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CA Technologies.
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CA is one of the world's largest IT management software providers. Our software and expertise unify and simplify complex IT environments—in a secure way—across the enterprise for greater business results.

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Public or private company: Private
Year the company was founded: 1976

Company Locations
Corporate Headquarters
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Corporate Headquarters
One CA Plaza
Islandia New York 11749
United States

Solutions and Research
Research "How Can I Assure the Reliability of Complex, Mission Critical Applications and Deliver a Flawless End-User Experience?"
10 Steps to Establishing an Effective Email Retention Policy
2012 Network Management Trends
2014 Trends to Watch: Ovum Enterprise Mobility
5 Keys to a Successful Identity and Access Management Implementation
5 Oauth Essentials for API Access Control
5 Pillars of API Management
5 Pillars of API Management
5 Questions about ITSM and Cloud Computing
A Brief Look at Application Performance Management
A How‐to Guide to OAuth & API Security
Accelerate App Delivery, Improve App Performance, and Spur Innovation
Achieving Profitable Growth through Exceptional Customer Experience
Advanced Authentication Methods: Software vs Hardware
Agile and ALM Testing Strategies
ALM and Agile Strategies E-Zine Issue 1
ALM and Agile Strategies Issue 2
An Inside Look at Successful Mobile Management
Analyst Technology Audit: Release Automation
API Management: Choosing the Right Tools
Application Delivery Optimization: Challenges and Tips for Success
Application Lifecycle Performance Testing and Monitoring Strategies
Application Modernization and Development: Trends & Tips
Application Modernization Handbook: Modernization and Business Transformation in the 21st Century
Application Modernization: What you need to know
Application Performance Management Tools For The Cloud
Application Performance Management Tools for the Cloud
Application Performance Management: A Prerequisite for Successful Cloud Computing
Application Release Automation with Zero Touch Deployment
Application Release Automation with Zero-Touch Deployment
Application Security Handbook: Application Security: Managing Software Threats
Are You Looking for a Way to End the Finger Pointing and Improve your Customers’ Experience?
AT&S Increases Efficiency and Business Agility with Improved IT Management
Automated Storage Optimization for z/OS Mainframes
Automated Storage Optimization for z/OS Mainframes
Automating Application Quality & Testing Strategically Drives Success
Automating IT Workloads to Accelerate the Delivery of a Business Driven Infrastructure
Automating IT Workloads to Accelerate the Delivery of a Business Driven Infrastructure
Automating the Application Release Process: Build vs. Buy
BC and DR with CA Recovery Management and VMware Infrastructure
Benefit Impact Calculator for CA's Infrastructure Management Solutions
Best Practices for Planning, Deploying and Managing Enterprise VoIP
Best Practices for Streamlining Administration in Heterogeneous Virtualized Environments
Best Practices for Working Together to Achieve Software Quality
Better Manage Your Operations to Reduce Costs and Support Environmental Sustainability
Beyond Passwords: A Fine-Grained Approach to Privileged Identity Management
Big Data Analytics, Business Processes and Application Performance Management: A Business Manager's Perspective
Break Away to Efficient, Responsive Project and Portfolio Management
Bringing Automation to the Data Center
BSR Podcast: Obamacare, the Cloud's impact and more
Building and Sustaining Cloud Margins
Building the Next-Generation Data Center – A Detailed Guide
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with CA Recovery Management and VMware Infrastructure
Business Continuity Planning IT Survival Guide
Business-Driven Horsepower: CA Cross Enterprise Workload Automation
CA and VMware: Working Together to Maximize Business Value of Your IT Investments
CA Application Performance Management
CA Automation Suite Paves the Way for Cloud
CA Business Service Insight for Service Level Management
CA Clarity Playbook Demo
CA Clarity Project and Portfolio Management
CA Cleanup: Mainframe Security Databases: ACF2, Top Secret, IBM RACF
CA Compliance Manager for z/OS
CA Data & Resource Protection
CA Data Center Automation Manager Product Brief: A Tactical Approach to Simplify Service Delivery in the Data Center
CA Doubles Down on Cloud
CA eHealth Performance Manager Demo
CA eHealth Performance Manager Solution Implementation
CA ESP Workload Automation Software: Measuring Business Impact and ROI
CA Identity Lifecycle Management Solution Implementation: Implement an Effective Identity Lifecycle Management Solution
CA Mainframe Chorus for DB2 Database Management
CA Mainframe Chorus for DB2 Database Management
CA Mainframe Chorus From CA Technologies
CA Management Cloud for Mobility
CA Nimsoft For Network Monitoring
CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap Download
CA Nimsoft Monitor Trial
CA Nimsoft Monitor: Delivering a Unified Monitoring Architecture
CA Service Management Blog
CA Spectrum Service Assurance Product Brief
CA SPECTRUM® Redefining Network Fault Management
CA Technologies Strategy & Vision for Cloud Identity and Access Management
CA Technology Brief: CA Point of View: Content Aware Identity & Access Management
CA Virtualization Management Solution Brief
CA White Paper: Evolving the Maturity Level of Your Project Management Office (PMO)
CA White Paper: Getting Started with a Project Management Office (PMO)
CA Wily Customer Experience Manager
CA Wily Customer Experience Manager
CA XOsoft ™ Replication r12 and CA XOsoft High Availability r12™
Can I use the cloud to access my virtual desktop anytime, anywhere?
