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Data governance: Build a business case, get tips from the pros by  IBM

September 30, 2013 - In this report from the 2013 first annual summit of the Data Governance Forum, take a look at the highlights of the event and get key summaries from presentations given by data governance experts in both public- and private-sector organizations.


Data Governance: Tools and Standards for Improving Information Oversight by  Harte-Hanks Trillium Software

December 26, 2013 - Join information expert, David Loshin, as he explains what tools you need and procedures to follow in order to establish a powerful information governance strategy.


Data Grids and Service-Oriented Architecture by  Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

November 30, 2008 - This white paper demonstrates that a data grid infrastructure, can help you avoid "weak link" vulnerabilities that can sabotage SOA strategies.


Data Growth Challenges Demand Proactive Data Management by  IBM

March 24, 2010 - Data growth is one of the most significant challenges – and opportunities - facing organizations today. Those that learn to leverage the explosion of important new information sources can gain dramatic competitive advantage as others lag.


Data in Motion – Big Data Analytics in Healthcare by  Information Builders

April 30, 2013 - This paper explores the real-world challenges healthcare providers face when considering big data and analytics. It highlights a use case study and a comprehensive strategy for implementing big data analytics within an organization.


Data Integration by  Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

June 03, 2011 - This E-Guide details the importance of a Data Services layer built upon an enterprise data integration platform for SOA success.


Data Integration Challenges in Onboarding Operational Data by  Expressor Software

October 10, 2011 - Read this white paper to learn how to overcome onboarding operational data challenges.


Data Integration Improves Productivity by  Autodesk

July 01, 2008 - With AutoCAD Map 3Dsoftware and AutoCAD® Raster Design, York Region delivers detailed maps with integrated data from multiple departments.


Data Integration in the Cloud by  Liaison Technology

December 12, 2011 - In this e-guide, readers will learn about real-world cases of data integration in the cloud.


Data Integration Platforms - Talend by  Talend

August 01, 2011 - In this white paper, Philip Howard reviews the current market for data integration platforms, paying particular attention to open source offerings from Talend.


Data Integrity and Recoverability: 4 Essential Elements by  EMC Corporation

July 19, 2013 - This white paper explores a disk-based backup solution with deduplication that provides the ultimate protection and assurance of recovery.


Data Leak Protection Planning by  (ISC)2 UK Ltd

September 23, 2010 - It's becoming more critical and more challenging to prevent data from leaking outside the organization. Read this ebook for expert tips and advice on plugging the holes in your organization's date security system.


Data Loss Prevention 2.0: Preventing the loss of confidential information via webmail, Facebook, wikis and blogs by  Code Green Networks, Inc.

November 09, 2009 - In today’s technology rich environment organizations are finding employees often post sensitive company information to insecure or public Internet sites using Web 2.0 applications. Code Green Networks TrueDLP provides organizations with a complete data loss prevention solution to stop the loss or theft of confidential or proprietary information.


Data Loss Prevention for IBM i by  Innovatum, Inc.

April 16, 2010 - Open system technology has introduced real threats to data; making loss—whether from theft, malicious manipulation or inadvertent misuse—easier than before. The IBM i has exceptional audit capabilities making it one of the most secure technology platforms. Read this white paper to learn how the IBM i might be a good solution for your organization.


Data Loss Prevention from the Inside Out by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

June 26, 2008 - In this Techwise TV episode learn about data loss prevention and the three primary loss vectors that you must assess for your organization.


Data Loss Prevention Requirements Roadmap by  CA Technologies.

April 14, 2009 - The technologies that aid a successful company in sharing digital information and maintaining swift communications also leave companies vulnerable to a variety of security risks. Read this paper to learn how a comprehensive data loss prevention solution can protect your company's sensitive data.


Data Loss Prevention Stops Data Leaks Where They Start by  Trend Micro, Inc.

July 15, 2010 - Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention is a family of advanced DLP solutions that provide maximum protection for an enterprise’s critical information at endpoints, the point of use. The new built-in encryption module provides protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data on removable devices, one of the greatest risk areas for data loss.


Data Loss Prevention Survey by  Symantec Corporation

April 02, 2009 - Take this quick, 5 question survey on data loss prevention (DLP) and be entered to win one of two 8GB iTouch giveaways.


Data Loss Prevention: Email and Web Gateway Best Practices by  M86 Security

October 07, 2010 - This white paper explains some of the key concepts of data loss prevention (DLP), including the problems organizations encounter in implementing an effective DLP policy and how to alleviate them. Read this paper to learn more about single-channel DLP at the email and Web gateways.


