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Exchange Insider E-Zine vol. 13 – Everything you need to know about Exchange Online retention policies by  SearchExchange.com

April 20, 2012 - In this expert e-zine, explore the numerous benefits of Exchange Online retention policies as well as the PowerShell script necessary to manage and implement them. In addition, discover techniques to repair Outlook Web App 2010, new tools from the Microsoft Exchange team, and the latest Exchange updates.


Exchange Insider E-Zine Volume 1: The Importance of Lifecycle Planning for Email Archives by  SearchExchange.com

April 15, 2009 - In this premier issue of Exchange Insider, you'll learn the importance of properly archiving email messages in your Exchange environment, learn how implementing SSL concepts is required for proper Exchange infrastructure management, and what the requirements are to securely migrate to Exchange Server 2007 from previous, legacy versions.


Exchange Insider E-zine Volume 8: Prepping BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Exchange 2010 SP1 by  SearchExchange.com

February 08, 2011 - Volume 8 of the Exchange Insider e-zine compares available Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) editions and then gives instructions for deploying BES Express for Exchange 2010. You’ll also get an overview of configuring Exchange Server 2010 for BES and some device management best practices to make sure all your clients remain in peak condition.


Exchange Insider E-Zine Volume 9: Exchange Server: To Host or Not to Host? by  SearchExchange.com

April 27, 2011 - Some applications are a natural fit for the cloud; some are better kept within your administrators’ control. What about Exchange Server? Volume 9 of the Exchange Insider E-zine outlines the pros, cons and costs of running Exchange Server in-house and in the cloud.


Exchange Insider E-Zine: Volume 8 by  Symantec Corporation

September 15, 2011 - In this issue of Exchange Insider, we'll cover topics on how to prep for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Exchange 2010 SP1, find out if the Exchange 2010 Storage revamp is for the better, and look at the information rights management protection in Exchange 2010.


Exchange Insider Ezine Volume 12 by  SearchExchange.com

January 23, 2012 - Using features like VMware vSphere High Availability and distributed resource scheduler will ensure that Exchange achieves as much uptime as possible and performs at optimal levels.


Exchange Server 2007 Design Considerations by  Dell, Inc.

April 01, 2007 - Migrating to Exchange Server 2007 needs careful considerations for configurations that affect availability or storage capabilities. This paper highlights Exchange 2007 deployment best practices, features and architectural benefits, server roles...


Exchange Server 2007: What to Expect by  Global Knowledge

January 01, 2006 - Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 has been designed to meet the tough challenges for a corporate communication solution and provides a rich feature set that users can access through a variety of different interfaces and devices.


Exchange Server 2007: What To Expect by  Global Knowledge Network, Inc.

January 01, 2008 - Discover 10 key new or improved features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.


Exchange Server 2010: Migration considerations and best practices by  Dell, Inc.

June 30, 2011 - This expert e-guide explores the new features of Exchange 2010 and compares this server to previous versions. Get advice to ensure a smooth transition to this platform.


Exchange Server 2013: What you can do to prepare by  F5 Networks

February 08, 2013 - Review this expert guide for an Exchange 2013 preparation checklist and uncover 10 pre-migration recommendations for ensuring a smooth transition. Learn more about how PowerShell can help administrators during the process and examine the top features of this latest Exchange upgrade.


Exchange Server administration policy: Managing privileged user access by  F5 Networks

November 09, 2012 - Access this expert e-guide produced by the independent team of editors at SearchExchange.com to discover the best ways to equip Exchange administrators with the proper training on protecting their privileged user access.


Exchange Server: E-mail Archiving and Security by  Mimecast

March 12, 2013 - Review today's best (and worst) practices for email archiving inside this Exchange e-guide. Gain expert tips and tricks for managing and monitoring your Exchange servers along with six commonly overlooked security vulnerabilities to look out for.


Executing a proof-of-concept tournament for data warehouse appliances by  IBM

June 17, 2011 - This blog entry offers guidelines for comparing various data warehouse appliances. Get detailed advice on setting up an objective proof-of-concept tournament and discover key points to consider when deciding on a solution.


Executing Your Strategy 1: Ideation by  ComputerWeekly.com

October 21, 2013 - This is the first of a six part guide explains the key steps of the Strategic Execution Framework, developed by the Stanford Advanced Management Programme, to help organisaitons stay focused on innovation, increase performance, manage change and scale the business.


Executing your strategy 2: Nature by  ComputerWeekly.com

November 01, 2013 - This is the second of six part guide which explains the key steps of the Strategic Execution Framework, developed by the Stanford Advanced Management Programme, to help organisations stay focused on innovation, increase performance, manage change and scale the business.


Executing your strategy 3: Vision by  ComputerWeekly.com

November 25, 2013 - This is the third of a six part guide explains the key steps of the Strategic Execution Framework, developed to help organisations stay focused on innovation, increase performance, manage change and scale the business.


