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Author and deploy rules using WebSphere Decision Management by  IBM

July 07, 2011 - Learn how the WebSphere ILOG Business Rules Management System (BRMS) can automate decision making for data validation, eligibility and pricing. This demo uses an insurance industry scenario to show how the WebSphere ILOG BRMS can be used by organizations.


Author and deploy rules using WebSphere ILOG JRules Business Rules Management System by  IBM

December 12, 2010 - Learn how the WebSphere ILOG JRules BRMS can automate decision making for data validation, eligibility and pricing in a real-world scenario. This demo shows how JRules BRMS allows organizations to gain a competitive advantage by adapting business systems to evolve with changing business policies and decisions.


Authoring reports with Cognos Business Intelligence by  IBM

November 06, 2013 - The following white paper discusses how a new technology has effectively eliminated the challenges associated with report authoring and what you can do to satisfy the need of your company to maintain and communicate the best reports possible.


Authoritative Guide to Advanced LTE Testing by  Ixia

March 06, 2014 - Find out how to measure the critical elements of network performance under real-world conditions and extreme scale in order to take the guesswork out of determining network quality.


Auto-Snapshot Manager/ VMware® Edition: Automated, Integrated, And Scalable Protection Of Virtual Machines by  Dell, Inc.

November 10, 2008 - Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition (ASM/VE) is a unique and innovative data protection feature of the Dell EqualLogic™ PS Series iSCSI SAN that enables fast online backups and quick restores of VMware virtual machines and VMFS file systems.


Auto-Snapshot Manager/ VMware® Edition: Automated, Integrated, And Scalable Protection Of Virtual Machines by  Dell | EqualLogic

November 01, 2008 - Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition (ASM/VE) is a unique and innovative data protection feature of the Dell EqualLogic™ PS Series iSCSI SAN that enables fast online backups and quick restores of VMware virtual machines and VMFS file systems.


Auto-Snapshot Manager/Microsoft Edition for Hyper-V by  Dell, Inc.

March 25, 2009 - Dell's Auto-Snapshot Manager / Microsoft Edition is an innovative bundled data protection feature of the Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI SAN. It's designed to help deliver high-performance, redundant, highly-available storage platforms for Hyper-V deployments - supporting departmental to mission-critical Windows server applications.


Auto-Snapshot Manager/Vmware Edition Automated, Integrated, and Scalable Protection of Virtual Machines by  Dell, Inc.

June 24, 2009 - This paper will discuss High performance, space-efficient hypervisor-aware SAN-based snapshot and replication support, backup and recovery, IT infrastructure, as well as virtual security.


Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition in Action by  Dell, Inc.

September 01, 2008 - Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition is a new feature of the Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI SAN that enables fast online backup and quick restores of Virtual Machines.


Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware® Edition: Automated, Integrated, and Scalable Protection of Virtual Machines by  Dell, Inc.

September 01, 2008 - Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition (ASM/VE) is a unique and innovative data protection feature of the Dell EqualLogic™ PS Series iSCSI SAN that enables fast online backups and quick restores of VMware virtual machines.


Automate Spending Controls for Big Savings, a Case Study by  ExpenseWatch.com

March 24, 2008 - In this case study, learn how one company automated company expense reporting, saving thousands of dollars a year and accelerating the review and approval process.


Automate Storage Tiering Simply and Efficiently with Dell EqualLogic PS Series Virtualized iSCSI SANs by  Dell, Inc.

December 01, 2011 - Tiered storage is a smart storage solution that directs application workloads to a specific storage location (or "tier") based on performance and cost characteristics. This white paper provides an introduction to tiered storage; learn exactly how tiered storage functions, and how to determine which data should be sent to which tier.


Automate storage tiering simply and efficiently with Dell EqualLogic PS Series virtualized iSCSI SANs by  Dell, Inc.

August 03, 2010 - Automated Storage Tiering features provided standard on Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS Series SANs are designed to help organizations to reduce costs, improve performance, optimize SAN storage, and much more. Read this solution brief to learn more about the features and business benefits.


Automate to Thrive: Driving Business Agility with Effective Release Management by  SERENA Software, Inc.

April 03, 2012 - This white paper gives an overview of the challenges release management presents, three tips for improving your software release strategies, and insight on how effective release management is poised to become a driver of competitive advantage.


Automate Your Business Processes with the Digital Mailroom by  Kofax, Inc.

December 31, 2013 - Check out this exclusive white paper to uncover the tool capable of transforming documentation reception and processing into a more efficient "digital mailroom", so you can improve customer service, reduce costs and more.


Automate Your Cloud-based Services: HP Business Cloud for SAP Landscape by  HP & Intel®

December 20, 2010 - Enterprises depend on SAP applications to support their mission-critical business processes today more than ever before. Read this solution brief to discover how your organization can take advantage of the speed, agility and unsurpassed automation of cloud-based services.