Data Loss Prevention: Keep Sensitive Data-In-Motion Safe by  WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

February 24, 2011 - In today’s business environment, media headlines are increasingly featuring data breaches of large magnitudes that put people’s personal information at risk, and no country or industry is immune.


Data Loss Prevention: Keeping Sensitive Data out of the Wrong Hands by  Symantec Corporation

October 03, 2008 - Data security breaches pose a serious threat. Companies need to reduce risks associated with exposing customer data, losing intellectual property, or violating compliance obligations. Learn more about DLP issues, strategies and solutions.


Data Management & Architecture by  Accenture

Accenture's Data Management & Architecture group addresses how an organization manages data across its entire lifecycle.


Data management guidelines: Four records retention issues to address by  Hewlett-Packard Company

May 02, 2013 - This exclusive expert E-Guide describes four records retention problems that can arise when data isn't disposed in a timely manner.


Data Management Strategies for the CIO by  SearchDataCenter.com

August 18, 2011 - CIOs are turning to emerging forms of data management, including predictive business intelligence and information architectures, to harness the power of their data. Inside this expert e-book, gain insight on data management topics such as storage and retention policies, data protection and lifecycle management.


Data Mart Consolidation by  Hexaware Technologies

September 12, 2011 - This white paper explores how Data Mart consolidation is an effective tool for saving money when dealing with large volumes of data.


Data Masking Best Practices for Copying Sensitive Data Into Non-Production Environments by  Oracle Corporation

December 05, 2011 - Download this paper to learn data masking best practices and enable your organization to safely use production data for development, testing, and sharing with out-source or off-shore partners, without risking a sensitive data breach.


Data Migration Best Practices by  Vision Solutions

April 09, 2014 - In this e-guide, experts highlight the 5 best practices to avoid a data migration project failure and offer data center migration tips for SMBs.


Data Modeling: A Necessary and Rewarding Aspect of Data Management by  Burton Group

July 01, 2008 - Data modeling has evolved from an arcane technique for database designers into an entire family of interrelated techniques that serves many constituencies, including techno-phobic business stakeholders and users. The new maturity of modeling to...


Data privacy best practices: time to take action! by  IBM

February 24, 2009 - This white paper explains the steps you need to consider when developing your privacy strategy and implementing your first data privacy project. Using proven data masking techniques can help your organization implement best practices in privacy protection and make your privacy project successful from start to finish.


Data privacy best practices: time to take action! by  IBM

September 30, 2008 - This white paper explains the steps you need to consider when developing your privacy strategy and implementing your first data privacy project.


Data privacy best practices: time to take action! by  IBM

September 01, 2008 - This white paper explains the steps you need to consider when developing your privacy strategy and implementing your first data privacy project. Find out how you can help your organization implement best practices in privacy protection and make your privacy project successful from start to finish.


Data Privacy e-Book by  SearchSecurity.co.UK

April 12, 2011 - SearchSecurity.Co.UK presents a comprehensive guide to data privacy in the UK. Our experts cover all the angles in order to help you protect the data your organisation collects, transmits and stores.


Data Privacy: Where Should I House My Data? by  IntraLinks, Inc

April 17, 2014 - This white paper offers 6 top recommendations on how to keep your data protected in the cloud and compliant with varying regulatory mandates across country borders.


Data Profiling: The Foundation for Data Management by  DataFlux Corporation

March 01, 2008 - Data profiling is the beginning of an effective data management strategy. Although profiling techniques provide an essential first step, there is much more to a complete data management strategy.


Data Profiling: Underpinning Data Quality Management by  Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software

May 01, 2008 - Data Profiling delivers a deeper and broader insight in a fraction of the time required by traditional approaches to data analysis.


Data Profit vs. Data Waste: Boosting business performance every day in the real world with information optimization by  IBM

December 31, 2012 - In this insightful resource, discover how you can significantly improve business performance and decision-making with an information optimization strategy, and ensure your company makes the most of every last piece of data available.


Data Protection 101: Essential Steps for Holistic Information Security by  SearchSecurity.com

November 17, 2011 - Data protection strategies should not only focus on safeguarding corporate information, but also identifying sensitive records that are subject to regulatory controls. This e-guide offers a comprehensive overview of data protection best practices for ensuring both security and compliance.


Data Protection 2.0: It’s Not Just Names and Numbers Anymore by  Tripwire, Inc.

February 08, 2011 - The external forces of advanced threats and compliance obligations, combined with the internal forces of new business initiatives, lead to a complex set of data protec­tion requirements. This paper provides an overview of the many data protection challenges CISOs face and suggests a sequence of five actions to take to address these challenges.