Executing your strategy 4: Synthesis by  ComputerWeekly.com

January 17, 2014 - This is the fourth of six part guide which explains the key steps of the Strategic Execution Framework, developed by the Stanford Advanced Management Programme.


Executing Your Strategy 5: Engagement by  ComputerWeekly.com

February 04, 2014 - This is the fifth of a six part guide which explains the key steps of the Strategic Execution Framework, developed by the Stanford Advanced Management Programme.


Executing Your Strategy 6: Transition by  ComputerWeekly.com

February 10, 2014 - This is the final part of a six part guide which explains the key steps of the Strategic Execution Framework, developed by the Stanford Advanced Management Programme.


Executive Brief Digital Transformation: Creating New Business Models Where Digital Meets Physical by  IBM

November 17, 2011 - As businesses embrace the digital revolution, they're rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation. This report is designed to provide senior executives with analysis and insight on how fast and how far to go on the path to digital transformation.


Executive Brief on VMware Backup and Recovery: Challenges and Solutions by  Veeam Software

February 09, 2011 - This paper explains the challenges of a traditional backup and recovery system - especially when it comes to backing up VMware. In this paper you will also learn what this author believes to be the solution to these challenges.


Executive Brief: Getting Started with Information Governance by  OpenText

September 23, 2013 - This brief provides a framework for getting started with information governance. But, what are some of the practical activities you can undertake now? Here are some ideas, based on building successful information governance programs with our clients.


Executive Brief: Justifying Investment in Information Governance by  OpenText

September 24, 2013 - View this resource to learn how to obtain more accurate information about customers to support upselling and value-adding offers. Find out what investing in IG can do for your business.


Executive briefing - mobile money transfers and remittances by  ComputerWeekly.com

January 14, 2011 - This whitepaper focuses on the mobile money transfers and remittances segment, which breaks down into two main sub-segments: Transformational banking and Social transfers.


Executive Checklist: Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) by  Red Hat

March 31, 2013 - Access this comprehensive checklist to help you assess your needs and possible business impacts to aid in your decision process for choosing a PaaS that's best for your developers, infrastructure, and business as a whole.


Executive Guide to SYSPRO Security for Auditing Assurance and Control by  SYSPRO

December 31, 2013 - This white paper introduces an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with the governance, risk, and compliance functionality you need to satisfy regulatory requirements and fuel security success.


Executive Insight: Multi-Sourcing in the Call Center by  inContact

February 20, 2009 - This paper examines how many executives are beginning to understand that cutting cost by outsourcing call center operations isn't always the best solution. Learn how "cheaper" often comes at the expense of "better".


Executive Paper: Oracle Crystal Ball by  Oracle Corporation

September 14, 2009 - Increase revenue. Decrease costs. Reduce development time. Every day you strive to meet these goals. And each business decision you make either enables you to advance toward them - or impedes your progress. Read this paper to learn more.


Executive report: IBV Study: The upwardly mobile enterprise: Setting the strategic agenda by  IBM

February 14, 2014 - This exclusive paper discusses what your organization can do to formulate a mobile strategy that encompasses the spectrum of mobile efforts, while also addressing and preparing for the common challenges of implementation.


Executive Summary: Marketing and Demand Creation in B2B Marketplace: The Prospect's View by  KnowledgeStorm Webinars

June 01, 2006 - SiriusDecisions has commissioned a new research study to examine the efficacy of demand creation - from the point of view of prospects and customers you are spending millions of dollars to communicate with. Read this executive summary of our Demand Creation webinar to find out which tactics are viewed most favorably in b-to-b marketplace.


Expand Disaster Protection for All Your Applications with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager by  VMware, Inc.

July 22, 2013 - This short resource explores a virtual disaster recovery solution and discusses the benefits it can provide.


Expand your SOA initiatives: Orchestrate new applications with Master Data Management by  Talend

June 17, 2011 - Read this E-guide and discover SOA management best practices and considerations for any MDM strategy. Find out how organizations can leverage open source middleware to integrate on-premise data and applications with cloud-based deployments.


Expanding active decision-making: The power of integrating business rules and events by  Red Hat

December 31, 2012 - This resource describes how business rules management systems (BRMS) can help you incorporate real-time awareness into your applications and implement high levels of automation, while also simplifying application development, shortening development cycles, and more.


Expanding Active Decision-Making: The Power of Integrating Business Rules and Events by  Red Hat

April 19, 2012 - Business rules management systems (BRMSs) help organizations gain real-time insight into application performance and incorporate automation strategies into their processes. Read this white paper to learn more about the budget-friendly open source options when it comes to integrating business events with automated decision-making.


Expanding Active Decision-Making: The Power of Integrating Business Rules and Events by  Red Hat and JBoss

July 05, 2012 - This white paper demonstrates how using JBoss Enterprise BRMS, business analysts, developers, and integrators can create and manage rules and events in a single product using a shared set of authoring tools.