Automated Business Intelligence: Delivering Real Business Value, Quickly, Easily, and Affordably by  Birst

June 19, 2009 - This White Paper explores how traditional approaches fall short, what the automated solution and its benefits look like, how the on-demand delivery model best represents the integrated stack necessary for automation, and how the automated, on-demand model brings the benefits of BI to a far broader audience than ever before.


Automated Compliance: Making the Case and Reaping the Rewards by  Tripwire, Inc.

March 30, 2009 - Regulatory compliance is a priority that never goes away for banking institutions. In this podcast, learn about the core competencies of regulatory compliance and the regulatory compliance trends to watch for in 2009.


Automated Data Backup: Protect Distributed Data with a Robust, Security-Rich Backup and Recovery System by  IBM

August 04, 2011 - Your business depends on consistent access to vital data. Without an automated data backup system, your organization can be vulnerable if your storage systems are compromised. This data sheet discusses how IBM can help with a professionally managed, cloud-based data protection service.


Automated Disaster Recovery with VMware SRM and Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SANs by  Dell, Inc.

September 01, 2008 - Dell EqualLogic™ PS Series arrays and VMware® Site Recovery Manager (SRM) software provide integrated, cost-effective, automated site recovery and testing for enterprise data centers.


Automated Energy Efficiency for the Intelligent Business by  Intel Corporation

April 20, 2009 - By replacing aging single-core processor-based servers with new, more energy-efficient servers, you can gain capacity to grow and to increase IT performance using fewer servers. The estimated cost savings from energy and other operating cost efficiencies can pay for new servers in a an estimated 8 months.


Automated Energy Efficiency for the Intelligent Business - Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series Delivers Energy Efficiency Without Compromising Performance by  Insight & Intel

October 06, 2009 - The Intel Xeon processor 5500 series with Intel® Intelligent Power Technology, delivers up to 50 percent lower idle power. By replacing aging single-core processor-based servers with new, more energy-efficient servers, you can gain capacity to grow and to increase IT performance using fewer servers.


Automated Invoice Processing into Oracle E-Business Suite by  ReadSoft

August 19, 2009 - Document automation will add to the company's bottom line, save time, better business processes, and increased control. This paper will demonstrate how to automate the AP process within Oracle E-Business Suite, and what type of investment will need to be made and what kind of benefits can be expected.


Automated Life-Cycle Management: A Critical Enabler for Cloud-Ready Datacenters by  IBM

May 01, 2013 - This whitepaper explores the role that standards, automation, orchestration and advanced analytics play in optimizing the full datacenter operations life cycle across today’s dynamic datacenter environments.


Automated Lifecycle Management: A Critical Enabler for Cloud-Ready Data Centers by  IBM

May 15, 2013 - This whitepaper covers how organizations are will start to move towards a hybrid software-defined cloud as they become more comfortable with the technology.


Automated Log Analytics Critical For Security and Compliance Management by  VMware, Inc.

June 01, 2013 - Access this resource to uncover a new category of log analytics tools to accommodate the trend in virtual and cloud infrastructures for efficient troubleshooting, security, and compliance management.


Automated Log Management for Hybrid Cloud Environments by  VMware, Inc.

May 13, 2013 - In this white paper, discover a log management tool that addresses the needs of today's dynamic environment by providing quality of service, operational efficiency, and compliance features for optimum infrastructure and application service levels.


Automated Network Lifecycle Management-- Unifying Fault, Performance, and Configuration Management to Increase Uptime, Reduce Costs, and Minimize Human Error by  Hewlett-Packard Company

December 12, 2008 - Learn about the benefits of state-of-the-art network fault management, performance management, and configuration management systems and the integration that brings them together.


Automated Processing of Vendor Invoices by  Esker Inc.

July 10, 2013 - View this white paper to learn more about how much your business is spending on the accounts payable document processes. It explores how SAP ERP solutions can improve your accounts payable and lower the cost to your business.


Automated Sales Order Processing with SAP Solutions by  Esker Inc.

February 27, 2008 - Don't miss this opportunity to see how document process automation for customer orders can help your company improve key performance indicators.


Automated SAN Storage Tiering: Four Use Cases by  Dell, Inc.

August 24, 2010 - Check out this webcast to learn how SAN tiering can improve both performance and efficiency and how Dell's PS Series' intelligent, virtualized storage technologies can help simplify tiering design, implementation and management.


Automated Solution's for SANS Critical Controls for Effective Cyber Defense by  Promisec

May 22, 2014 - This informative guide explores the top 5 critical controls for effective cybersecurity and how they will help ensure security for your organization.


Automated Storage Optimization for z/OS Mainframes by  CA Technologies.

August 01, 2007 - In this paper learn about how the CA Automated Storage Optimization Mainframe Suite is flexible and modular so there is no need to "rip and replace" as processes, applications and users are added while the value of information evolves.


Automated Storage Optimization for z/OS Mainframes by  CA Technologies.

