya IT Automation Framework is purpose-built for this “next era of computing”, with a comprehensive feature set for the automation of the IT tasks needed to manage and maintain an organization’s complex infrastructure of systems and devices.


Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows by  Kaspersky Lab

October 03, 2011 - Organizations today must chose and implement the right tools to help control and manage the increasing array of applications, devices and Web content. In this report, uncover a comparative functionality evaluation of Kasperksy Lab’s Endpoint Security 8 for Windows and five other leading endpoint security suites. View now to explore key findings.


Kazeon Data Privacy & Security Solution by  Kazeon

November 01, 2006 - This white paper examines an Information Classification Management (ICM) solution that helps classify and secure your company's sensitive information and overcome the challenges of securing data while complying with federal guidelines.


Kearney Clinic Accelerates Workflow and Improves Accuracy and Patient Care by  Nuance

March 06, 2014 - This case study features Kearney Clinic, who implemented a medical mobile record solution that offered improved point-of-care documentation to enhance overall workflow and patient care.


Keep Cloud Compliant by  SearchCompliance.com

September 23, 2013 - Access this expert handbook for key information on how to ensure the move to cloud still meets today's compliance and security guidelines.


Keep IT Running through Data Center Cooling Outage by  APC by Schneider Electric

December 31, 2013 - This informative white paper talks about some of the trends that are increasing risk of overheating and some of the predictive models and design strategies make it possible to ensure contiuned reliable operation following a power outage.


Keep Mission Critical Applications Online and Your Data Secure by  IBM

November 30, 2013 - Are you searching for a way to keep mission-critical apps online and your data secure? This quick infographic offers insight into security challenges that may affect your organization and a tool to help conquer these obstacles.


Keep Them Flying: Find Your Winning Position in the MRO Game by  IBM Line of Business

February 01, 2008 - In this IBM research study, learn what skills and services are necessary in an evolving MRO services market and how you can strengthen fundamental capabilities to compete.


Keep Up with Compliance Changes Through Proactive Records Management by  Iron Mountain

March 13, 2012 - Records management has become the go to solution for companies looking to meet compliance requirements. However, it is critical that the quality and integrity of the data is reliable. This expert e-guide provides best practices for maintaining compliant records management and warns against components that can compromise your strategy.


Keep Users Happy by Integrating IT Operations and IT Support by  BMC Software, Inc.

October 09, 2012 - This white paper discusses the need to bridge the gap between sides of an IT staff and how it can help a business.


Keep Your BI Tools Running Smoothly with Intelligent Automation by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

February 23, 2012 - Read this white paper to discover intelligent automation tools that free your IT team from the labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks that are associated with the administration of the SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator appliance while accelerating time-to-insight with easily-accessible, timely, accurate business intelligence (BI) data.


Keep Your Enemies Close: Three Steps to Bring Mobile Devices into Your Security Infrastructure by  McAfee, Inc.

November 09, 2011 - This paper defines and identifies three steps an organization should pursue in parallel to bring mobile devices into your security infrastructure.


Keep Your Enemies Closer - Get Proactive about Security by  AT&T Corp

March 01, 2011 - Forrester Research Inc. guest speaker, Khalid Kark, VP-Research Director, along with Steve Hurst of AT&T, will highlight today's complex enterprise security environments, discuss the latest research on security infrastructure essentials and explain how managed security services can reduce your risk and simplify policy compliance.


Keep Your Hard Drive by  Dell, Inc.

January 09, 2009 - The Keep Your Hard Drive service puts Dell customers in complete control of their data and hard drive disposal, while preserving all the benefits of the Dell Limited Warranty on Failed Hard Drives.


Keep Your SharePoint Fast and Your Users Happy by  Idera

June 29, 2012 - One of the biggest elements of success with SharePoint is achieving high performance. But problems can stem from a variety of sources, and quickly diagnosing their cause is no easy task. Check out this paper for tips on how to keep your SharePoint environment at its highest potential, how to avoid and resolve issues, and keep your users happy.


Keeping big data in line with data governance by  IBM

November 21, 2012 - Access this e-guide to learn the secrets of an effective enterprise-wide data governance program. You'll also discover why organizations need to pay close attention to these governance best practices in order to gain control of spiraling big data costs, headaches and more.


Keeping Distributed Endpoints Safe and Compliant by  IBM

June 30, 2012 - Keeping distributed endpoints safe and compliant has become a costly, complex and time consuming task. In this resource uncover how to overcome these challenges with an approach that provides real-time visibility and control over endpoints and quickly remediates issues to help ensure continuous security and compliance.