Expanding BI's role by including Predictive Analytics by  SAP

June 19, 2009 - In today's economic downturn, organizations are looking for ways to improve the way they do business, to keep ahead of the competition, and to grow revenue. With reduced funding for new initiatives, it can be difficult to meet these objectives. Read on to learn how expanding your business intelligence with predictive analysis can help.


Expanding Information Access Initiatives with Embedded Enterprise Search by  Vivisimo, Inc.

December 22, 2009 - This paper focuses specifically on what application developers—specifically, ISVs and solution integrators—need to do in order to satiate this emerging market demand. Read on to learn some of Vivisimo's capabilities and how ISVs and solution integrators can leverage them to address evolving search challenges within their respective applications.


Expanding the boundaries of ALM by  CA Technologies.

May 31, 2012 - This expert e-guide outlines the evolution of application lifecycle management (ALM) and explains the limitless possibilities of this growing process. Read this now and discover advice for successful ALM implementations, including what it can and can't do for your business, as well as common pitfalls to avoid and how to overcome them.


Expanding the Value of IBM Rational Team Concert Software with IBM Business Partners-priority Asset by  IBM

September 01, 2008 - This white paper discusses challenges to adopting globalization, open environments, seamless collaboration, and agile techniques, and how Jazz technology, Rational Team Concert and IBM Business Partner Plug-ins can help drive software innovation.


Expanding Web Single Sign-On to Cloud and Mobile by  CA Technologies.

December 31, 2012 - This informative white paper explores security solutions that were built to strike the right balance between data security and user access convenience.


Expenses, VAT and HMRC Compliance in a Nutshell by  Concur Technologies

November 30, 2013 - 75% of senior finance leaders say they wish they knew more about employee expenses and VAT reclaim. If you're a member of that overwhelming population, then this e-book is for you. Download now to get a crash course on the often-misunderstood concepts of VAT, compliance, HMRC policies, and expenses.


Experian expands revenue opportunities by developing global market insight tools by  Alteryx, Inc.

January 11, 2011 - Experian needed to enhance its consumer insight and market analysis tool, Micromarketer, to give customers a more powerful and flexible engine. Experian leveraged Alteryx data- and country-neutral core technology to redevelop its Micromarketer product. The result was a new release named Micromarketer Generation 3 (G3).


Expert Advice for Making the Move From Unix to Linux by  Red Hat and HP

February 23, 2011 - Once you know how to make a business case for migration, learn how to train your Unix staff to manage Linux environments. Find out about key differences between the two operating systems and provide your team with tactics for optimal backup and performance monitoring.


Expert advice on dynamic case management best practices by  IBM

May 25, 2011 - This mini-eBook describes exactly how dynamic case management (DCM) can benefit financial services firms and offers expert advice on both the best practices to apply and pitfalls to avoid in DCM adoption.


Expert Advice – 20 Practical Tips on Authentication from Healthcare IT Professionals by  Imprivata

December 31, 2013 - This resource reveals 20 single sign-on (SSO) and strong authentication implementation tips from your successful peers.


Expert Advice: Storage Efficiency Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid by  NetApp

October 18, 2013 - This e-guide elaborates on the tools and techniques to maintaining storage efficiency and points out the costs, performance impact, and capacity features of each. Find out how you can extend efficiency to your data protection processes and learn how to avoid common pitfalls when integrating backup and DR plans.


Expert Analysis and Key Findings: Storage Management and Virtual Server Storage by  Dell, Inc. and Intel®

December 11, 2013 - In this e-guide, learn which types of virtual storage IT managers are relying on the most. Also see how effective they feel their storage management tools are along with what capabilities they feel are necessary. Read on now to learn more.


Expert Analysis of Convergence: Market Trends and Major Players by  Hitachi Data Systems

September 19, 2013 - This e-guide examines the latest trends in convergence and takes a look at the newest additions to the evolving marketplace. Find out how hyperconvergence builds on this design principle and discover why experts are convinced this "infrastructure in a box" is here to stay.


Expert Analysis of LTFS: Role in Backup, Media & Entertainment, and Beyond (Podcast) by  Oracle Corporation

July 15, 2013 - In this podcast, Storage Decisions speaker Jon Toigo discusses the role of LTFS for backup, how it works, and the requirements for implementation. He also provides a glimpse into the LTFS future and explains why more IT professionals are embracing it as general purpose storage.


Expert Analysis of LTFS: Role in Backup, Media & Entertainment, and Beyond (Presentation Transcript) by  Oracle Corporation

August 05, 2013 - In this presentation transcript Jon discusses LTFS, Linear Tape File System – what it's designed to do, who's using it today, and if and when it is a dominant file storage platform.


Expert Analyst Reviews the Ins and Outs of Database Encryption by  Guardium, an IBM Company

February 16, 2010 - In this expert E-Guide, learn the ins and outs of database encryption. Jonathon Penn, principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc., reviews desktop, laptop and full disk encryption and outlines a cost-effective approach for managing security. Also discover three questions you must answer before embarking on any encryption project.