February 11, 2010 - Unifying and optimizing mainframe storage management practices under a single storage resource management (SRM) system delivers reductions in cost and administrative complexity. Read this paper to learn more about the benefits of the CA Automated Storage Optimization Mainframe Suite.


Automated Tiered Storage Claims its Space in the Storage Market by  Dell Compellent

October 03, 2011 - This SearchStorage.com E-Guide outlines how vendors are implementing this technology, and in particular what automated tiered storage approach they’re taking for solid-state drive.


Automated Tiered Storage: Tracking a Page by  Dell, Inc.

March 02, 2012 - Automated tiered storage and continuous snapshot technologies bring storage efficiency and performance to a new level. Watch now to see how combining the two features optimizes data placement and hear best practices for configuring tiering profiles and snapshot schedules for long-term results.


Automated, centralized management for enterprise servers by  IBM

August 28, 2013 - As today’s workforce becomes increasingly distributed, effective endpoint management is becoming critical, and IT needs visibility into disparate endpoints in order to handle whatever problems might arise without causing major disruption. This exclusive paper examines an IBM endpoint manager solution.


Automated, Repeatable Testing with TestPartner by  Compuware Corporation

June 01, 2004 - TestPartner is an automated testing tool that accelerates the functional testing of business-critical applications. With TestPartner, you can validate your applications before going live.


Automated, Standardized, and Private Cloud Management by  Novell, Inc.

October 21, 2010 - This iView describes the types of operational changes IT teams need to make in order to benefit from the promise of private-cloud architectures, and identifies a key set of capabilities and attributes to look for when considering management tools to help implement, automate, and operate these environments.


Automatic Data Optimization and Storage Solution Protocols by  Oracle Corporation

June 12, 2014 - This webcast talks about technologies such as Automatic Data Optimization, Hybrid Columnar Compression, Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol, and many of the features new to Oracle Database 12c.


Automatic Failover for DR 101: Who Needs It and How It Works by  FalconStor Software

July 29, 2011 - In this presentation transcript, Andrew Burton, senior editor of SearchDisasterRecovery.com and Jeff Boles, senior analyst with the Taneja Group, discuss who should consider automatic failover, the vendors that offer products in this space, how the technology works, and the challenges associated with automatic failover.


Automatic Load Balancing Relieves Administrative Burden by  Dell, Inc.

December 01, 2008 - Storage consolidation enables organizations to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and simplify management. But how does an organization ensure that consolidation does not cause performance issues? To avoid performance utilization problems administrators should provision storage so that loads are balanced across resources evenly.


Automatically Dictate Progress Notes Directly into the EHR by  Nuance

December 31, 2013 - This white paper features a solution that allows clinicians to dictate their progress notes, which are later sent to the EHR, to eliminate incomprehensive and inaccuracies from handwritten notes.


Automating a Unified Physical Infrastructure by  Panduit

August 20, 2010 - Read our fourth newsletter featuring research from Gartner to learn how to support business requirements and customer demands in the datacenter while reducing capital and operational expenses.


Automating Application Quality & Testing Strategically Drives Success by  CA Technologies.

February 29, 2012 - This resource describes how the right Application Quality Management and Testing Tools (AQM&TT) are necessary for ensuring application performance in today's increasingly complex IT environment. Read on to learn more.


Automating business processes in Oracle environments by  UC4 Software, Inc

November 09, 2011 - In this latter part of a two-part e-guide series, readers will discover how batch jobs are connected to business processes, and will examine business process automation in Oracle-specific environments. In addition, find out when batch is appropriate for managing business processes, and when a more manual approach might work best.


Automating Closed-Loop Marketing by  Neolane Inc.

October 14, 2008 - Aberdeen research reveals closed-loop marketing practices and processes are fundamental drivers of superior performance for Best-in-Class companies; making closed-loop marketing as important today as it ever was in the past.


Automating Complete PO Document Packages by  Esker Inc.

July 01, 2008 - Esker DeliveryWare offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines document processes by eliminating inefficient steps, automating information exchange regardless of source or delivery type.


Automating Customer Contact Centers to Gain Agility and Analytic Insights by  Genesys

June 04, 2014 - This informative white paper explores the components, advantages, and use cases for a virtual contact center. It also includes a checklist of 9 must-have virtual contact center features, so you know what to look for when evaluating a technology.


Automating DBA Processes for Microsoft SQL Server by  Dell Software

June 22, 2011 - At a recent PASS Summit, SQL Server experts discussed best practices for automating database administration processes and activities. This Quest white paper highlights the discussion’s best parts


Automating Extended Business Processes by  SAP America, Inc.

April 12, 2010 - Download now to learn the degree to which extended processes have been automated throughout the enterprise; business behaviors and efficacy associated with automating ad-hoc and paper-based business processes and benefits that have been derived from automating manual business processes.


Automating Fax and Email Orders into ERP by  Esker Inc.

July 10, 2013 - This white paper offers an overview of key considerations for implementing a strategy to automate fax and email orders (plus EDI, web and other order sources) into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.


