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VMware, Inc.
Company URL: http://www.vmware.com

VMware(NYSE: VMW) is the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter. Customers of all sizes rely on VMware to reduce capital and operating expenses, ensure business continuity, strengthen security and go green.

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Company Information
Public or private company: Private
Year the company was founded: 1998

Company Locations
Corporate Headquarters
This location offers:
Corporate Headquarters
3401 Hillview Ave
Palo Alto California 94304
United States

Solutions and Research
Research 10 tech tips for empowering proactive data center management
3 Compelling Reasons to Consider Desktop Virtualization
3 Quick Tips for a Software-Defined Data Center Strategy
3 Reasons to Find Backup and Recovery Built for Virtualized Environments
3 Steps to Faster EMR Adoption with Desktop Virtualization and SSO
5 hidden truths about virtualizing business-critical apps
6 Tasks You Can’t Do With Traditional IT Operations Tools
7 Key Indicators That It's Time To Extend Virtualization To The Desktop
7 Key Indicators that You Need to Extend Virtualization to the Desktop.
7 Things ISVs Must Know About Virtualization
8 Steps to Successfully Implement Better Data Protection
8 Ways to Optimize Backup and Recovery

Tips and Tricks for Implementing VMware ESXi

A Guide for Enterprise VMware ThinApp Deployments
A management tool that will empower you with a proactive approach
A Perfect Fit: IBM XIV & VMware
Address performance and capacity issues by deploying a virtual infrastructure for SAP
Agentless Application Virtualization: Enabling the Evolution of the Desktop
An Efficient Approach to Protecting Your VMware Infrastructure
An Overview of the Cloud Market Vendor Landscape for Enterprise Users
Architecting a vCloud
Assessing VMware View's Full Value
Automated Log Analytics Critical For Security and Compliance Management
Automated Log Management for Hybrid Cloud Environments
Baylor College of Medicine Ensures Integrity of Groundbreaking Scientific Research with VMware vFabric Hyperic
Beaufort Memorial Hospital Case Study
Best Practice Guidelines for SAP Solutions on VMware® Infrastructure
Best practices for a successful Exchange Server 2010 virtualization project
Best Practices for Getting Started with Virtualization
Best Practices for IT Consolidation with HP and VMware
Best Practices Guide: Microsoft Exchange 2010 on VMware
Blurred Lines: Hybrid Cloud Deployment The Future of the Enterprise
Boost Health IT Efficiency With Thin-client Virtualization
Brian Madden - Notes on Desktop Virtualization
Brian Madden - Notes on Desktop Virtualization
Building a Business Case for Desktop Virtualization
Building a Reliable Virtual Desktop
Building Secure Private Clouds with VMware vCloud Director
Business and Financial Benefits of Virtualization
Choosing the Best Virtual Server Storage: A Tutorial
Cisco UCS B230 M2 Blade Server: Uncompromised Virtual Desktop Performance
Cloud App Success Means End-User Identity Management
Cloud computing is on the rise - is your organization ready for deployment?
Cloud Security Myths and Strategies Uncovered
Columbia Memorial Hospital Case Study
Cost Savings and Beyond: 4 Overlooked Reasons to Expand Virtualization
Critical Datastore Considerations for Migrating Virtual Desktops
Data Center Storage Virtualization Considerations
Defining VDI users: Who should really be using virtual desktops?
Desktop Management Made Easy with VMware Horizon View and Mirage
Desktop Virtualization in K-12 Schools: Reducing costs, saving time and delivering anytime, anywhere access for students and staff
Desktop Virtualization with View 4.5 and EMC Storage
Desktop Virtualization: Partnering for a Successful Long-term Strategy
Desktops in the Cloud: Your Silver Bullet for Windows XP End of Life
Disaster Recovery Solutions from VMware: Transforming Disaster Recovery - VMware Infrastructure for Rapid, Reliable and Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery
Do Mobile Users Need Full Desktop Access?
Don't get stuck on your virtualization journey: Where to focus next
Don't overlook these 4 virtualization benefits
Don’t Get Stuck on your Virtualization Journey: Where to Focus Next
Drawing Up an Effective VMware vSphere Design from Scratch?
Driving innovation through IT transformation