Expert approach to combining VDI and unified communications by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

January 13, 2012 - This expert e-guide form SearchUnifiedCommunications.com explains how to best approach unified communications in a virtual desktop infrastructure.


Expert Best Practice for ERP Requirements Planning, Vendor Selection, and Management Approval by  Epicor Software Corporation

April 02, 2014 - This SearchManufacturingERP.com e-guide provides expert best practices to help you successfully approach ERP requirements planning, select the right ERP vendor, and get senior management on board with your project.


Expert Cloud Computing Service Strategies by  Dell Software

October 07, 2013 - In this expert e-guide from SearchCloudComputing.com, discover how to deploy proper cloud management services and trust your move to the cloud will ensure successful operations, even in an off-site data center.


Expert Comparison of 7 Storage Efficiency Methods by  AdvizeX Technologies

September 04, 2013 - This expert e-guide describes the fundamentals of storage efficiency and compares the performance, capacity and costs of seven efficiency methods.


Expert Comparison of Big Data Storage Options by  Cray

June 28, 2013 - This expert guide from SearchStorage.com explains the storage requirements for big data and examines the concept behind a file system and the leading offerings on the market.


Expert Considerations For Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery by  CommVault Systems, Inc.

July 05, 2013 - This E-Guide offers expert advice on incorporating the cloud into your DR strategy and presents the latest trends around the adoption and usage of these services.


Expert considerations for deploying VDI by  Dell, Inc.

November 30, 2011 - In this expert e-guide, learn the importance of looking into current network bandwidth/stability, desktop storage requirements and application management procedures. In addition, discover how to choose the right VDI management tools to enhance your performance.


Expert data center management tips:  consolidating, collocating, or the cloud by  SAVVIS

October 01, 2011 - This expert resource explains the differences between two methods of data center outsourcing management (IaaS and DCaaS). Discover which makes sense for your business, and learn about the pros and cons of collocation, including ensured uptime and increased security.


Expert Discussion: Mobile device security in health care by  Hewlett-Packard Company

April 12, 2012 - This E-Guide discusses some of the most significant trends and themes concerning mobile device security in health IT. Discover what it will take to deploy a stable, cost-efficient mobile security system in your hospital.


Expert E-Book: Data Quality Throughout Your Oracle Evironment by  Oracle Corporation

April 30, 2013 - This expert e-book outlines best practices for ensuring data quality throughout your Oracle environment.  Inside, compare options for handling both customer and product data, and learn the steps you need to take on you data quality initiative.


Expert E-Book: Data Security and the Cloud by  SearchSecurity.com

February 07, 2011 - This e-book will cover encryption and key management, infrastructure risks, data integrity, and access control, all in the context of cloud computing.


Expert e-guide: Traditional mainframes and the future of this technology by  CA Technologies.

August 11, 2011 - This expert e-guide discusses the benefits and weaknesses of both the mainframe and x86 architectures. Determine whether one of these platforms is better suited for virtualization and cloud computing than the other and get predictions for the future of each.


Expert e-zine: Business application strategy, from ERP to the cloud and beyond by  SearchSAP

March 05, 2012 - In this first issue of Business Applications Digest, find advice from industry insiders on mastering the five success factors for enterprise resource planning (ERP) upgrades, choosing the best fit between 'best of breed' business intelligence (BI) and built-in ERP tools, and how to take advantage of the latest Software as a Service (SaaS) trends.


Expert E-zine: Who has access to your email? by  Microsoft

December 14, 2011 - In this edition of The Exchange Insider, explore the next steps for your email messaging platform with the following Exchange topics: Evaluating Office 365, auditing Exchange 2010 and troubleshooting virtualized Exchange Servers.


Expert eBook: Encryption: Properly Securing Your Valuable Data by  Information Security Magazine

October 28, 2008 - Check out this expert eBook and learn about best practices and techniques for protecting your company's data with encryption technology.


Expert Ebook: Mastering PCI by  Information Security Magazine Sponsored by: Breach, Cisco, Fiberlink, Rapid7, Sentrigo, Solidcore, Thawte, Tripwire, and Utimaco

August 20, 2008 - This eBook gives expert advice on successfully achieving PCI compliance, by selecting the right auditor and implementing new requirements into your company's IT infrastructure. Read this book and learn how to master PCI compliance.


Expert FAQ: Solve your top VM backup concerns by  EMC Corporation

May 09, 2012 - Explore virtual backup best practices and get answers to frequently asked questions in this expert e-guide. Gain tips and strategies for optimizing your backup processes for virtualized environments to ensure comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery.


Expert Forum: Managing Complexity in the Oil Industry by  IBM

March 24, 2014 - This video features a panel of expert speakers who dive into the unexpected love story between the oil industry and data analytics.


Expert Guide to a Successful Server Virtualization Program by  Dell, Inc.

July 01, 2013 - This expert e-guide covers the essential elements of an effective program for server virtualization, including considerations for collaborating with your organization's networking team, metering power usage and reviewing ongoing progress.