Data Protection and Backup: Questions to Consider When Creating Your Disaster Recovery Plan by  StorageCraft Technology Corporation

February 18, 2011 - When it comes to data protection and recovery, many businesses are not as safe as they believe. The first thing that comes to mind when considering a disaster recovery plan, by the average consumer and corporate technology professionals alike, is a backup of critical files. This white paper will answer important questions on backups and recovery.


Data Protection and Disaster Recovery: How to look after your critical data by  Iron Mountain

October 16, 2013 - Check out this informative paper to explore an off-site data protection solution that guarantees your data's longevity, even in the face of a disaster. Read on to learn more.


Data protection FAQ by  Quantum Corporation

August 01, 2008 - Watch this expert Podcast to discover how you can confidently manage the explosive data growth and avoid the pitfalls of single server-based backup.


Data protection for big data environments by  IBM

July 31, 2013 - Every organization is itching to harness the power and promise of big data, but ensuring the veracity and security of that information isn't easy. Traditional, manual methods of discovering and governing data often don't apply -- so how exactly do you ensure data protection for big data environments?


Data Protection for businesses with remote offices across multiple locations by  HP & Intel®

November 09, 2010 - This white paper drills deeper into challenges and the considerations for a better way to approach data protection. It also explains how the HP data protection portfolio can help businesses overcome their data protection challenges, and drive better business outcomes.


Data Protection for Businesses with Remote Offices Across Multiple Locations by  HP and Intel

May 18, 2011 - Check out this whitepaper sponsored by HP and Intel to see how HP and their various data protection offerings can help your organization mitigate the risk of data loss and drive better business outcomes.


Data Protection for Isilon Scale-Out NAS by  Isilon Systems

May 01, 2009 - This paper examines several challenges and recommends solutions for ensuring data availability in an Isilon scale-out NAS clustered storage environment. The best solutions typically involve the use of multiple technologies.


Data Protection for the Mobile Workforce - Presentation Transcript by  Dell, Inc.

February 20, 2009 - This presentation transcript shares with you some of the best ways you can deal with the security challenges associated with your mobile workforce - including data loss and system unavailability.


Data Protection for Virtual Environments by  Quantum Corporation

September 26, 2008 - Please join this webcast as Randy Glissmann, Solutions Marketing Manager, Quantum, explains Quantum solutions for virtual server data protection. Greg Schulz, Founder and Sr. Analyst – The StorageIO Group and author of "Resilient Storage Networks" and "The Green and Virtual Data Center," will also be speaking.


Data Protection for Virtual Environments Webcast by  Quantum Corporation

September 21, 2009 - In this webcast, Greg Schulz, Founder and Senior Analyst at The StorageIO Group, and Randy Glissman, Solutions Marketing Manager at Quantum, explore solutions for virtual server data protection and discuss general data center trends and perspectives.


Data Protection for Virtual Server Environments: Exploring Options and Technologies for Backup and Recovery of Virtual Machines by  Datalink

November 05, 2008 - This white paper provides practical advice and considerations surrounding backup and recovery of virtual server infrastructures.


Data Protection for Virtualization by  Dell, Inc.

March 29, 2012 - Discover how you can ensure comprehensive and reliable data protection for your virtualized environment with enhanced storage infrastructure that offers frequent snapshots and clones, automated off-site disaster recovery, source and target based deduplication and more.


Data Protection in a Hyper-V Environment by  Dell, Inc.

February 08, 2010 - This document provides information about planning your backup and restore strategies using Microsoft Hyper-V technology and the Dell PowerVault MD3000 storage array or the MD3000i storage array. Hyper-V provides the software infrastructure and management tools in Windows Server 2008 to create and manage a virtualized server computing environment.


Data Protection Masterclass: Global Privacy by  ComputerWeekly.com

May 24, 2012 - This presentation from international law firm, Morrison and Foerster offers guidance to companies attempting to navigate privacy regulations in multiple jurisdictions.


Data Protection Masterclass: New EU Data Protection Regulation by  ComputerWeekly.com

September 28, 2012 - Law firm, Morrison & Foerster, examines the impact of new EU Data Protection legislation on buinsesses.


Data Protection Options for Virtualized Servers: Demystifying Virtual Server Data Protection - Best Practices and Technologies by  Quantum Corporation

June 01, 2008 - Virtualized server environments or infrastructures have varying functionalities and interfaces for application aware integration to enable complete and comprehensive data protection with data and transactional integrity.