Keeping distributed endpoints safe and compliant by  IBM

June 01, 2012 - Keeping distributed endpoints safe and compliant has become a costly, complex and time consuming task. In this resource uncover how to overcome these challenges with an approach that provides real-time visibility and control over endpoints and quickly remediates issues to help ensure continuous security and compliance.


Keeping Distributed Endpoints Safe and Secure by  IBM

June 30, 2012 - In this white paper, explore a single console management solution that helps IT maintain visibility and control over a disparate endpoint environment. Click now to unveil key features that help reduce risk and ensure compliance without adding complexity or costs.


Keeping It Lean and Competitive: Server Virtualization with Hyper-V R2 by  Dell, Inc. and AMD

October 27, 2010 - This paper will discuss why investing in Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V running on AMD Opteron-powered Dell PowerEdge R715 servers is one of the best ways to keep your server environment lean and competitive.


Keeping It Simple: How to Protect Growing VMware Environments by  BakBone

July 01, 2008 - VMware has evolved to meet the needs of its growing customer base and has built an excellent foundation for data protection. It's Designed to work in conjunction with third-party backup software applications.


Keeping Networks safe from Social Networking by  BlueCoat

November 21, 2011 - Social Networking has provided attackers with an innovative way to gain information from within your corporate networks. This expert E-Guide will provide you with the information needed to keep your organization safe from the threats of social networking.


Keeping Pace with the Consumer: What you Need to Deliver a Next-Generation Customer Experience by  Aspect

August 10, 2010 - This paper outlines key capabilities and top-line technical requirements to consider as you engage with IT to determine the best path forward to meet your customers’ demands. Continue reading to learn tips and techniques to keep pace with the consumer and deliver a next-generations customer experience.


Keeping Pace with Your Customer’s Needs Automating Activation and IP Address Management with Cisco Solutions by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

July 07, 2011 - This webcast looks at the issue of simplifying IP management and service automation, creating a scalable, reliable solution for meeting your customer needs. Learn how you can reduce delivery time and increase revenue.


Keeping Service Desk Simple by  Nimsoft, Inc.

July 01, 2012 - Access this informative webcast to learn about an innovative service desk technology that was designed to simplify service desk processes and alleviate the common issues associated with legacy service desk systems.


Keeping the Right People: Making the Right Decisions When It Counts by  Vurv Technology

May 01, 2008 - The purpose of this Executive White Paper is to help you avoid the pitfalls inherent in by any reduction in (work)force (RIF). It also details a solution that can assist companies in collecting employee data efficiently and keeping it secure.


Keeping up to Date with your Organization's Threat and Authentication Techniques by  SearchSecurity.com

December 05, 2013 - Enterprises must have an understanding around two main topics when looking to protect their organizations. This expert e-guide explores the allure of risk-based authentication and how to make access easy for your clients while still make sure their data is secure.


Keeping Up With Ever-Expanding Enterprise Data - 2010 IOUG Database Growth Survey by  Oracle Corporation

March 16, 2011 - A new survey of 581 members of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), sponsored by Oracle Corporation, finds that managing data growth is a priority for many companies, but smarter responses are needed to address the challenge. Get all the details by downloading this paper.


Keeping Up With Network Needs: Five WLAN Questions Answered by  SearchSecurity.com

February 12, 2013 - In this E-Guide from SearchNetworking.com, wireless expert Lisa A. Phifer takes a look at the top challenges facing the WLAN environment and answers our readers' top after-implementation WLAN questions regarding issues plaguing today's network engineers.


Keeping up with new technologies in your data centre by  IBM

November 06, 2013 - This white paper details the impact that new technologies are having on data centers and offers a solution for developing the strategies to keep up.


Keeping Up with PCI: Implementing Network Segmentation and Monitoring Security Controls by  SonicWALL

February 04, 2010 - Read this expert e-guide to get tips on establishing a process for logging activity and tying records to users, learn three main requirements for testing security controls, and find out how to implement PCI network segmentation and how it may ease PCI compliance for your organization.


Keeping up with ‘big data’ analytics means change in your data center by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

July 05, 2013 - Big data means big changes in your data center. Yet accessing big data through simple extensions of existing architecture may not be the best approach for the long term. This e-guide, from SearchDataCenter.com, explores how to successfully take on big data analytics projects in your organization.


Keeping Your Data Center Cool - There Is Another Way by  IBM

May 01, 2008 - This white paper helps you to understand what's happening in an overheated system and to see if yours is at risk and also explains how the IBM Rear Door Heat exchanger helps to dramatically reduce data center power consumption.