Automating Fax and Email Orders into SAP to Complete Your E-Vision by  Esker Inc.

December 20, 2010 - This paper gives an overview of key considerations for implementing a solution to automate fax and email orders into your SAP system. Highlighting the advantages of an all-in-one platform approach vs. maintaining a mix of different applications, this paper outlines how to eliminate the time, cost and errors of manual order processing.


Automating Group Policy Management by  SDM Software

March 01, 2008 - Group policy objects (GPOs) are used to secure and lockdown your Windows environment. Learn how you can ensure that GPOs are available, manageable and automated.


Automating High Volume Delivery of financial Document and Reducing Costs with Fax Over IP (FoIP) by  OpenText

October 26, 2010 - This case study explains how Graydon turned to Open Text to replace their manual and outdated methods with automated fax over IP. Read on to learn how Graydon implemented Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits they experienced by switching to Open Text.


Automating Inbound and Outbound Document Processes for Additional ERP Value with Your SAP Solution by  Esker Inc.

April 01, 2008 - Learn about a document delivery platform for SAP solutions that will help automate inbound and outbound documents for the enterprise.


Automating Incentive Compensation: Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs by  Varicent Software Incorporated

June 21, 2012 - Read this white paper to learn what your options are when it comes to automated incentive compensation and how you can make it faster, more accurate, and easier than ever before.


Automating Industrial Supply Chains by  Intermec

March 04, 2009 - Read this white paper to learn what total automation can do for an industrial/manufacturing enterprise, how it can dramatically improve operations by providing real-time data to all the interdependent parts of the supply chain.


Automating IT Configuration Controls with Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Change Console by  Oracle Corporation

October 16, 2008 - This whitepaper discusses how to define, track and enforce IT policies; automate IT compliance processes; and reduce the effort and cost of managing business applications.


Automating IT Security Audits to Demonstrate Compliance and Protect Data by  NetIQ Europe

May 18, 2011 - This white paper will tell you why IT security auditing is so important, the problems with the current approach to it, and how this product can help you automate your IT security audits.


Automating IT Workloads to Accelerate the Delivery of a Business Driven Infrastructure by  CA Technologies.

April 01, 2009 - This white paper explores the role of workload automation in today's IT environments. Find out where many existing tools fall short as well as why an end-to-end process is recommended.


Automating IT Workloads to Accelerate the Delivery of a Business Driven Infrastructure by  CA Technologies.

April 01, 2009 - Read this paper to learn more about the benefits of workload automation, including shortened business delivery times, increased workload visibility and accuracy, and strengthened connection between business and IT.


Automating Job Card Generation for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul by  Enigma, Inc.

March 01, 2008 - Manual job card generation processes significantly hamper maintenance efficiency and accuracy for A, B, C, and D checks alike, directly resulting in lost time, errors, and flight delays.


Automating Processes to Optimize a Windows 7 Deployment by  Dell, Inc. and Microsoft Windows 7

March 09, 2011 - IDC estimates that the average cost of deployment activities is $527 per PC, but can go as high as $700 or more depending on the time spent by IT staff and users. Reducing the cost of deployment will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership—especially in combination with cost-saving features in Microsoft Windows 7.


Automating Resource Monitoring with Robot/CONSOLE by  Help/Systems

April 28, 2010 - Using Robot/CONSOLE, we’ll show you how you can streamline your run book, eliminate manual tasks, and make your operations team more responsive to your critical business processes. Watch this FREE 30-minute Webcast and learn how Robot/CONSOLE can solve the headaches of resource monitoring.


Automating SAP Order Processing is a Must by  Esker Inc.

August 28, 2013 - To avoidissues caused by fax and email sales orders, many savvy companies are turning to automation technologies for help. In this resource, discover how an automated order processing platform works, and discover the benefits you could experience from paperless order processing.


Automating SAP System Copy by  UC4 Software, Inc

September 16, 2010 - This document explains how a considerable portion of the total process can be automated using the UC4 platform. This helps companies be more flexible, save time and money, while producing audit-compliant documentation


Automating Stimulus Fund Reporting: How New Technologies Simplify Federal Reporting by  SAP

November 19, 2009 - This paper explores the reporting challenges faced by organizations and examines the many benefits of automated U.S. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) reporting systems.


Automating System i Message and Resource Management by  Help/Systems

May 25, 2010 - Automated, centralized message control and resource monitoring can help you manage your System i more easily and with fewer staff. This white paper describes some of the tasks you’ll face, some tips to help you get started, and the benefits of automating your system management with Robot/CONSOLE.


Automating Tax and Statutory Reporting Processes by  IBM

November 06, 2013 - This video explains a method organizations can adopt in order to provide consistency and automation to their tax and statutory reporting.


Automating the Application Release Process: Build vs. Buy by  CA Technologies.

July 16, 2013 - Developers are faced with two choices when it comes to application release automation: build in-house scripts or purchase a pre-packaged product. Access this helpful resource to explore the limitations of writing automation scripts for application release, and discover how an app release automation technology can help you overcome those challenges.