E-Book: Entering the Private Cloud Chapter 1 - What is Private Cloud Computing, Anyway?
E-Book: Knowing what to virtualize in Oracle environments, and how to do it
E-Guide: Expert tips for virtualizing and packaging applications
E-Guide: Maximizing the Benefits of Virtualization Management
Effectively virtualize mission-critical applications by building the right infrastructure
eGuide: The Benefits of Virtualization for Your DR Plan
Elastic Scalability of Spring Java Applications with VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform
EMC information infrastructure helps university deploy its largest IT initiative while reducing the IT management burden
EMC Virtual Infrastructure for Microsoft and Oracle Applications - Enabled by EMC CLARiiON and VMware Vsphere 4
Emergency Management Plans Made Easy & Practical
Empower IT to prioritize tasks with automation
Empowering the End User Without Sacrificing IT Control
Enabling Fast and Secure Clinician Workflows with One-Touch Desktop Roaming
Enhancing Workplace Mobility and BYOD with the VMware Horizon Mobile Secure Workplace
Essential Deployment Tips: Oracle Databases on VMware vSphere 4
Expert tips for realizing virtualization benefits through budgeting
Five Steps to Determine When to Virtualize Your Servers
Forrester Total Economic Impact of VMware View
From private cloud to hybrid cloud: Six things to consider
From Secure Virtualization to Secure Private Cloud
Frost and Sullivan Whitepaper: Constant Access to Patient Care Applications and Information in a Digital World
FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Case Study
Fulfilling the Lean Software Promise: Building and Running Spring Applications on VMware vFabric tc Server
Fulfilling the Lean Software Promise: Building and Running Spring Applications on VMware vFabric tc Server™
Fundamentals of the hybrid cloud computing model
Get a Jumpstart on Desktop Virtualization and Take Control of BYOD
Getting Business Leaders to Buy-in for Virtualization Initiatives
Global Cloud Computing Adoption: Transformation Is In The Air
Glossary of Virtualization Definitions
Graydon, Head & Ritchey, LLP Migrates From Microsoft Hyper-V To VMware, Virtualizing Key Applications And Centralizing Management Of Their Virtual Environment
Guide to Implementing VMware View
Hardest Problems in Data Management
How Server Virtualization Works
How software-defined infrastructure shapes compute resources
How the Software-defined Data Center Changes the Virtualization Game
How the Software-Defined Datacenter Changes the Virtualization Game
How the VMware Software Defined Data Center Works: An IaaS Example
How to decide which applications to virtualize in your IT infrastructure
How to prepare your applications for a Windows 7 Migration
How to Support the Mobile Workforce with Desktop Virtualization
How To: Creating Content Packs
HP and VMware Take the Cost and Complexity Out of IT
HP Virtualization with Intel and VMware
HP Virtualization with Intel and VMware: End-to-end Virtualization of IT Resources
Indiana University Virtualizes Mission-Critical Oracle Databases
Intela Keeps Consumers Engaged by Ensuring Online Performance with VMware vFabric tc Server
Introduction to VMware vFabric SQLFire
Introduction to VMware View 5
IT Checklist: 5 tips to achieve cloud, virtualization nirvana
Jumpstart your Virtualization Project with the Latest Technology
Key Management Considerations for Successful VDI Deployment
Log Analytics: Simplifying Complex IT Environments
Making Windows 7 Migration Pay Rapid and Real Business Dividends
Managing the hybrid cloud model
Manchester Essex Regional School District: Virtualization helps a Massachusetts school district deliver better education while reducing costs, IT staff burdens and environmental impact
Mapping Applications to the Hybrid Cloud
Mastering Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
Microsoft Windows Runs Best on Vmware Virtualization Solutions
MidMichigan Health - Case Study
Migrating JEE Applications to SpringSource tc Server
Modernizing Application Platforms for Cost-Effective Cloud Readiness: IDC Report
Moving to Virtualization: A Guide to What's Possible from VMware
Moving to Virtualization: A Guide to What’s Possible from VMware
Navigate the cloud market and ignore the vendor hype
Operations Management with vCenter Operations