Expert guide to constructing a private cloud by  Sirius Computer Solutions

July 18, 2011 - Transforming your in-house IT infrastructure to a private cloud can offer a whole new level of efficiency for your mission-critical applications. Access this expert e-guide from the editors at SearchCloudComputing.com for a comprehensive guide to constructing the private cloud in your data center.


Expert Guide to Data Protection: New Capabilities, Remaining Gaps, and Answers to Customer FAQ by  Symantec Corporation

November 04, 2013 - This e-guide follows the evolution of data protection and points out the latest capabilities and remaining gaps in the marketplace. Read on now to find out whether conventional methods are keeping pace and which data protection processes should be treated separately.


Expert Guide to Implementing Desktop Virtualization by  Dell, Inc.

January 13, 2010 - Ensuring that a desktop virtualization implementation delivers a satisfactory end-user experience and uses computer resources effectively can be a challenging task. In this expert Pocket E-Guide, brought to you by SearchVirtualDesktop.com, Dell and Intel, you will discover top strategies for a smooth transition to a virtual desktop environment.


Expert Guide to Managing the Challenges of Server Virtualization by  Dell, Inc.

December 31, 2012 - This expert e-book examines the challenges that come with server virtualization, including virtual machine sprawl, virtual machine lifecycle management and resource provisioning, as well as management strategies to help you overcome these obstacles.


Expert Guide to Maximizing Storage Efficiency in Your Data Center by  Hitachi Data Systems

January 09, 2013 - This expert E-Guide reveals how to optimize multiple virtual workloads to prevent storage over-allocation. In addition, learn how to increase VMware storage efficiency with virtual machine disk format deduplication and compression.


Expert guide to mobile unified communications: Implementation best practices by  Plantronics

July 05, 2011 - This expert e-guide uncovers the benefits of mobile UC, best practices for implementing fixed mobile convergence and mobile UC solutions as well as products that will make the execution easier.


Expert Guide to Planning and Executing a Smooth Desktop Migration to Windows 7 by  VMware and NetApp

May 18, 2011 - This e-guide from SearchEnterpriseDesktop.com provides expert insight into the basics of planning and executing a desktop migration to Windows 7. Learn how to create a detailed and achievable project plan and find ways to simplify your migration.


Expert Guide to Secure Web Gateways by  TechTarget

March 18, 2014 - Secure web gateways are becoming more prominent amongst many organizations, but understanding how to implement it into your infrastructure is imperative for optimal performance. Participate in this survey and gain access to this expert guide providing deeper insight into different feature options into how to circumvent deployment challenges.


Expert Guide to Securing Emerging Endpoints by  Sophos, Inc.

February 14, 2011 - Encrypting enterprise laptops and other increasingly popular mobile devices is now common practice for users who store or interact with sensitive data. This expert e-guide takes an in-depth look at various data encryption methods and best practices for securing today’s emerging endpoints.


Expert guide to understanding SaaS and cloud computing issues by  Veracode, Inc.

December 21, 2011 - This expert E-Guide discusses what is involved with a SaaS transition and how you can prepare. Uncover top considerations, potential cloud computing issues and how you can tackle them.


Expert guide to using blades for virtualization by  Hewlett Packard Company and Intel

July 14, 2010 - In this expert e-guide from SearchServerVirtualization.com, learn the advantages of using blades for server virtualization. Find out when it makes the most sense and what considerations to evaluate when creating a blade virtualization strategy.


Expert Guide to VM Backup by  Dell Software

February 21, 2014 - This E-Guide describes the challenges of virtual server backups and some of the solutions to those challenges.


Expert Guide to web 2.0 Threats: How to Prevent an Attack by  ArcSight, an HP Company

August 11, 2011 - A majority of today’s organizations already leverage the benefits of Web 2.0 technologies, or at least wonder how they can take advantage of it. This expert e-guide provides an overview of what Web 2.0 really is and explains how to combat the myriad of threats that accompany this convenient technology.


Expert Guide: 4 Step Plan to Private Cloud Success by  ePlus Technology

November 14, 2011 - If you have virtualized your IT infrastructure already and now are looking to implement a private cloud, you need to develop a cloud strategy. Access this expert e-guide to discover four steps to ensure your private cloud success, and learn why the lines between cloud computing models are blurring.


Expert guide: Create a cooling strategy for optimal data center efficiency by  Tripp Lite

June 23, 2011 - This expert resource provides energy-saving tips on how to sidestep server failure and keep your data center online. Also discover strategies and best practices for achieving optimal cooling for high-density racks.


Expert guide: How to design job roles and plan careers structures in the IT department by  ComputerWeekly.com

November 23, 2010 - Somewhere between our in-depth consultants’ guides and our short AnalystNotes that discuss specific aspects of IT careers, there is a need for an up-to-dateoverview of IT career structures. This is it.