Can You Accelerate Your Path to Cloud? You Can
Can you build a cloud in a day?
Can You Have Your Cloud and Be Secure Too? You Can
Can you take cloud computing from 'bleeding-edge' to 'leading-edge'?
Catholic Health East Improves Problem Resolution with CA Oblicore Guarantee
Change the Way IT Delivers Value to the Business
CIOs Say: Application Performance is Top Priority, End User is King
Cloud Computing and Application Performance Management: IT Effectiveness in Delivering Business Services
Collaborative Efforts: Survey Revealse Clear Business Acceleration Using On-Demand Collaboration Technology
Content-Aware Identity & Access Management in a Virtual Environment
Continuous Delivery is Reshaping the Future of ALM
Cross enterprise APM demo
Data Center Energy Efficient Metrics and Methods
Data Center Infrastructure Management
Data Loss Prevention Requirements Roadmap
Debenhams Significantly Frees Up Staff by Simplifying IT Project Management with CA Clarity PPM
Defending Against Insider Threats in the “Snowden Era”
Deliver Secure, New Business Services and Improve the Customer Experience
Desktop Management: Getting It Right
DevOps definition: Best explained by what it's not
DevOps: The Bridge to Faster Application Delivery
Driving the SLM process in ITIL: Why it should be your priority
Dysfunction Junction: A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Started with DevOps
E Guide: Understanding Application Modernization
E-Book: PPM: From Efficiency To Alignment
E-Guide: A Guide to Securing Data in the Cloud and Meeting Cloud Compliance Regulations
E-Guide: Benefits and Drawbacks of Mainframe Technical Support Methods for the Web
E-Guide: Building Risk Resilience in the Threat Landscape
E-guide: Discovering the benefits of virtualized applications
E-Guide: Enhancing IT Performance at Growing Companies with More Effective Project Management
E-Guide: Evaluating Server Virtualization Benefits and Management Strategies
E-Guide: Expert guide to server virtualization
E-Guide: Managing Application Performance Performance in the Cloud
E-Guide: Revamp IT with a Project Management Office
E-Guide: Run Antivirus Scans in Virtual Environments Without Compromising System Performance
E-Guide: Securing the cloud
E-Guide: Tips for Protecting Data in Cloud Computing Environments
E-Guide: Top virtualization security risks and how to prevent them
E-Guide: Uniting IAM and data protection for greater security
E-Guide: Virtualization - The Next Generation of Application Delivery Challenges
Effective Information Security: A Win-Win Proposition for the Enterprise and IT
Effectively Managing High-Performing, Business-critical Web Applications
Efficient Release Management with Testing Automation
eGuide: New views on application modernization and the cloud
eGuide: Top Factors of Cloud Adoption
Elavon Achieves Greater Business Agility with CA Data Center Automation
EMA: Managing Your Network for Optimal Application Performance
Enabling and Protecting the Open Enterprise
Enabling the Enterprise Data Center with Next Generation, Dynamic Event Based Automation
End-User Monitoring: Gaining Visibility into Hidden Business Risks
Enhance the Value of Your Investment in CA Tape Management Options
Ensuring Quality of Experience: Monitor networks or applications?