Optimize data center virtualization with strategic capacity planning
Optimize your Virtual Environment with vCenter Server
Optimizing Clinical Workflows with VMware View and Cisco VXI
Optimizing Clinical Workflows with VMware View and Cisco VXI
Overview of Vmware vCenter Management Tools
Peer Reviews: vCenter Operations
People and Processes: Keys to IT as a Service Success
Podcast: Virtualizing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.1 on VMware vSphere 4 - Testing Performance, Functionality and Benefits
Prairie North Health Region - Case Study
Prepare for the unexpected: Guide to modern IT disaster recovery
Presentation Transcript: Implementing Cloud Ready Data Management Strategy
Presentation Transcript: The 10 Pitfalls of Monitoring Cloud Application Performance
Presentation Transcript: Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications Part 1
Presentation Transcript: Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications Part 2
Presentation Transcript: Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications Part 3
Presentation Transcript: Virtualizing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.1 on VMware vSphere 4 - Testing Performance, Functionality and Benefits
Presentation Transcript: Virtualizing Tier1 Application
Pros and cons of the new desktop management: Six sound bites on VDI
Public or private? Picking your hybrid cloud strategy's starting point
Qualcomm's Successful Virtualization Experiment
Reaping the Benefits of Business Agility with Cloud Computing: Real-World Profiles
Reducing Server Total Cost of Ownership with VMware Virtualization Software
Rethink Virtualization in Business Terms with HP and VMware
RIM BlackBerry® Enterprise Server on VMware® Virtual Infrastructure
SAP Implementation and Operation in Integrated Environments
SAP Solutions on VMware Infrastructure: Customer Use Cases
SAP Solutions on VMware Infrastructure: Customer Use Cases
SAP Supports Applications on VMware Platform: An Industry Milestone
Scalable Performance for Web Applications with the VMware vFabric GemFire HTTP Session Management & Hibernate Cache Modules
School District of Somerset Goes Virtually One-to-One
Selecting a Virtualization Solution for Your Small or Midsize Business
Server Virtualization Trends and Predictions to Watch for in 2013
Simplify and Automate Virtualization and Cloud Management
Simplify application delivery: Tips for health care CIOs
Simplify disaster recovery in a multi-tier SAP environment
Simplify Management Across Your Data Center and the Cloud
Solution Brief – Virtualizing Lotus Domino on Vmware
Solve the Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery Challenge
Study reveals the top cloud and virtualization service providers
Taneja Group Analysis: Executive Summary: An Overview of the Virtualization and Cloud Market Vendor Landscape for Small and Medium Businesses
Tech Tips: VMware Horizon Mirage
Tech Tips: VMware Horizon View
Tech Tips: VMware Horizon View
The Benefits of Virtualization for Small and Medium Businesses: VMware SMB Survey Results
The benefits of virtualizing Microsoft Exchange
The Business Case for Desktop Virtualization
The Business Case for Virtualization
The Case for Virtualizing Your Oracle Database Deployment
The Case for Virtualizing your SAP Deployment
The Four Most Frustrating but Beatable Challenges in VMware View Management
The Future of Data Centers: Software-Defined, or Not?
The good, the bad and the realities of tier-1 application virtualization
The Growth of Mixed Virtual Environments
The Hardest Problems in Data Management
The Path to Securing Enterprise Desktops: From Personal Computers to Personalized Computing
The Rise Of The New Cloud Admin
The Software-Defined Datacenter: What It Means to the CIO
The Truth About Vmware vSphere Storage Appliance
The Virtualization Imperative For Client Operating System Migrations
Top 10 Considerations for Getting Started with VMware Virtualization
Top 10 Considerations for Getting Started with VMware Virtualization
Top Questions about VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced
Total Cost Comparison: VMware vSphere vs. Microsoft Hyper-V
Total Economic Impact Of VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Healthcare Industry
Transform Your Desktop into a Virtual Workspace using Cisco VXI with VMware View - Presentation Transcript
Trust in Your Cloud