Automating User Provisioning: A User’s Perspective by  Oracle Corporation

April 12, 2011 - Catch this FREE webcast to find out how Educational Testing Service (ETS), a private nonprofit organization devoted to educational measurement and research, is leveraging Oracle Identity Manager to meet its user administration needs.


Automating Your Call Center Feedback by  Mindshare Technologies

March 05, 2008 - The most successful contact centers are turning to leading-edge automated feedback solutions and developing processes to incorporate feedback into daily operations.


Automating Your Code Review: Moving to a SaaS Model for Application Security by  Veracode, Inc.

February 10, 2009 - Today’s application has become the enterprise’s ‘‘new perimeter’’. With better network‐level security technology hardening the network perimeter, malicious attackers are now focusing their efforts to strike at the least defended points ‐ the application. Read on to learn about automating code review for greater application security.


Automating your Microsoft World: Application Efficiencies by  N-able Technologies

October 01, 2013 - Watch this exclusive video to learn how to leverage an automation manager tool to streamline the performance of key Microsoft applications.


Automating your Microsoft World: Operating System Efficiencies by  N-able Technologies

October 01, 2013 - This informative video examines how you can leverage an automation manager to improve cloud efficiencies and streamline application performance and delivery.


Automating Your SOA Center of Excellence by  WebLayers

May 01, 2008 - This white paper discusses the steps necessary for implementing an effective SOA Center of Excellence. Explore how to automate and apply the appropriate levels of SOA governance.


Automation and Orchestration for Effective Datacenter Operations by  Hewlett-Packard Company

June 30, 2013 - Access this technology spotlights to understand the industry trends toward automation and orchestration in enterprise and SMB datacenters. Read on to learn the benefits of these trends.


Automation in Agile ALM: Interview with author Michael Hüttermann -- Part 1 by  IBM

November 07, 2011 - Automation is often touted as a key in successful application development efforts, but it comes in many different flavors. This tip guide describes the variety of automation techniques and benefits of using automation throughout the application development lifecycle.


Automation in ALM: The Changing World of Test, Thanks to Automation by  Hewlett-Packard Company

February 27, 2012 - Read this e-book to discover a series of expert articles covering: six tips for selecting automated test tools for Agile development; when it's appropriate to automate testing and best practices for implementation; the important role of automated UI testing in exploratory testing; and how automation is changing the role of the software tester.


Automation in the Cloud: vCloud Automation Center vs. vCloud Director by  Global Knowledge

December 16, 2013 - This whitepaper compares two different options for deploying VMs and helps you decide when the right time to use each on is.


Automation Makes Perfect: Taking the Time Crunch Out of IT Compliance with Automation by  Tripwire, Inc.

August 03, 2010 - Continuous compliance can help you narrow the gap between identifying compliance vulnerabilities and repairing systems to an audit-passing state. Read this paper to learn more.


Automation within, around, and beyond Oracle E-Business Suite by  UC4 Software, Inc

June 01, 2008 - This white paper will examine how to significantly improve your ROI and describe how UC4 Workload Automation Suite enhances and extends the Oracle E-Business Suite.


Automation Within, Around, and Beyond Oracle E-Business Suite by  UC4 Software, Inc

December 31, 2010 - This white paper details the challenges businesses face in an Oracle E-Business Suite and explains how to reduce implementation time, accelerate business processes, and provide true enterprise process management.


Automation, continuous integration and continuous improvement in Agile ALM -- Part 2 by  IBM

November 07, 2011 - This second part of a two-part expert Q & A digs more deeply into automation skills, build automation, continuous integration, and continuous improvement to processes within application lifecycle management (ALM).


Automation: The Future of Network Visibility by  Ixia

November 30, 2013 - Gain an understanding of how monitoring switch automation fits your organization, and discover how different security tools can help boost your compliance initiatives.


Automation: The Future of Network Visibility by  Ixia

November 25, 2013 - As the trend towards data center automation continues, network monitoring becomes increasingly important when optimizing your network. In this white paper, they will explore the data center automation and its importance to company performance and efficiency.


Automotive Dealership Takes Control and Enhances Employee Productivity with NETGEAR® UTM Appliances by  NETGEAR Inc.

May 04, 2011 - Find out how Netgears UTM appliance helped an auto dealership solve all their network security issues.


Automotive Repair Shop Increases Productivity and Improves Customer Service by  Cisco Systems, Inc.

June 01, 2008 - In this case study, read how Seyfer Automotive implemented a new communications system freed up 30 minutes daily for the service manager, resulting in one to two additional daily repair jobs worth US$200 to $US400.


Automotive Supplier Achieves Impressive ROI: Global automotive supplier will achieve return on investment in two years with new powerful technology by  Dell, Inc. and Intel®

September 24, 2009 - TRW, a German automotive company, was facing power and software limitations in the prototyping stages of design development that proved to be costly and slowed performance. This case study shows how they turned to Dell to upgrade their server and storage systems in line with its cutting-edge development processes.