Keeping Your Data Safe and Your Networks Connected by  SonicWALL

January 01, 2008 - This whitepaper explains "business continuity" which is keeping your data safe, and accessible. It also discusses disaster recovery and the typical and atypical ways of gaining network access.


Keeping Your Head above the Cloud: 7 Data Center Challenges before Going Virtual by  F5 Networks

October 01, 2008 - This White Paper details seven data center challenges before deploying a virtual data center.


Kelley Blue Book Case Study by  Microsoft

July 31, 2007 - In 2006, Kelley Blue Book implemented a new analytical capabilities solution based on Microsoft Business Intelligence technologies. Now Kelley Blue Book has improved sales staff efficiency and created a compelling new Web analytics product that can provide its business customers with more targeted data for their marketing efforts.


Kenco uses automation to streamline development by  IBM

April 08, 2013 - To combat failed software development and configuration processes, Kenco wanted to implement a smarter, more collaborative application lifecycle management (ALM) process. Check out Kenco's case study to learn what tools they used to achieve this goal,


Key Benefits of a Converged Data Center Infrastructure by  HP & Intel®

May 31, 2011 - Access this expert e-guide to discover the key benefits of a converged infrastructure to improve data center efficiency, including simplified management and cost savings.


Key benefits of virtualized storage: Increased flexibility and application awareness by  FalconStor Software

December 05, 2011 - Storage is the cornerstone of any virtualization deployment. In this expert e-guide, discover the benefits and disadvantages of virtualizing storage systems for server administrators. Plus, find out about a tool that can help ease storage management in virtual environments.


Key best practices for cloud testing by  IBM

June 14, 2012 - This expert e-guide explains the benefits of testing software in cloud environments. Read this and gain tips for cloud testing, including ensuring a plan is in place in case of an interruption to service, learning the differences between testing in private and public clouds, exploring the risks of moving to a cloud-based testing solution and more.


Key Capabilities for Mastering the Cloud by  HP Software

June 20, 2011 - This exclusive resource provides management strategies and common pitfalls to avoid when approaching the cloud, and addresses five key capabilities including the ability to govern, deliver, automate, assure and secure hybrid services. Read on to learn more.


Key Capabilities of a Public Sector Service Virtualization Solution by  CA Technologies

December 31, 2012 - In this white paper, discover the four essential capabilities of service virtualization (SV), and how SV enables development teams to perform more precise, more realistic, and more requirements-driven testing. Read on to explore how service virtualization enables parallel development, testing across heterogeneous platforms, and more.


Key Challenges in Risk Management: How Immediate Access to Integrated Information Can Mitigate Risk by  Sybase, an SAP company

April 30, 2012 - <p>This white paper reveals the findings of a recent survey of senior risk and IT decision-makers in international financial institutions, exploring their current risk management capabilities and their plans for introducing integrated technologies, and examining the relationship between data management and risk mitigation in depth.</p>


Key Considerations for Adopting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) by  Dell Software

April 04, 2011 - In this expert e-guide, find answers to four key Web application security questions. Also discover best practices for application-level firewall selection and deployment.


Key Considerations for Data Backup and Disaster Recovery by  CommVault Systems, Inc.

June 03, 2014 - This e-guide gives tips for planning disaster recovery and backup plans. It also explains the differences between backup, disaster recovery and archiving and lists 10 common mistakes organizations make when planning their disaster recovery strategies.


Key Considerations for Disk Backup with Dedupe by  ExaGrid Systems, Inc.

February 07, 2013 - In this brief webcast, you will learn about the key considerations for selecting disk backup with deduplication.


Key Considerations for Leveraging Virtualization and Keeping Your Applications Available by  SunGard Availability Services

January 18, 2012 - Discover how you can leverage virtualization for more effective disaster recovery in your data center. Virtualized DR enables local availability within a single data center and promises to increase flexibility and responsiveness. However, there are various challenges associated with virtualized DR.


Key Considerations for Migrating to Exchange 2010 by  EMC Corporation

October 01, 2009 - This white paper addresses the key issues that decision makers should consider as they plan their Exchange 2010 migration. It discusses the results of an in-depth primary research survey conducted by Osterman Research that explores how decision makers are planning their migration to Exchange 2010.


Key Considerations for Mobile Device Backups by  Druva Software

June 02, 2014 - This white paper explains the need for new approaches to deal with the challenges of modern data backup, namely the challenges associated with backing up mobile data. It also compares the advantages and disadvantages of cloud and in-house backup approaches.