Expert guide: Understanding cloud types and benefits by  SAVVIS

September 09, 2011 - This e-guide provides the answers to the most pressing questions in regards to cloud computing. Uncover what you need to know about cloud computing services, the different types of clouds available, top benefits and how to take full advantage and more.


Expert Guide: Understanding the Fundamentals of the Hybrid Cloud by  Dell and VMware

March 04, 2014 - This expert e-guide features and expert take on the fundamentals of the hybrid cloud.


Expert Guidelines and Best Practices: HR Analytics by  Kronos Incorporated

August 16, 2013 - HR metrics such as talent analytics and workforce analytics can help companies identify top performers, foster successful employee retention and talent recruitments programs, and ensure the firm has the proper workforce in place to orchestrate its goals.


Expert Guidelines for Choosing the Best HR Software by  Kronos Incorporated

August 15, 2013 - Choosing the right HR software for your company is important because it ensures successful talent management, in the assessment and acquisition process, and inevitable cost savings. This e-guide offers information about common features of HR software and specific solutions that work.


Expert Handbook: Top Strategies for Managing Data Growth by  SearchDataManagement

February 28, 2013 - An organization's unstructured and semi-structured information is not typically a good fit for relational databases. And it also adds to the data integration workload- and challenges- for IT managers and staff. Access this guide for insight and practical advice on managing integration projects involving large amounts of data- specifically big data.


Expert insight into how storage virtualization works by  FalconStor Software

December 05, 2011 - A virtualized storage environment can greatly simplify storage management. Access this expert e-guide to find out more about the benefits of storage virtualization and the different technologies that you can utilize to increase storage utilization.


Expert insight into network virtualization basics by  Datalink and NetApp

April 27, 2012 - Access this e-guide to learn how your organization can take advantage of network virtualization. This resource outlines the basics of this new technology and explores its benefits.


Expert Insight into Powershell's Scripting by  Dell Compellent

September 22, 2011 - To fully leverage Microsoft PowerShell, you must be aware of all the benefits this new technology offers. This expert e-guide, brought to you by SearchWindowsServer.com provides a deeper understanding of PowerShell and describes various approaches to scripting and Hyper-V management.


Expert Insight: Backup, DR and Archiving—What's the Real Difference? by  EMC Corporation

October 23, 2013 - This e-guide highlights the connection points and key differences between each of these data protection activities. It also examines your peers' top backup and recovery pain points and highlights the latest tools and techniques that can help to address them. Read on to learn more.


Expert Insight: Benefits of Network-Based Application Performance Monitoring by  Gigamon

March 06, 2014 - This expert E-Guide highlights the advantages of network-based application performance monitoring.


Expert Insight: Cloud Computing Defined by  HP & Intel®

May 27, 2011 - What is cloud computing? It depends on who you ask. In this e-guide from SearchCloudComputing.com, our experts lay out the various types of cloud models, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). They reveal how virtualization and cloud computing are linked, as well as how to best use these technologies in your infrastructure.


Expert Insight: Hardware Options and Business Considerations for Private Cloud Computing by  Red Hat and HP

April 14, 2011 - This e-guide from SearchCloudComputing.com provides expert advice for making the case for enterprise cloud computing. Learn how one company utilized Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service to get started in the cloud.


Expert Insight: How Deduplication Fits Into Data Protection Strategies by  ExaGrid Systems, Inc.

October 23, 2013 - This expert e-guide explores the steady migration of backup data deduplication toward disaster recovery strategies. Discover the reasons why deduplication is a logical fit for DR applications and find out everything you need to know to select the right solution for your business.


Expert insight: How to assess your IT infrastructure for desktop virtualization by  OnX USA LLC

February 25, 2011 - This expert e-guide from SearchVirtualDesktop.com explains how to assess your IT infrastructure to ensure it is ready for desktop virtualization. Discover which issues are commonly addressed first after implementing VDI, including staffing concerns and user image management.


Expert Insight: Traditional vs. Cloud-based DR by  Asigra

June 27, 2013 - This E-Guide explores the concept behind cloud-enabled DR and discusses three key options to consider. Find out how traditional and cloud-based data protection approaches held up during Hurricane Sandy and which business continuity tactics proved most effective for your peers.


Expert insight: What you should know about mainframe systems by  CA Technologies.

August 11, 2011 - Whether you are considering the mainframe or have already made an investment, there are several key points you should keep in mind. This expert e-guide takes a closer look at the mainframe and the common misconceptions surrounding it. Discover how mainframes compare to x86 platforms and get expert answers to your peers' frequently asked questions.


Expert Integrated Systems: A Next-Generation Computing Platform by  IBM

April 30, 2012 - There is an important sea change happening in IT: the development of expert integrated systems. Access this white paper, which breaks down the business case for expert integrated systems. Inside, learn of the both the challenges and opportunities presented by this next-generation technology.


Expert Integrated Systems: Can you put expertise in a box? by  IBM

March 18, 2013 - Can you package expertise? More and more IT executives are adopting a new approach that makes it easier, faster and less expensive to deploy infrastructure and applications by integrating hardware, software and field-tested "patterns of expertise" in the form of expert integrated systems. Find out more.