Avaya Asia Pacific Customer Experience Index 2013 by  Avaya

November 11, 2013 - This exclusive resource discusses the critical role that contact centers play in driving customer satisfaction and how your organization can ensure that your contact centers provide customers with the experience that they desire.


Avaya Aura Communication Manager COR/FRL/AAR Simplified by  Global Knowledge

March 21, 2014 - This white paper provides a useful list of Avaya Site Administration commands that will allow you to control what kind of calls employees are authorized to make and ensure least cost routing of outbound calls to keep phone bills down.


Avaya Aura Communication Manager Survivability Simplified by  Global Knowledge

June 25, 2013 - The Avaya Aura product line offers many opportunities for communications to survive failures of the IP network or the Avaya equipment. Here, we will focus on the Communication Manager Survivability explanation, implementation, verification, "good to know facts," and troubleshooting commands.


Avaya Aura Contact Center Database Integration Wizard: Part One, Sending Data by  Global Knowledge

June 21, 2013 - In Part One: Sending Data, of this two-part series on the Avaya Aura Contact Center Database Integration Wizard (DIW), you will see how to integrate the Avaya Aura Contact Center with a backend database management system in order to to capture call information and store it in a database for reporting purposes.


Avaya Aura Contact Center Database Integration Wizard: Part Two, Data Exchange by  Global Knowledge

July 26, 2013 - In Part 2, Data Exchange, of this series on the Avaya Aura Contact Center Database Integration Wizard you will see how to use the SEND REQUEST and GET RESPONSE operations so that customer information collected during the call to the contact center system can be exchanged with a backend database.


Avaya CS 1000: Defining Calling Line Identification Numbers by  Global Knowledge

May 16, 2013 - This white paper describes a two-part process used to define CLID information for both emergency and non-emergency calls. The first part involves defining the number(s) that will be sent to the called party. The second part of the process involves assigning the CLID entry to an analog telephone or to a key on a digital or IP telephone.


Avaya Fabric Connect Makes Multicast Simple (Really) by  Avaya

May 13, 2013 - This podcast introduces an interesting solution to address the concern of legitimate use cases that haven't made multicast routing any less cumbersome to implement. Find out how you can deploy multicast routing a lot simpler using this innovative technology.


Avaya Healthcare Solutions by  Avaya

November 11, 2013 - This exclusive paper discusses how your organization can improve the patient experience while helping healthcare providers reduce costs and improve profitability by utilizing solutions that can enhance all aspects of the patient care lifecycle.


Avaya IP Office Release 6: Small Office Deployment & TCO vs. ShoreTel IP Phone System by  Avaya

September 02, 2011 - Read this white paper for a comparison of Avaya's IP Office and ShoreTel’s IP Phone System. Then discover how Avaya IP Office uses a scalable system that minimizes power consumption and avoids the need for a dedicated Windows server system in sub-20 person offices.


Avaya Unified Communications Can Reduce Cell Phone Expenses by  Avaya Inc.

July 01, 2008 - By converging real-time, near-real-time, and non-real-time business communication applications, Avaya Intelligent Communications can dramatically reduce cell phone expenses, taking Unified Communications to the next level.


Avaya Users Deploy Best-in-Class Practices to Improve Contact Center Performance by  Avaya

November 11, 2013 - This exclusive paper examines how your organization can position itself to meet changing buyer needs by establishing best-in-class contact center programs. Read on and also discover 14 best practices that can ensure successful customer interactions.


Avaya Video Collaboration Solution for IP Office by  Avaya

June 14, 2013 - In the age of the globally-dispersed business, IT and organizational leaders are searching for ways to improve collaboration. This data sheet introduces a video collaboration solution that can make meetings more productive, efficient, and meaningful for organizations of all sizes.


Avaya's Healthcare Vision: The Smart Hospital by  Avaya

November 11, 2013 - This exclusive resource examines a set of integrated healthcare communications solutions designed to seamlessly connect people, systems and processes. Read on to learn how you can improve patient care and overall efficiency all while cutting costs.


AventX Attachment Printer by  STR Software

May 07, 2009 - AventX Attachment Printer allows Oracle E-Business Suite users the flexibility to automatically print and collate any Oracle document with supporting database attachments. Operating seamlessly through the standard Oracle EBS print functionality, AventX Attachment Printer stands alone or is easily integrated with the AventX Oracle Connector.


AventX Connector for SAP ERP by  STR Software

May 08, 2009 - AventX Connector for SAP ERP works in conjunction with AventX UNIX to automatically fax a limitless number of business documents directly from your SAP application. An economical, easy-to-implement product, the AventX Connector for SAP ERP gives companies the simple tools they need to achieve measurable savings and enhan


Avere: Delivering on the Promise of Tiered Storage? by  Avere Systems

May 04, 2010 - Avere’s new FXT Series help users finally realize the promise of a seamless, perpetually optimized file storage environment by moving data to an appropriately priced storage via an automated process. Find out more by reading this white paper.