Data Protection Report 2008: Best Practices in Data Backup & Recovery by  Overland Storage

February 14, 2008 - This white paper outlines the survey results of over 135 storage professionals to understand the top goals, challenges and trends related to data protection in 2008. Read this white paper to learn what's in store for this year.


Data Protection Software for Unified Recovery by  IBM

October 31, 2012 - Access this data sheet to discover a family of highly scalable data protection software for unified recovery that provides storage and backup administrators with a simplified, alternative method for procuring and deploying throughout the infrastructure the data protection and recovery solutions that meet the needs for their particular environment.


Data Protection Solution-Taking Control of Your Data by  Lumension

October 30, 2008 - Whatever your industry, safeguarding your data is critical to running your business and protecting the privacy of employees and customers. Learn four critical steps to effectively implement removable device control.


Data Protection Solutions at Midsize Organizations by  Trend Micro, Inc.

February 01, 2008 - In January of 2008, a random sample of online technical newsletter subscribers at midsize companies (100- 5,000 employees) received an email invitation to participate in a survey about data protection solutions use at their organizations. The goal of the survey was to identify sources of and/or reasons for information security breaches and more.


Data protection strategies for rapid, effective data center recovery by  Dell and VMware

December 31, 2012 - This white paper explores a storage platform that includes a comprehensive set of data protection capabilities that help you meet operational and DR requirements at both local and remote sites.


Data Protection Strategies Leveraging Replication: An In-Depth Look at Evaluation Criteria and Usage Scenarios by  Double-Take Software

February 29, 2008 - As dependence on continuous access to critical data grows, so does the importance of avoiding service interruption. This paper examines four data protection strategies and compares their merits for the most common business continuance scenarios.


Data Protection Using Premium Features: PowerVault™ MD3000 and MD3000i by  Dell, Inc.

August 01, 2008 - Dell offers key-enabled premium features to help enhance the functionality of the PowerVault MD3000 and MD3000i storage arrays, these optional premium features include Virtual Disk Snapshot and Virtual Disk Copy.


Data Protection Virtual Seminar by  SearchSecurity.com

November 17, 2009 - The combination of the ever-changing compliance landscape, Web 2.0 and technologies such as mobile devices have made it increasingly more difficult to track where your confidential data resides and put mechanisms in place to protect it.


Data Protection: Evaluating Business Requirements & Classifying Your Data by  BakBone

January 10, 2011 - This paper discusses an approach to evaluating data at a business level, and implementing a data protection strategy that safeguards your organization based on the value of its data.


Data Protection: Evaluating Business Requirements and Classifying Your Data by  Dell Software

March 30, 2011 - Protecting your company's data and applications means much more than running a backup routine. It should mean protecting your business assets throughout their lifecycle — preservation, recoverability and availability. A complete data-protection approach can help your company adapt to rapidly changing opportunities. Read the White Paper.


Data Protection: Protect Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Environments by  Dell, Inc.

May 31, 2013 - This informative paper examines a data protection solution that's built for today's IT and can help you get back up and running after system downtime ASAP. Read on to learn more.


Data Protection: Shedding the Light on Tape Encryption by  Iron Mountain

May 12, 2011 - Tape is an important part of organizations’ business continuity programs. However, since tape is portable, all of its contents − if not encrypted − are subject to exposure. Organizations must implement practices to ensure the security of its tapes’ contents. Read this white paper to learn more.


Data Protection: Solutions for Privacy, Disclosure and Encryption by  Trend Micro, Inc.

July 15, 2010 - Trend Micro data protection solutions address privacy, breach disclosure, and encryption requirements with Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention solutions. These solutions address common IT compliance challenges with accuracy, usability, and cost-effectiveness. Read this white paper for more details.


Data Quality - The Foundation of Operational Effectiveness by  Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software

April 01, 2008 - Operational and analytical business processes rely on a solid, high-quality data foundation, but companies often neglect data quality until a major problem occurs that could've been avoided. Learn about the benefits and importance of da...


Data Quality and Identity Resolution by  Informatica

May 30, 2008 - This paper describes how identity resolution complements and extends the application of data quality and data integration processes into business applications.


Data Quality by the Numbers: Best Practices for Managing Business Data by  DataFlux Corporation

March 01, 2008 - Find out how data quality technologies can be customized to support a broad variety of business data and provide the same capabilities -- data profiling, data quality, data integration, data enrichment and data monitoring -- that govern customer data.