Turn IT into a competitive advantage
Unclutter Your Data Center With Consolidated Log Management
Upcoming Live Expert Chat: Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications
Use the Hybrid Cloud Model to Unite Disparate Cloud Computing Visions
Virtual Data Center E-Zine Issue 2
Virtual Data Center E-Zine - Volume 31: How to Make the Transition from Physical to Virtual and Back
Virtual Desktop Implementation: VMware View 4 Premier vs. Citrix XenDesktop 4 Feature Pack 1
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Virtual Desktop Solutions in the Federal Government
Virtualising Tier 1 Applications: A Critical Step on the Journey toward the Private Cloud
Virtualization Best Practices to Accelerate Virtual Machine Migration
Virtualization Success Story: Lessons Learned, Expenses Saved
Virtualization's Impact on Storage and DR for 2012
Virtualize Critical Applications with IBM and VMware
Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications on VMware vSphere
Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications on vSphere
Virtualizing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.1 on VMware vSphere 4 – Testing Performance, Functionality and Benefits
Virtualizing Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007: Building a Better Platform with VMware® Infrastructure 3
Virtualizing Tier 1 Applications: A Critical Step on the Journey Toward the Private Cloud
VMware and Cloud Computing - An Evolutionary Approach to an IT Revolution
VMware and IBM System x: An Innovative Foundation for Modern IT
VMware Delivers a Modern Approach to Data Management: Solutions Brief
VMware Enlisted to Serve Marine Corps Enterprise Networking Requirements
VMware IaaS: Converting from Virtualization to a Software-defined Data Center
VMware Reference Architecture for Stateless Virtual Desktops with VMware View 4.5
VMware Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses: Ensuring Rapid, Reliable and Affordable Disaster Recovery
VMware ThinApp: Run Any Version of Any App on a Single OS Without Any Conflict
VMware TV Series: The Enterprise-Class Hybrid Cloud. Delivered.
VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5: Simple, Reliable DR for All Virtualized Applications
VMware vCloud Director: Build Secure Private Clouds to Deliver Infrastructure as a Service
VMware vCloud Implementation Example
VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform: A New Era for App Development
VMware vFabric™ Hyperic® Flexible Monitoring Helps High-Growth Managed Hosting Provider Meet Tough Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
VMware View 4.5 on FlexPod for VMware Design Guide
VMware View 4.5: Technical Overview
VMware View 5 Performance and Best Practices
VMware View Optimization Guide for Windows 7
VMware View™ on NetApp Storage
VMware View: Upcoming Changes to be Aware of
VMware vShield: Secure your Cloud with Virtualization-aware Security
VMware vSphere 4: The Most Efficient SQL Server Consolidation Platform
VMware vSphere 5.1 to Include Shared-Nothing Live Migration
VMware vSphere 5.1 Updates Including Web Client, Disaster Recovery
VMware vSphere 5.5 QuickStart
VMware vSphere with Operations Management
VMware: "The top ten most forgotten things when building a disaster recovery plan"
VMware’s Approach: Enabling the Journey to Your Cloud
VMware’s vSphere Storage Appliance: High Availability for Small IT Operations
vSphere Storage Appliance Technical White Paper
Weighing the pros and cons of a web-based EHR system
What are the Real Benefits of Virtual Desktops?
What's New in VMware vSphere 4.1 for Small and Midsize Businesses
What's New with VMware Software-Defined Data Center and vSphere 5.5
What’s New in VMware ThinApp 4.6
What’s new in VMware View 5.1: Integration, storage, endpoint support
What’s New in VMware View 5.1: Integration, Storage, Endpoint Support
When It Makes Sense to Move to Desktop Virtualization: Seven Key Indicators
White Paper: Virtualizing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.1 on VMware vSphere 4 - Testing Performance, Functionality and Benefits
Why Choose VMware View Over Citrix XenDesktop?
Workplace Mobility, Consumerization, and Alternative IT Strategy Drive End-user Computing Transformation
 Microsoft Exchange 2010 on VMware: Use Cases
 Oracle Databases on Vmware: Use Cases

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