Key Considerations for MPLS IP-VPN Success by  XO Communications

April 30, 2012 - <p>Uncover the benefits of an MPLS-based private IP network and learn how it can not only help you simplify network management and reduce costs, but also prioritize application, create and improve disaster recovery, and much more!</p>


Key Considerations For Online Backup by  3X Systems

September 30, 2009 - This E-Guide will highlight the key considerations to be aware of when evaluating online backup solutions and will also highlight critical questions to ask vendors.


Key Considerations for Virtual Desktop Storage by  FalconStor Software

October 07, 2011 - Access this expert e-guide to understand how storage virtualization works and the benefits it provides, such as increased storage utilization. In addition, learn which storage method makes the most sense for your virtual desktop environment, and find out how storage requirements and growth can be managed by using storage virtualization.


Key Considerations in Evaluating Data Warehouse Appliances by  Dell Software

December 31, 2012 - Data warehousing can be an expensive, complicated bag of hardware, software and support. However, adopting a data warehouse appliance will benefit your business today and in the future. In this new white paper, learn about their evolution, pros and cons and if this technology is the right fit for your business. Read it today.


Key considerations: Choosing server hardware for virtualization by  Hewlett-Packard Company and AMD

April 22, 2011 - This e-guide provides expert insight into how to choose the right hardware for Windows server virtualization. Learn why it’s important to determine the needs of virtual workloads when purchasing servers. And find out which server features are essential for virtualization, including powerful processors, abundant memory and ample storage.


Key Differences Between Remote Desktop Access vs. Mobile Access by  LogMeIn, Inc.

February 01, 2012 - In this essential e-guide, expert Brian Madden discusses some of the key differences between remote desktop access and mobile access. Find out how these solutions use different technologies for various use cases, and discover tools that enable the right remote desktop accessibility to fit your user’s needs.


Key E-Discovery Issues to Consider in 2011 by  Dell, Inc.

May 16, 2011 - This white paper focuses on the key practices and technologies that organizations should pursue as they seek to improve their e-discovery practices and technologies. It also provides a brief overview on the relevant offerings from Dell.


Key elements of SAP business suite by  HP

September 16, 2013 - This paper is intended for new and existing SAP Business Suite customers, technical solution architects, IT managers, decision makers and HANA system administrators wishing to learn more about deploying an HP AppSystem for SAP Business Suite on HANA solution.


Key HR trends: New technologies are changing the HR game by  Ultimate Software

January 11, 2013 - Analysts predict that 2013 will be a year of major changes for HR. In order to keep pace with business trends like mobility, savvy HR managers are looking to innovative technologies for support. Read this guide to learn 5 HR tech trends predicted to have a major impact and discover 3 action-items that will help jumpstart your HR overhaul.


Key insights for an effective records management strategy by  Iron Mountain

December 19, 2012 - Implementing new processes and workflows is just the beginning of establishing an effective records and information management (RIM) strategy. In this expert guide you will discover essential tips on how to ensure your RIM policy is not only highly effective but also sustainable. Read on to learn more.


Key Insights for Building “Consumerised” End-User Services by  ComputerWeekly.com

October 05, 2011 - This report extract from the Corporate Executive Board gives IT organisations an insight into the best approaches to building and managing consumer technology in the workplace.


Key Insights for Managing an Effective Business Intelligence Strategy by  Information Builders

May 28, 2013 - Including business users in each part of a business intelligence initiative is essential to the success of a BI project. View this expert E-guide to learn more about key BI management best practices. It discusses common myths and prejudices that hinder the success of BI efforts in companies.


Key Management Considerations for Successful VDI Deployment by  VMware, Inc.

January 25, 2013 - Access this expert e-guide to learn how a VMware View deployment will impact the management of your environment so that you can minimize the tension and territorialism that can arise between different groups within IT and better prepare for a successful virtual desktop initiative.


Key management strategies for your virtualized environment: Increasing your return on investment (ROI) on virtualization by  Hewlett-Packard Company

July 01, 2009 - Virtualization helps reduce IT costs and increases business agility. Because of this, virtualization technologies are particularly suited to these economic times. This white paper explores the evolution of virtualization, and then gives practical advice on how virtualization can benefit your organization.


Key Methods for Managing Complex Database Environments by  Dell Software

February 02, 2011 - Discover what you need to know to successfully manage your diverse database infrastructures in this new white paper. Download your copy today.


Key Opportunities and pitfalls on the road to continuous delivery by  ZeroTurnaround

November 14, 2012 - In this e-guide, experts discuss the opportunities of continuous delivery in ALM and the challenges, as well as five lessons for making continuous integration simple.