Data Quality Considerations in Master Data Management Structure by  Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software

September 13, 2011 - This white paper discusses the challenges, solutions and importance of data management consolidation within an organization.


Data Quality Considerations in Master Data Management Structures by  Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software

May 01, 2008 - In this white paper, learn how to implement and enforce enterprise-wide Master Data Management solutions.


Data Quality Management: The Key to Successful Predictive Analytics by  Information Builders

August 01, 2012 - As more and more companies begin to leverage predictive analytics to improve their business intelligence strategies, it's becoming evident that effective predictive models begin with data quality management. Read on to learn more about the impact data quality has on predictive analytics and how to easily improve your data quality.


Data Quality Management: The Key to Successful Predictive Analytics by  Information Builders

December 05, 2011 - This paper uncovers the importance of data quality management as it relates to predictive analytics.


Data Quality Process Needs All Hands on Deck by  Harte-Hanks Trillium Software

December 26, 2013 - Access the following expert e-guide to uncover the best practices and procedures for developing and implementing a successful data quality strategy.


Data Quality Strategy: A Step-by-Step Approach by  SAP America, Inc.

February 01, 2010 - Learn about the importance of having a data quality strategy and setting the overall goals. The six factors of data are also explained in detail and how to tie it together for implementation.


Data Quality: Standardize, Validate and Improve Your Information Assets by  DataFlux Corporation

March 01, 2008 - This paper will cover techniques for implementing the processes and technology necessary to correct and standardize information-and teach you a process to improve business processes to consistently produce accurate and reliable information.


Data Quality: The Foundation of Operational Effectiveness by  Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software

September 13, 2011 - This white paper discusses the importance of data quality operations and how to successfully implement a data quality strategy into your organization.


Data Replication: Not Just for DR Anymore by  CommVault Systems, Inc.

April 12, 2012 - Read this E-Guide today to learn about developments in data replication that enable users to utilize this technology not only for disaster recovery (DR) purposes, but also in the day-to-day recovery of systems and data.


Data Risk Management Solutions by  IBM Software Group

May 01, 2007 - This white paper details the benefits of effectively calculating and quantifying risk to data within an organization, highlighting a holistic approach to monitoring, measuring and managing data risk and compliance.


Data Security and Governance best practices for 2012 by  Advent Global Solutions Inc.

December 30, 2011 - This extensive e-guide focuses on how to remain up to speed with data security and governance programs for your growing enterprise.


Data Security and Privacy Concerns Pushed into the Spotlight by  GeoTrust, Inc.

July 19, 2013 - In this searchCompliance.com e-guide, uncover the core benefits data privacy programs, data protection strategies, and data-loss incident readiness plans have to offer and key steps for achieving them, with a particular focus placed on BYOD.


Data Security and Privacy: A Holistic Approach by  IBM

September 01, 2011 - This paper examines the complex data security and privacy threat landscape; compliance and regulatory requirements; and, the IBM InfoSphere portfolio of integrated solutions designed to help you stay focused on meeting your organization’s business goals, achieving compliance and reducing risk.


Data Security Checklist: Tips for Managing the Mobile Enterprise by  Accellion, Inc.

November 30, 2013 - This document presents a checklist of data security features to consider when establishing an enterprise mobility management strategy.


Data Security for Mobile Users: One Size Does Not Fit All by  Accellion, Inc.

April 30, 2014 - Read this whitepaper to learn the 3 key criteria for customizing a mobile security policy for your users.


Data Security in the E-discovery Process by  SearchCompliance.com

October 04, 2011 - In this eBook from the experts at SearchCompliance.com, discover all you need to know about e-discovery, compliance, and data security in order to plan for success in your organization. Find out how effective records management can ease the pain of e-discovery, how Web forensics can help protect your data, and more.


Data Security Laws in the US by  Quantum Corporation

July 01, 2009 - This list features a selection of Data Security laws in the US. As Quantum is a computer storage company, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this list. Please check with your local government or legal advisors on the laws in your own location. Thank you.


Data Security Through the Cloud by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

March 06, 2014 - The combination of cloud computing and mobility is often the perfect storm for security threats. Check out this blog post to learn about the threats that could be facing your data stored in the cloud, and how to overcome 2014's top cloud security challenges.


Data Security vs. Performance: Balancing Competing Requirements with New Encryption Capabilities by  SEPATON

August 27, 2013 - This e-guide elaborates on new features and benefits of backup and recovery and explains why they are especially critical in IT environments with large volumes of data.


Data Services: The Marriage of Data Integration and Application Integration by  Talend

December 31, 2012 - Integration of systems and data is high on the agenda of most organizations. Unfortunately, in many organizations today a labyrinth of integration solutions has been developed. This white paper describes the importance of unification and centralization of integration.