Averting Catastrophe: How Real-Time Location Intelligence Can Mitigate Exposure and Better Manage Risk by  Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software

April 01, 2008 - What is location intelligence? From an actuary perspective, it's the accessment of risk based on the physical location of real estate. This paper examines how location intelligence links data to precise physical coordinates.


AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition Delivers Rock Solid, Easy to Manage Protection for US Construction Firm by  AVG Technologies USA, Inc.

March 31, 2010 - R&O Construction was having difficulty managing their mostly mobile network. With so many laptops and mobile devices in use remotely, the company was seeing an increase in security threats infecting the IT infrastructure. Their existing solution was overtaxing both system and human resources. Read on to learn how they overcame these challenges.


Aviva Aims to Double Business Volume and Improve Customer Service with FICO Blaze Advisor System by  FICO

March 10, 2011 - This case study examines Aviva's adoption of the FICO Blade Advisor business rules management system; allowing them to double business volume, acquire 50% more customers, keep costs flat, and improve the quality of complex customer interactions.


Avocent Accelerates Critical Applications over WAN While Ensuring Distributed Web Security at Branch Offices by  BlueCoat

September 19, 2011 - IT infrastructure management solutions provider, Avocent Corporation, needed to accomplish two critical tasks: Improve performance of key business applications and provide decentralized Web security and control for their branch offices. View this case study to learn how they were able to meet both needs with just one solution.


Avocent High Performance KVM Solutions for Broadcast and Post-Production Businesses by  Avocent

May 20, 2014 - This exclusive webcast discusses a communications solution that helps your organization to consolidate your collaborative equipment so that your employees can do their jobs quickly, effectively, and efficiently.


Avocent® Success Story: Sci-Quest Hands-on Science Center Enhancing Theater Interactions by  Avocent

May 15, 2014 - This whitepaper explains how The Sci-Quest Hands-on Science Center in Huntsville, Alabama, was able to provide students, educators and IT personnel a heightened interactive theater experience.


Avoid HIPAA Compliance Violations Amid the Rise of BYOD by  Imprivata

April 23, 2014 - This expert e-guide from SearchHealthIT.com offers 5 tips on how to secure a mobility strategy so that HCOs can enjoy the benefits of a more flexible workforce while maintaining HIPAA compliance.


Avoid Overlooking the Growing Fraud Threat When Planning AP Automation by  SAP America, Inc.

December 11, 2009 - This paper discusses how automated AP can help reduce a great portion of frauds and schemes with less human "touch points" involved in invoice processing which translates to less chances for dishonest employees to falsify invoice data or otherwise manipulate the AP process for personal gain.


Avoid the Pitfalls of SLA Management: A Lesson for SaaS Providers by  Tenzing Managed IT Services

June 28, 2010 - Service Level Agreement (SLA)  management is a challenging part of delivering business services over the internet. Read this whitepaper to learn the importance of proper SLA management practices, and how the success of a SaaS company depends on it.


Avoid the Top 10 Exchange Migration Headaches by  Dell Software

October 29, 2008 - Is your business planning a migration to Exchange Server 2007? It's not easy. This Quest white paper discusses how proper planning and execution help overcome migration challenges.


Avoiding 7 Common Mistakes of IT Security Compliance by  Qualys, Inc.

April 01, 2009 - This guide describes seven typical mistakes of IT security compliance and how you can use these lessons to help your organization achieve its compliance goals.


Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Evaluating and Implementing DCIM Solutions by  APC by Schneider Electric

July 13, 2012 - Access this white paper to discover tips for choosing the right data center infrastructure management tools. This resource describes the common pitfalls to avoid when choosing a DCIM solution and provides practical guidance to help you pick a toolset that is a better fit for your data center – and shows you how to implement it properly.


Avoiding Costs from Oversizing Data Center and Network Room Infrastructure by  Schneider Electric

February 01, 2005 - This paper describes how the physical and power infrastructure of data centers and network rooms is typically oversized by more than 100%. Statistics related to oversizing are also presented, as well as the costs and fundamental reasons why oversizing occurs. An architecture and method for avoiding oversizing is described.


Avoiding Data Center Costs through Managed Application Delivery Services: Getting the Computing Resources You Need with Minimal Investment by  Akamai Technologies

February 09, 2009 - In this white paper, Stratecast identifies operating and capital expenses associated with traditional data center options, including private data centers, co-located options, and managed hosting. The cost data will provide a valuable baseline for enterprises to compare against alternatives such as Akamai's dynamic Web acceleration services.


Avoiding data chaos: A practical guide to managing the lifecycle of enterprise information by  IBM

June 10, 2011 - This eBook provides practical advice on creating enterprise-wide data management strategies that cna help unlease the full potential of corporate information.