Key Points When Considering a Videoconferencing Platform/Manufacturer by  LifeSize

March 08, 2011 - There are key points to consider when looking for a videoconferencing system. As independent Telecommunications and IT consultants, what we do is to evaluate various products and systems. Check out this paper to learn more about what to should consider when selecting a videoconferencing system, including cost, technology, features, and service. 


Key Points When Considering a Videoconferencing Platform/Manufacturer by  LifeSize

September 08, 2011 - This white paper discusses key points to consider when looking for a videoconferencing system.


Key requirements for HCM: A vendor comparison checklist by  Ultimate Software

December 22, 2011 - The following solution comparison checklist contains must-have requirements that you must consider as you compare vendors in your search for a leading human capital management (HCM) solution.


Key Requirements of Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions by  SearchSecurity.com

October 21, 2013 - This expert resource from by industry guru Jack Madden discusses some of the key requirements your business needs to keep in mind when looking for EMM solutions.


Key steps for developing an enterprise information management strategy by  IBM

January 12, 2012 - When developing an enterprise information strategy (EIM) strategy, organizations should take initial steps to ensure success. In this e-guide, readers will learn key steps as they relate to planning, data governance and risk, business requirements, staffing and more.


Key Steps to Improving Enterprise Records Management by  Iron Mountain

June 13, 2013 - Businesses are always looking for ways to improve. However, the challenges involved in applying consistent policies and executing centralized management oversight for all records are making it difficult for many enterprises to achieve the desired results. View this resource to uncover some of the biggest challenges.


Key Steps to Securing Your Organization and Evicting a Hacker by  Foundstone, Inc.

May 01, 2008 - This podcast will tech you key steps for getting your company back on track after a security breach. It discusses effective measures that can be put into place, and how to take a proactive approach in securing your company against malicious attacks.


Key strategies for implementing real-time BPM analysis by  IBM

November 01, 2011 - Business process management (BPM) projects increasingly have a focus on delivering real time information. Organizations have a growing need to see what is happening in real time, perform analysis, and shift workloads and resources. In this e-guide, readers will gain expert insight on how to leverage real-time BPM analytics to streamline processes.


Key Strategies for IT Success in Today's Distribution Environment by  Epicor Software Corporation

October 21, 2011 - This white paper provides high level definitions, opportunity identification, and future potentials for: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Software as a Service (SaaS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Anytime, Anywhere Availability, Mobile Devices, Web 2.0, and Report Cards or Balanced Scorecards as a Business Intelligence (BI) capability.


Key Strategies for your application integration approach by  Oracle Corporation

October 06, 2011 - Application integration practices have their own patterns and languages and over the past few years the number of practices have grown immensely. This eguide will gives you expert advice on strategies for multiple application integration practices.


Key Takeaways from InterConnect 2012 by  IBM

March 15, 2013 - Listen to the latest episode in the Smarter Computing podcast series and hear industry leaders talk about how companies from all industries and markets are using the key pillars of data, cloud and security to transform their infrastructure and make IT architecture leaner, more cost-efficient and increasingly agile.


Key tips to develop better content by  Jive Software

July 10, 2013 - Do you want to improve your content? Today, the right content can set your business apart from its competitors. View this resource to learn more about how to improve your content marketing. It outlines 5 key asset development challenges and how social collaboration can help you master them.


Key tips to socialize your intranet by  Jive Software

July 10, 2013 - Today, businesses need an intranet that's one that's social, engaging, and productive. By combining key social features along with capabilities for driving greater alignment, businesses can experience innovations and productivity not seen within the enterprise since the introduction of email.


Keys for Agile development: Planning and team collaboration on large or small projects by  IBM

November 07, 2011 - Whether you're planning to embark on large-scale agile or have already made the switch and are experiencing growing pains. this tip guide delivers expert advice on handling many of the problems that result from working with enterprise-scale projects in an agile environment.


Keys to Improving Manufacturing Efficiency by  Apriso Corporation

August 26, 2011 - This white paper shows how to achieve enterprise-wide supply chain visibility, manufacturing synchronization, and control over efficiency through an integrated solution that directly addresses manufacturing competence.


Keys to Microsoft Application Acceleration: Advances in Delivery Systems by  Citrix

September 18, 2008 - Read this paper to learn how you can ensure significantly faster access to the Microsoft applications your users depend on. Download this complimentary guide to discover how an integrated advanced delivery solution can help you.