Data Sheet: Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform by  Hitachi Data Systems

December 21, 2010 - The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is the only 3D scaling storage platform designed for all data types. With the unique management capabilities of Hitachi Command Suite software, it transforms the data center. Access the data sheet now to learn more.


Data Sheet: Sunbelt Exchange Archiver by  Sunbelt Software

October 01, 2007 - This white paper explains how a comprehensive email archiving approach can help administrators relieve storage pressures off Exchange servers and streamline backup while achieving compliance with regulations.


Data Sheet: Trend Micro Deep Security 7 by  Trend Micro

October 21, 2009 - This data sheet outlines the benefits of Trend Micro Deep Security, which provides server security in physical, virtual, and cloud computing environments. This comprehensive solution also protects applications, operating systems, web applications, and enterprise systems from attacks.


Data Sheet: What's New in Red Hat Satellite 5.6? by  Red Hat

October 24, 2013 - Discover the new Red Hat Satellite 5.6 capabilities and features that provide administrators with the means to efficiently manage their systems, lowering per-system deployment and management costs.


Data stewardship central to data governance programs by  SAP America, Inc.

November 21, 2012 - Access this E-guide to examine the important role of quality booster of a data steward. Learn the multiple hurdles to get over along the path to effective data stewardship. And discover how once you get over those hurdles, a well-executed data stewardship program can offer you clean, accurate and consistent data across your organization.


Data stewardship program: Quality booster, but a hard step for many by  SAP America, Inc.

December 07, 2012 - Data stewards are central to the success of data governance programs. Without data stewards to facilitate the communications about data issues between IT and the business side, diverging data definitions, policies and quality controls can easily get out of control. This e-guide offers tips and best practices.


Data Storage Backup Security tutorial: Tape Encryption and Cloud Backup by  Quantum Corporation

August 01, 2009 - Data storage backups are a necessary element of data protection plan, but they're often the biggest source of security woes. Learn everything you need to know about keeping your backups secure in this tutorial.


Data storage backup security tutorial: Tape encryption and cloud backup by  Quantum Corporation

September 18, 2009 - Data storage backups are a necessary element of data protection plan, but they're often the biggest source of security woes. Learn everything you need to know about keeping your backups secure in this tutorial.


Data Storage Efficiency Tips: Reuse, Virtualize, Don't Overdo Flash by  Dell, Inc.

March 04, 2014 - The e-guide gives tips for efficiency in storage centers from an expert in the industry. It also gives some challenges that are facing storage managers these days.


Data Storage in the Cloud - Can You Afford Not To? by  Riverbed Technology, Inc.

July 01, 2011 - Storing data in the cloud overcomes a serious challenge for IT departments: how to manage the vast, and ever-growing, amount of data that must be protected. This paper makes the business case for cloud storage, outlining where capital and operational costs can be eliminated or avoided by using the cloud for backup and archive storage.


Data Storage in the Cloud: On-Premises Storage and Public Clouds by  NetApp

November 05, 2013 - This expert e-guide focuses on the hybrid deployment model and the pros and cons associated with integrating on-premises storage with a public cloud. Explore three variations of this approach and determine which one makes the most sense for your infrastructure. Read on now to learn more.


Data Storage That Simply Changes Everything by  StorMagic, Inc.

May 20, 2008 - With data doubling each year, StorMagic's SM Series gives you the power of enterprise SAN storage-without the cost or complexity.


Data Storage, Management, and Recovery: Solution Selection Criteria by  IBM

August 24, 2012 - In this brief video, you will discover how IBM and Tivoli solutions have helped Hertz Australia manage massive, enterprise-wide data growth. Find out how implementing disaster recovery management enabled Hertz Australia to manage their environment on a single command.


Data Virtualisation for Agile Data Provisioning by  Denodo Technologies

April 02, 2012 - This white paper addresses how data virtualisation can allow better data access and improve business performance.


Data Virtualization Goes Mainstream - Solving Key Data Integration Challenges by  Denodo Technologies

April 11, 2012 - This paper discusses how to overcome key data integration challenges with more agility than traditional technologies for structured, unstructured, Web, cloud and big data sources.


Data Virtualization Platform Maturity Model by  Composite Software

September 01, 2010 - In an environment of ever evolving needs and solutions, enterprises and government agencies must select the right data virtualization offering to meet their needs. This Data Virtualization Leadership Series paper describes this model and how it can be used for both initial evaluation and on-going optimization of data virtualization platforms.