Expert Integrated Systems: Changing the Experience and Economics of IT by  IBM

December 31, 2012 - Explore this in-depth, exclusive eBook to find out how expert integrated systems are helping IT get back on track as a business innovator, while achieving drastic savings.


Expert Lessons in Implementing a Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Plan by  Dell and VMware

March 16, 2010 - This SearchDisasterRecovery.com presentation transcript will give you a crash course on how to implement a cost-efficient disaster recovery plan. You'll hear an overview of disaster recovery and recieve some general advice to get you started on the business and technology considerations that are going to be crucial to you.


Expert methods and strategies for application virtualization by  F5 Networks

November 21, 2012 - This expert e-guide explores best practices for virtualizing your applications to ensure optimal performance and availability.


Expert migration tips: Moving from Unix to Linux by  DLT Solutions.

March 08, 2011 - In this expert e-guide from SearchEnterpriseLinux.com, discover what makes migrating from Unix to Linux attractive, including increased platform flexibility. And learn why it is essential to have a testing environment for gauging stability and performance of your applications.


Expert Migration Tips: Moving from Unix to Linux by  Red Hat and HP

February 15, 2011 - In this expert e-guide from SearchEnterpriseLinux.com, discover what makes migrating from Unix to Linux attractive, including increased platform flexibility. And learn why it is essential to have a testing environment for gauging stability and performance of your applications.


Expert Overview of the Latest Storage Tiering Trends by  Dell, Inc. and Intel®

December 10, 2013 - In this e-guide, read about innovative tiering technology and how it applies in different organizations. Also learn helpful statistics regarding storage tiering usage among your peers. Read on now to learn more.


Expert Overview: Dedupe Types, Offerings and Benefits to Cloud Backup by  Essextec

June 17, 2013 - This expert guide presents an in-depth overview of each option, covering both the strengths and weaknesses. Find out how hardware and software-based approaches can be used in conjunction and discover the speed and cost benefits dedupe can bring to cloud backup.


Expert Overview: New Data Protection Strategies and Success Metrics by  EMC Corporation

July 19, 2013 - This e-guide explores the basic philosophy behind continuous data protection and how it's making its way into the current backup landscape.


Expert Overview: Replication Use Cases and Implementation Techniques by  EMC Corporation

October 25, 2013 - This e-guide discusses how replication fits into remote site data protection and reveals the pros and cons of host and array-based techniques. Find out whether replication can be used as a backup replacement and why real-time requirements should be factored into your selection of a synchronous or asynchronous method. Read on to learn more.


Expert Overview: Storage Choices for Virtual Server Environments by  Dell, Inc.

October 01, 2013 - This expert e-guide explores the storage factors organizations need to consider when moving to a virtualized infrastructure and offers expert tips for avoiding resource contention and other types of issues and ensuring maximum performance.


Expert Podcast: Cloud vs. Tape Backup by  Iron Mountain

May 21, 2012 - Check out this podcast to learn the basics of cloud and tape backup from Jon Toigo, CEO and Managing Principal, Toigo Partners International - and how these 2 storage mediums aren't necessarily interchangeable.


Expert Server Considerations for Virtualization and Cloud Computing by  Dell, Inc. and Intel®

June 28, 2012 - Virtualization and cloud computing technologies are here to stay - and this presentation transcript explains how each impacts the hardware landscape and how your server choice can influence the success of your IT environment.


Expert Steps for Meeting VM Storage and Backup Requirements by  EMC Corporation

August 12, 2013 - This e-guide examines how storage fits into the virtualization equation and points out the unique challenges associated with backing up virtual machines.


Expert Strategies to Improve Data Center Efficiency by  Schneider Electric

January 24, 2013 - Access this expert e-guide that examines the most cost-effective data center technologies that will improve energy efficiency to reduce IT infrastructure costs or adhere to environmental regulations.


Expert Strategies to Securing a Virtual Environment by  Symantec Corporation

November 21, 2012 - This expert e-guide presents three of the most common security problems that IT professionals face in virtual environments and how your business can best overcome them.


Expert Strategies: How to Adapt to Social Media While Making Sure You Stay Compliant by  Bloomberg

November 19, 2013 - In this expert white paper, gain insight on how to successfully keep compliant while protecting your business from the potential risks associated with using social media as a business tool.


Expert tips and considerations for database appliances by  Delphix

December 14, 2012 - This e-guide from SearchCIO.com takes a look at one organization's quest to find the right database appliance that suited their needs. Read now for an in-depth analysis of current database appliance offerings, as well as relevant considerations for database security.


Expert Tips for a New Era of Application Integration by  TIBCO Software Inc.

March 25, 2013 - The complexity of today's communications calls for new application integration strategies. In part one of this in-depth resource, Benoit Lheureux, a research vice president at Gartner, explains how master the five integration competencies will put you at a competitive advantage.