Keys to SAP Application Acceleration: Advances in Delivery Systems by  Citrix

September 18, 2008 - It is essential that SAP applications and network infrastructures be considered together as a "application infrastructure" that supports strategic business objectives. This paper examines the challenges associated with SAP application delivery


Keys to the Kingdom: Monitoring Privileged user actions for security and compliance by  LogRhythm, Inc.

March 06, 2012 - This paper examines some of the types of insider threats organizations face today and the role monitoring and managing privilege user actions plays in security and compliance reporting efforts.


Keys to the Mobile and SaaS ALM Process by  CSC

November 27, 2013 - Advances in mobility and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are creating new demand (and challenges) for application testing. Consult this expert e-guide to explore application lifecycle management (ALM) testing strategies and best practices to ensure mobile and SaaS application performance.


Kia Motors – Building an automotive website that has the ‘Power to Surprise’ by  Sitecore

July 25, 2013 - Kia Motors, the UK's fastest growing car brand, wanted to revamp their company image - and that meant optimizing their website. Access this brief case study to learn about the web content management system (CMS) that Kia implemented in order to overhaul their existing website for a more user-friendly experience.


Kick-Starting Your Data Quality Program by  SearchDataManagement

July 15, 2013 - This handbook offers tips and strategies for balancing manual and automated data quality processes, building a business case for purchasing data quality tools and creating an effective data quality program.


Kicking the NetMeeting Habit by  CA Technologies.

September 01, 2008 - This white paper presents a simple two-step process to kicking the NetMeeting habit.


Killer Apps Survey 2013 by  IPANEMA TECHNOLOGIES

June 28, 2013 - Gain insight into the current state of application performance problems and discover how application performance management is critical to overcoming these challenges.


Killing Data by  Voltage Security, Inc.

February 10, 2012 - Traditional perimeter-based security controls are no longer effective as today’s threat landscape continues to evolve and cybercriminals become more skillful and advanced. This Forrester Research resource examines how encrypting data – both in motion and at rest – is a more effective way to keep up with determined cybercriminals.


Kindred Healthcare Selects Cisco for New Data Center Storage Network by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

May 01, 2006 - Kindred Healthcare, a Fortune 500 provider of healthcare services nationwide, selects Cisco for new data center storage network.


KineticD Security by  KineticD

August 02, 2010 - The purpose of this white paper is to demonstrate how KineticD meets and exceeds its clients' demands and expectations for the security of its online backup SaaS offering.


King County by  NetApp

June 30, 2013 - In this case study, you will discover how a county government located in Puget Sound built a shared infrastructure on an innovative storage platform to migrate departments to a standard, virtualized environment that is more cost effective, secure, and reliable. Find out how they were able to improve and enhance service delivery to citizens.


Kingston Chooses Veeam to Safeguard Virtualized Tier 1 Applications by  Veeam Software

December 31, 2013 - Read this white paper to find out which backup solution one organization trusts enough that they were convinced to virtualize tier 1 applications.


King’s Daughters Medical Center gains real benefits from virtualization by  CDW Healthcare

April 13, 2011 - This white paper from CDW Healthcare takes a close look at how King's Daughters Medical Center has implemented virtualization into their day-to-day and the positive results from adopting a virtualized storage system. Read on to learn more about virtualization in the medical field today!


KLA-Tencor Corporaton by  Citrix

March 12, 2014 - This exclusive webcast discusses how a semiconductor equipment manufacturer was able to utilize a mobile networking solution that allowed them to significantly boost collaboration and productivity, which increased operational efficiency and helped to drive innovation.


Know the Rules: Workforce Management Best Practices by  Infor

February 24, 2012 - Before purchasing workforce management (WFM) software it's important to know exactly what you expect it to accomplish. If you're not sure how to begin, becoming familiar with WFM best practices is a good place to start. Read this expert guide to learn some of the best strategies for getting the most out of your WFM software.


Knowledge is Power by  IBM

August 26, 2010 - Your software has a lot to say about data privacy. Your software is the engine for your data, where it gets processed, transformed, and transmitted. Understanding what your software can tell you puts power in your hands.


Knowledge is Power: The Symantec Guide to Protecting your Website by  Symantec Corporation

January 30, 2014 - This guide explores the importance of securing your system, overcoming any vulnerabilities and how this can help you maintain consumer confidence.


Knowledge Management is NOT an Add-on! by  Consona Corporation

October 01, 2010 - Service and support organizations can benefit tremendously from knowledge. When implemented effectively, knowledge management processes and technology can deliver significant benefits. Read this paper to learn about delivering knowledge-driven CRM.