Data Virtualization Unifies Data Access for Actionable BI and Agile Processes by  Denodo Technologies

July 15, 2011 - A unified data access layer using data virtualization provides agile data services that can deliver BI to business processes. Companies with traditional BI installations disconnected from business processes lack this agility. BI/Analytics needs to be agile and more actionable in the context of business processes to realize maximum benefits.


Data Visualization Purchasing Guide by  Tableau Software

August 12, 2013 - At a recent Gartner Business Intelligence Summit, 50% of panelists reported that decision-makers are investing in data visualization tools to eliminate the bottlenecks within their IT departments and reach their analytical goals. To find out more about the benefits of data visualization technology, access this expert guide.


Data Visualization: 7 Considerations for Visualization Deployment by  SAS

April 28, 2014 - The following white paper explores the top 7 considerations for implementing a data visualization solution in your enterprise. Learn how data visualization can give way to far deeper insights, better decision making, and much more.


Data Visualization: Charting the Best Course for Your Organization by  SAS

April 23, 2014 - The following white paper examines how data visualization can help organizations tap into the full value of their information. Also gain insight on key considerations to help guide you to the right choice when selecting a data visualization solution.


Data vs. Instinct: Perfecting global sales performance by  Oracle Corporation

January 03, 2014 - Access this paper today to take a look at how sales executives optimize their sales structures, territories, and incentive plans. Also inside, find survey results that reveal findings from senior decision-makers that investigated the sales executive realm.


Data warehouse augmentation: the queryable data store by  IBM

December 31, 2013 - This white paper highlights how organizations can leverage big data to solve business challenges. It focusses on queryable data stores as a way to reduce costs and gain business insights.


Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for IBM System z by  IBM

March 18, 2011 - In this paper you will read about how IBM offers not only a flexible, scalable, cost-effective mainframe platform - the IBM System z™ - but also delivers a portfolio of innovative business intelligence and data warehousing solutions for the mainframe.


Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for IBM System z by  IBM

June 01, 2008 - Today, data warehousing and business intelligence are mission-critical functions for organizations of all types and sizes. IBM System z supports the entire data warehousing cycle, along with business intelligence software to deliver a total solution infrastruc­ture. Read this white paper to learn more.


Data Warehousing as a Service by  Kognitio

June 11, 2013 - This concise case study outlines how they chose to leverage a Data warehousing as a Service (DaaS), allowing their pricing analysts to have access to a live analytical database, reports, and a team of experienced consultants who understand their business requirements.


Data warehousing technology trends by  HP

August 31, 2011 - An eBook that helps selects the right data warehouse platform for your organization and  furthers understanding in-database analytics technology.


Data, Disconnected: Communications Firms Take the Necessary Steps to Build Greater Accuracy into Their Customer Management Processes by  Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software

January 20, 2009 - This white paper for the communications sector examines how inaccurate data can impact customer relationships and how implementing a multi-phase process can help feed cleaner customer data into enterprise solutions to maximize return on investment.


Data-Driven Sales: An Economist Intelligence Unit Report by  Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

December 31, 2012 - View this comprehensive survey from the Economist Intelligence unit to learn how sales executives optimize their sales structures, territories and incentive plans. Hear from 229 executives from around the globe and learn how successful teams leverage data to coordinate sales territories and incentives to get the right people in the right places.


Data-Driven Systems Engineering Platform: Develop Intelligent , Interconnected Automotive Products by  IBM

May 07, 2014 - In this brief news release, read about the collaboration between Robert Bosch GmbH -- a German engineering and electronics company -- and IBM that resulted in a data-driven systems engineering platform to help develop intelligent, interconnected automotive products.


Database Archiving Software by  Storage Magazine

October 01, 2006 - Are bloated data stores slowing down your database applications? Database archivers can trim the fat, improve performance and protect historical data.


Database as a Service (DBaaS): How to Create a Database Cloud Service by  Oracle Corporation

June 05, 2014 - This webinar explains how transitioning to database-as-a-service will automate more processes, deliver services faster and lower risk and costs. Watch now to better understand the benefits of presenting and documenting IT services in a service catalog, how to create an effective business catalog to deliver DBaaS to consumers, and more.


Database Auditing Tools and Strategies by  Hexis Cyber Solutions Inc

November 01, 2008 - This paper is to introduce the current options available for database auditing and trade-offs using each.


Database Consolidation onto Private Clouds by  Oracle Corporation

July 17, 2012 - This white paper describes how to successfully consolidate your database onto a private cloud through several deployment models.