Expert tips for Addressing Power Failure in Your Data Center by  HP and Intel

June 24, 2011 - The loss of data center power can be critical to any organization. Access this expert e-guide learn why it is important to design your data center with power in mind to prevent capacity issues from happening. Also, gain insight into the reasons for outages and ways to mitigate the risks of potential power path issues


Expert tips for BPM and event-driven processing by  IBM

November 01, 2011 - In this e-guide, readers interested in implementing event-driven processing and business process management (BPM) will learn tips for proving ROI with BPM, best practices for implementing event processing, and  process-oriented strategies to gain greater value from a BPM suite.


Expert tips for calculating the cost advantages of a private cloud by  CA Technologies.

June 17, 2011 - Mastering private cloud economics means refining the business value proposition of your portfolio view of computing environments, and in turn developing a simple model that describes the cost and benefit of each environment. This expert e-guide provides insight on how to calculate private cloud cost advantages and more.


Expert tips for consolidating servers and avoiding sprawl by  Dell, Inc. and Microsoft

December 29, 2011 - This expert e-guide from SearchWindowsServer.com explains how you can leverage virtualization and other techniques to reduce the costs of running servers. Plus, obtain exclusive advice and answers to frequently asked questions about developing an effective server consolidation plan.


Expert tips for creating a mobile management strategy by  iPass Inc.

February 02, 2012 - Access this expert e-guide to learn more about creating a fluid mobile platform strategy to manage mobile diversity and then managing the diversity of mobile platforms.


Expert Tips for Data Center Power and Cooling by  CA Technologies.

January 24, 2013 - Read this expert e-guide that presents emerging data center power consumption trends that will shape the way energy is used for the next 5 to 10 years.


Expert tips for embedded software development by  SAP America, Inc.

December 17, 2012 - Development teams often face strict compliance, security and testing requirements when tasked with developing embedded software. This useful e-guide provides tips for developing reliable embedded devices, strategies for ensuring embedded software security and tools and best practices for embedded software testing.


Expert Tips for ERP Upgrades and Consolidation by  Infor WFM Workbrain

March 15, 2012 - Many organizations put upgrades off as long as possible as to avoid the complexity involved. Read this expert e-guide to learn Gartner Inc. best practices and tips for simplifying your enterprise resource planning (ERP) upgrades.


Expert Tips for Implementing Cloud Storage by  OnX USA LLC

January 04, 2013 - Access this SearchStorage.com E-Guide to find strategies to consider and leverage before implementing cloud techs in your infrastructure. Read on for industry ace Arun Taneja's insight into cautions about signing on with a cloud storage provider before you have the details on them, and explore long-term considerations for your cloud environment.


Expert Tips for Investing in Energy Efficient Power and Cooling by  HP and Intel

June 24, 2011 - Power and cooling is at the top of the list for data center investments. This expert e- details how to invest in energy-efficient power and cooling technologies for a higher ROI. Gain insight into how much power is needed for a stripped-down, low-power server, and discover best practices for dealing with cooling problems in the data center.


Expert Tips for Managing Mobile Devices in the Enterprise by  BlackBerry

March 13, 2012 - Get expert tips for managing the mobile device explosion in the enterprise, and also learn about the brave new work of enterprise device management.


Expert Tips for Performance Testing by  CA Technologies.

March 19, 2012 - As you're well aware, Web applications and architectures have become very complex, making performance testing equally as difficult to navigate. Read this expert e-guide to learn about the types of testing that exist for Web applications and the best strategies to use when it comes to measuring performance.


Expert Tips for Preventing a Datacenter Power Crisis and Curbing Energy Usage by  Raritan Inc.

December 27, 2010 - In this expert e-guide from SearchDataCenter.com, gain insight into how to monitor data center power growth and curb power demand. Learn key techniques for preventing a power crisis, including consolidating servers and optimizing data center design. And discover data center management tools that can help lower energy usage.


Expert Tips for Preventing and Resolving Potential Backup and Recovery Issues by  EMC Corporation

July 23, 2013 - This e-guide provides an in-depth overview of both the backup and disaster recovery aspects of a successful defense strategy.


Expert tips for realizing maximum private cloud benefits by  CA Technologies.

June 16, 2011 - Many organizations either already have a private cloud, plan to build one or at least have considered in-house cloud as an option. This expert e-guide explains which tools to use to unlock the full benefits of a private cloud and more.


Expert tips for realizing virtualization benefits through budgeting by  VMware, Inc.

May 09, 2011 - This expert e-guide highlights how to reap the benefits of server virtualization by considering four important factors: choice of hypervisor, software licensing, hardware and training.


Expert Tips for SAP Mobility Initiatives by  CSC

November 14, 2012 - In the still-young mobile market space, SAP shops lack best practices and go-to strategies that they can turn to when implementing enterprise mobility. Read this SearchSAP.com expert e-guide to check out four case studies of companies large and small that have seen success in their unique and varied approaches to SAP mobility.

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