Knowledge Management: 5 Steps to Getting It Right the First Time by  Oracle Corporation

December 26, 2013 - In this eBook, find 5 simple steps for optimizing customer service and support with an effective, best-practice-led knowledge management initiative.


Knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities by  IBM

September 01, 2010 - IBM Security Solutions are built on the Secure by Design philosophy, which states that IT infrastructure should be designed, created and operated with security in mind. This paper focuses on how IBM helps clients understand the threat landscape and vulnerabilites.


Knowledge-centric Application Lifecycle Management by  TechExcel

June 01, 2008 - Achieve knowledge-centric application lifecycle management (ALM) in your organization for seamless knowledge transfers and ensure that the best processes and method are used during each phase of project development.


Knowledge-Infused Customer Relationship Management: A Game-Changing Investment for Customer Support by  Oracle Corporation

November 16, 2011 - Most customer service organizations have recently seen operational budgets cut by nearly 20%. In addition, the goal of maintaining quality customer service has become more difficult to achieve. Organizations must now deliver the same levels of service with fewer resources. Can it be done? Read on, and find out how.


KnowledgeNote: The C-Suite May Not Be Your Lead Sweet Spot by  KnowledgeStorm, Inc

May 08, 2006 - Is the C-suite really the best source of early leads that will convert to revenue for your company? New research from KnowledgeStorm unveils some surprising results that call this common conception into question, and should have technology marketers re-examining their lead targeting strategies.


KnowledgeNote: The C-Suite May Not Be Your Lead Sweet Spot - Podcast by  KnowledgeStorm, Inc

July 01, 2006 - Findings of the Web Lead Evaluation and Scoring Study, conducted by KnowledgeStorm and The Artemis Group, suggest companies using the Internet to generate leads might discover that focusing on the C-suite is not the fastest route to improved lead-to-close ratios. Listen to this podcast to find out why.


KnowledgeNote: What Research Tells Us About Lead Management and Follow-Up by  KnowledgeStorm, Inc

May 23, 2005 - The best practitioners of online marketing are those who meld Internet marketing and technology tools with timely follow-up and tried-and-true, old fashioned human contact. This paper walks you through key strategies for implementing an effective lead follow-up and qualification process.


KnowledgeNote: Like a Fine Wine, Leads Get Better Over Time by  KnowledgeStorm, Inc

February 01, 2007 - Research from KnowledgeStorm shows that a high percentage of leads that begin their research on the Web ultimately result in an active project. The technology vendors that nurture these Early Stage leads are often in a better selling position than those vendors that later "pile on" to more advanced, but also more competitive, leads.


KnowledgeStorm Advertising Overview: Build Brand Awareness among Technology Buyers by  KnowledgeStorm, Inc

June 05, 2007 - If you're looking to build awareness and consideration of your brand among technology buyers that rely on KnowledgeStorm, our advertising solutions will help you reach your target audience.


KnowledgeStorm Webinars: Business Technology Marketing Benchmarks: 2006-2007 Data and Trends by  KnowledgeStorm Webinars

August 29, 2006 - Find out what 1,900 B2B marketers in software, hardware and technology services industries revealed about what works for lead generation. Invite your entire team to view this free Webcast and learn about business-to-business email and search engine marketing strategies.


Kofax for Digital Mailrooms by  Kofax, Inc.

February 23, 2011 - Handling large volumes of incoming mail - and making sure it reaches the right recipients at the right time - is key to operational efficiency and customer service quality across a variety of departments and processes. Check out this white paper to learn a better way to automate the business processes in the mailroom.


Kofax Mobile Capture - Features and Benefits of Real-Time Mobile Engagement by  Kofax, Inc.

October 07, 2013 - In this video, learn about Kofax Mobile Capture, which allows you to take a photo, and that information is instantly inserted into the appropriate business process. Discover how this innovative technology ensures the highest quality faster and at a lower cost, and extracts more valuable data so customer engagement is also enhanced.


Kofax Webinar feat Hackett: How do the Top AP Leaders Enable the Business? by  Kofax, Inc.

November 18, 2013 - This on-demand webcast reveals how the top performing organizations are approaching the accounts payable (AP) process, and offers key recommendations to help you find AP success.


Kognitio AIS Brochure by  Kognitio

August 29, 2013 - In this brief guide, discover how Kognito, a proven solution for AIS providers, can help meet demanding client SLAs and deliver comprehensive support.


Kognitio Analytical Platform: Technical Profile Overview by  Kognitio

August 26, 2013 - This resource provides a technical overview of an in-memory analytical platform designed pull large amounts of data from existing storage systems in order to answer complex analytical questions.