Database Consolidation onto Private Clouds by  Oracle Corporation

August 01, 2011 - Consolidating databases onto a private cloud is a new model for the delivery of database services. Private clouds consolidate servers, storage, operating systems, databases, and mixed workloads onto a shared hardware and software infrastructure.


Database Crime Scene Prevention by  Imperva

February 20, 2009 - This article examines known attacks, methods, and tools used by criminals, as well as emerging exploit categories used to break into a database, establish control, compromise the system, steal the data, and cover up the tracks. Read this short article to learn best practices for protecting databases against these attack methods.


Database Development Best Practices by  Dell Software

April 01, 2008 - Check out the Best Practices video with Steven Feuerstein.


Database Manageability and Productivity Cost Comparison Study: Oracle Database 11g Release 2 vs. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Release 2 by  Oracle Corporation

June 25, 2012 - <p>Review this cost comparison study of Oracle Database 11g R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and uncover which technology came out on top. Find out which solution offered a 49% higher time savings, 46% more in complexity savings, and whose time savings amounted to saving $58,800 per year per database administrator.</p>


Database Middleware: Struggling with Performance? by  Progress DataDirect

February 03, 2011 - Drivers are an important component of database middleware, but they don’t work in isolation. They’re part of a multi-layered architecture that handles the communication between a database application and the database management software. Learn how these layers influence performance and how to optimize efficiency for data requests and responses.


Database Security Audit and Protect Critical Databases by  Imperva

February 04, 2011 - Databases store extraordinarily valuable and confidential data. An increasing number of compliance regulations compel organizations to audit access to this sensitive data and protect it from attack and abuse.


Database Security: Audit and Protect Critical Databases by  Imperva

September 07, 2010 - Databases store extraordinarily valuable and confidential data. An increasing number of compliance regulations compel organizations to audit access to this sensitive data and protect it from attack and abuse.


Database Storage for Dummies by  Oracle Corporation

June 10, 2014 - This Database Storage for Dummies edition explores data storage and infrastructure challenges, particularly how Oracle's hardware and software strategy helps yield significant performance, efficiency, and cost benefits.


Database Wars 2.0: Bringing Control To Chaos by  Progress

January 30, 2014 - Organizations could use some help establishing and maintaining control over their valuable information and, ultimately, business success. Access this white paper today to better understand how you can gain data control amidst the incessant chaos.


Database Worst Practices: The Top 5 Mistakes Developers Make by  EnterpriseDB Corporation

August 28, 2009 - Download this webcast and learn how applications today are growing more and more complex with an increased risk of error and what you can do to prevent this.


Databases and ERP Selection: Oracle vs. SQL Server by  IFS

June 19, 2009 - How do Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database platforms compare on reliability, scalability and cost when run under enterprise software? Download this white paper for details.


Databases and ERP Selection: Oracle Vs. SQL Server by  IFS

January 11, 2012 - In this paper, learn why the database layer is so important to the software selection of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Also compare Oracle database to SQL Server databases.


Databases at Risk: Current State of Database Security (Enterprise Strategy Group) by  IBM

September 25, 2009 - This ESG Research Brief analyzes the current state of database security and categorizes databases as a “dangerous and growing security gap”. Read this brief which offers steps to improve database security across the enterprise.


Datacenter Automation: Accelerating Market Maturity through Investment in IT by  Hewlett-Packard Company

February 09, 2009 - This study analyzes the idea of datacenter automation, and it looks across the impact that automation has on IT service delivery, cost reduction, and business impact.


Datacenter Consolidation Best Practices Whitepaper by  Virtual Instruments

February 13, 2012 - Check out this white paper to learn why consolidating your storage may be the answer to your content management and security challenges. In this paper, learn about the changing requirements of today's storage landscape and receive best practices to help you manage performance, capacity, reliability and cost of your organization's storage.


Datacenter Efficiency with Oracle x86 Blade System Solutions by  Oracle Corporation

October 11, 2011 - The integration of Oracle's x86 blade systems, Oracle VM, and Oracle Unified Storage appliances, connected with either Ethernet or InfiniBand fabric services, forms a dynamic and elastic infrastructure-as-a-service solution for private cloud deployments. Read this white paper to learn more.


Datacenter Management Optimization with Microsoft System Center by  Microsoft

September 08, 2009 - System Center lowers the cost of delivering datacenter services through integrated, end-to-end management of physical and virtual environments, and supports the optimization of the datacenter in three primary ways. Each of these benefits, and the solutions that enable them, are discussed in this paper.

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