Avoiding Data Quality Failure: Identifying Data Quality by  Pitney Bowes Business Insight

March 03, 2008 - This presentation transcript features speaker Evan Levy, partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, a professional services firm concentrating on enterprise data issues. This discussion is about data quality and some of the challenges and pitfalls that are seen during data quality implementation.


Avoiding DR Slip-Ups: In the Cloud and Overall by  Acronis NEMEA

December 06, 2011 - This SearchDisasterRecovery.com E-Guide outlines the top security concerns, how to build a DR in the cloud blueprint and different options for DR in the cloud. Also learn the top 3 reasons why disaster recovery plans fail so your business can steer clear of these blunders.


Avoiding Insider Threats to Enterprise Security by  IBM

October 31, 2012 - This white paper explains how Security Privileged Identity Manager provides enhanced security across various IT environments by centralizing and controlling the use of privileged identities.


Avoiding Insider Threats to Enterprise Security by  IBM

March 07, 2013 - In an increasingly cloud-based IT universe, concerns are being raised and addressed regarding the security of privileged and shared accounts. See this white paper for more information on the latest in cloud-based security for privileged identities.


Avoiding SAN Performance Problems by  Virtual Instruments

February 01, 2011 - Maintaining peak performance while simultaneously addressing the root cause of SAN errors is challenging. This paper presents a high level summary of the most common SAN problems and explores new ways to dramatically improve application performance and availability.


Avoiding System and Data Loss with Windows Desktops and Laptops by  StorageCraft Technology Corporation

February 18, 2011 - This white paper outlines each of these issues, why they are important for SMBs to address and how to resolve them while maximizing business continuity and minimizing IT resources necessary to accomplish the demands of backing up and recovering Windows desktops and laptops in your environment.


Avoiding the 8 common mistakes of Windows 7 migration by  Dell, Inc. and Microsoft Windows 7

June 09, 2011 - More organizations are beginning to see a Windows 7 migration as an opportunity for significant performance and efficiency gains within their IT infrastructure. In addition, many are thinking about conducting a PC refresh along with their Windows 7 migration. Understand how you can be successful in this process now.


Avoiding the Accidental SOA Cloud Architecture by  Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

September 05, 2012 - Many departments within a company, such as marketing, sales, and logistics, are adopting cloud and  SaaS technologies without involving the IT department. Read this informative resource to learn how your IT managers can stay ahead of developing trends and lessen the risk of the cloud accidentally making its way into your organization.


Avoiding the Economic Cliff by Managing the Data Center Floor by  Global DataCenter Management, Inc. (GDCM)

October 01, 2008 - This white paper reviews a just-in-time technology to help IT pros defer the ever-increasing cost of the data center: raising the data center floor. Doing so can optimize space, power, and cooling, while also enhancing availability and service levels.


Avoiding the Hazards of IT Consolidation by  Riverbed Technology, Inc.

August 04, 2010 - This technology brief investigates the processes and tools that are needed to provide complete enterprise visibility and WAN acceleration for high-priority traffic.


Avoiding the SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors by  Veracode, Inc.

February 01, 2010 - The SANS/CWE list of the Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors is already becoming the "standard" for developing secure applications in many large enterprises. In this webcast, review the prevalence of attacks that use vulnerabilities listed in the Top 25 and learn how to safeguard your code to avoid the most dangerous programming errors.


Avoiding the Top 5 Vulnerability Management Mistakes: The New Rules of Vulnerability Management by  eEye Digital Security

July 09, 2010 - In this guide, you’ll learn how to avoid the top five vulnerability management mistakes to protect critical IT assets and improve your security posture, while reducing costs. Read this paper to learn more.


Avoiding the Top Three Challenges of Custom Coded SharePoint Applications by  Dell Software

May 02, 2012 - An excellent out-of-the-box collaboration platform, don't let SharePoint leave you wanting more than just a basic site. Download the white paper and learn how Quick Apps for SharePoint enable you to get the site you want without the challenges of custom code.


Avon Products: Avon gets a Training Program Makeover With SpringCM by  SpringCM

March 18, 2011 - Avon employs more than 5 million independent representatives - all of whom must receive in-depth, up-to-date training to ensure Avon’s continued success as the largest direct marketer on the planet. So when Avon sought to makeover its training program, it chose to go the SaaS route in order to implement it quickly with minimal support requirements.


Award-Winning Microsoft Training Including Windows Vista, MCSE Certifications, and Exchange by  Global Knowledge Network, Inc.

April 01, 2006 - Our MCSE Boot Camp is an intensive program that will help you get up to speed on Windows 2003 and prepare you for three new certifications - MCSE, MCSA, and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) status in each of the exam topics. The course features a combination of the theory and practical aspects of the Windows 2003 technologies.


Azul Pauseless Garbage Collection: Improving Application Scalability and Predictability by  Azul Systems, Inc

March 17, 2011 - This paper examines garbage collection issues such as concurrent marking and concurrent relocation, as well as, benefits of acheiving pauseless garbage collection compared to traditional collection approaches.

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