Kognitio Cloud by  Kognitio

June 13, 2013 - With the exponential growth of data in day-to-day business operations, business users need unlimited access to information.  View this white paper to learn more about how you can deliver analytics on rich data volumes and gain insight that can benefit your business.


Kognitio delivers for ScottishPower by  Kognitio

June 10, 2013 - Find out how a company working toward dominance as a multi-utility supplier can achieve effective customer relationship management (CRM.) This resource explores how one company found a way to scan millions of rows of information in seconds to utilize and interpret valuable information.


Kognitio WX2: Massively Parallel Processing Database for Business Intelligence by  Kognitio

February 11, 2011 - The Kognitio Technology and Data Center has over a hundred man-years of development experience and is unique in its latest development of Kognitio WX2, a high performance, analytical database that serves as a robust data warehouse platform.


Konica Minolta Overcomes Current Backup Challenges with Quantum Disk-Tape Solution by  Quantum Corporation

July 01, 2010 - Read this case study to learn more about KMBS’s thoughts on the transition to Quantum’s solutions and the key benefits achieved.


Kotak Group Builds State-of-the-Art Data Center on Cisco Nexus 7000 Switch by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

June 06, 2011 - This case study explains why one company chose to consolidate their data center network architecture. Learn about the technique they decided on and the results they anticipate.


KPMG 2012 Global Technology Innovation Survey by  ComputerWeekly.com

June 27, 2012 - China and the US are the countries most likely to come up with disruptive technology breakthroughs over the next four years, but Europe is lagging, this report from KPMG reveals.


KPMG Netherlands Counts on Aruba for Network Rightsizing by  Aruba Networks

October 08, 2010 - KPMG realized that network edge rightsizing could provide them an opportunity to save money and make money. This case study examines why KPMG chose Aruba to meet the needs of their global enterprise, the specific solutions used and the key benefits achieved.


KPN Automates with Parallels Automation to Maintain Hosting Leadership in the Netherlands by  Parallels, Inc.

April 09, 2010 - KPN was looking to add features such as database support, automated scripting, and applications to their shared hosting environment. Learn how KPN came to select Parallels Automation to provide distributed architecture


KPN focuses on Information Security with HP by  Hewlett-Packard Limited

November 25, 2013 - View this brief webcast to gain insight on an information security solution one organization chose to defend against today's highly motivated hackers, and how they're benefiting.


KPN Focuses on Information Security with HP by  Hewlett-Packard Limited

October 03, 2013 - This brief video explores how one company learned from a past security breach and now is focusing more time and money towards system security.


Kronos Streamlines Backup, Eliminates Failures and Speeds up Restores with Quantum Scalar® i2000 by  Quantum Corporation

January 30, 2009 - The Quantum Scalar i2000 is designed to meet the rigors of high-duty-cycle data center operations and to support the integration of next-generation disk-based backup solutions.


Kronos Streamlines Backup, Eliminates Failures and Speeds Up Restores by  Quantum Corporation

October 08, 2009 - With a large IT backbone and growing backup challenges, Kronos decided it needed to upgrade its data protection infrastructure. After evaluating several alternatives, the company chose to deploy Quantum’s Scalar i2000 enterprise tape library.


KVM - Kernel Based Virtual Machine by  Red Hat & IBM

November 22, 2010 - The x86 architecture has proven to be the dominate platform in enterprise computing, moving from its humble beginnings in desktop systems to now, powering the large enterprise applications that run businesses across the globe.


KVM for Server Virtualization: An Open Source Solution Comes of Age by  Red Hat and JBoss

May 01, 2011 - As server virtualization is growing throughout the various professional communities, the number of platforms on which to run virtualized servers is increasing. Take a look at this exclusive resource for an insightful and thorough analysis of the kernel-based virtual machine, the latest server virtualization platform.


KVM Security in the Cloud: A Choice That Matters by  Global Knowledge

May 06, 2013 - The resource overviews KVM security and its use in virtualized, multi-tenant cloud scenarios. Examine how open source virtualization leverages SE Linux and its tight integration with Linux kernel to provide a secure computing environment for both end-users and service providers.


KVM: Hypervisor Security You Can Depend On by  Red Hat & IBM

February 17, 2012 - Implementing secure virtual and cloud environments is a major concern for businesses. Discover how KVM hypervisors provide the security businesses need with features such mandatory access control and hardware-based isolation, and compare its performance against other general-purpose x86 hypervisors.

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