Ensuring Service Assurance in the New Normal
Enterprise Mobility Management Solution Suite of CA Management Cloud for Mobility Video
Enterprise Mobility Management – Going from Good to Great
Enterprise on the Go: 5 Essentials for BYOD & Mobile Enablement
Essential ITIL: What You Need to Succeed
Evaluating Mainframe System Monitoring Tools
Everyone Shift Left to High-Velocity Application Delivery
Expanding the boundaries of ALM
Expanding Web Single Sign-On to Cloud and Mobile
Expert e-guide: Traditional mainframes and the future of this technology
Expert insight: What you should know about mainframe systems
Expert tips for calculating the cost advantages of a private cloud
Expert Tips for Data Center Power and Cooling
Expert Tips for Performance Testing
Expert tips for realizing maximum private cloud benefits
Exploring the shifting roles in test and QA management
Extending CA Wily Application Performance Management to SOA Environments
Facebook Uses CA Technologies as the Foundation for its Broad DCIM Platform
Federated Identity & Single Sign‐On Using Layer 7
Find the IT Service Management Solution that’s Right for Your Business - A Buyer’s Guide
Finding Value in Agile ALM
Five steps for increasing availability and reducing energy consumption and costs across cloud and virtual platforms
Four Ways to Reduce Software Testing Cost Without Sacrificing Quality
From Infrastructure to Applications, The Future of IT is On-Demand
Functionality First: A Prescriptive Approach to Simpler, Faster, and More Cost-effective Project and Portfolio Management
Garanti Teknoloji aids IT productivity with simplified mainframe operations
Gartner: Magic Quadrant for IT Project and Portfolio Management
Generali France Improves Visibility and Management of its Entire Project Portfolio with CA Clarity PPM
Get the Whole Picture: Why Most Organizations Miss User Response Monitoring-and What to Do about It
Getting Real about Virtual Management: Managing Complex Infrastructures
Getting Real about Virtual Platform Management
Global Server Virtualization Survey
Going Green. A Strategic Guide to Green IT Management.
Governance and Control of Privileged Identities to Reduce Risk
Hosted ITSM Toolset Provides Key Monitoring and Management Benefits
How an Automated Lifecycle Approach to DevOps Supports the Agile Business
How are Software as a Service technologies impacting the IT landscape?
How Can Content-Aware IAM give me the Security I need to Confidently Move My Business Forward
How Can Content-Aware Identity and Access Management Give Me the Control I Need to Confidently Move My Business forward?
How Can I Address Identity and Access Governance Within My Organization to Reduce Risks?
How can I Adopt Cloud Computing While Maintaining Strong Security?
How can I Overcome the Security Challenges of Today’s Virtualized Infrastructures?
How Can I Virtualize My Mission-critical Servers While Maintaining or Improving Security?
How can Identity and Access Management Improve IT Security and Reduce Risk to Help Drive my Business?
How Can Infrastructure Management Help Me Reduce Costs and Increase Business Productivity While Improving Service Delivery?
How Can Security Management Technologies Help Me with PCI Compliance?
How Transformed its Business to Agile
How the Cloud Will Change Application Release Operations
How to Drive ROI From Service Performance:Examining The Cost Benefits of Automated Service Level Management
How You Can Leverage CA 3Tera AppLogic
IBM System z: A Cornerstone of IT infrastructure
IDC White Paper – Identity and Access Management for Approaching Clouds
IDC White Paper: CA ESP Workload Automation Software: Measuring Business Impact and ROI
IDC White Paper: The Evolution of Job Scheduling - CA's Approach to Workload Automation
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Across Cloud and On-Premise Environments Best Practices for Maintaining Security and Control
Identity-Centric Security: Enabling and Protecting the Business
If My Availability Is So Good, Why Do My Customers Feel So Bad?
Improving IT Economics and Gaining Business Value with CA Enterprise IT Management Software: An ROI Study
Increase Visibility Into Virtual Infrastructures With a Layered Security Strategy
Increasing Availability and Improving Performance of Your WebSphere Infrastructure
Increasing Operational Efficiency: enabling end-to-end change
Industry Analyst Reports - Getting in Front of IT Compliance and Risk Management
Infrastructure Performance Management for Virtualized Systems
Innovation in Governance, Risk and Compliance
Innovation, People, and Processes:  How Three Global Innovators are Bringing Winning Products to Market 
Instant Messaging Tough Enough for Business: No Server Required
Integrated Infrastructure and Performance Management for Virtualized Environments
Integrated Infrastructure and Performance Management for Virtualized Environments
Integrating Records Management and eDiscovery Processes for Greater Efficiencies
Intelligent Authentication and User Access Balancing Security and Convenience
Intelligent Authentication and User Access: Balancing Security and Convenience
Irish Life and Permanent plc: Using CA’s Next Generation Tools and Utilities to Simplify Mainframe Management
IT is Fully Charged and Ready to Roam
It’s All About the App: Mobile Security That Helps Enable the Business
JN Data Improves End-User Services through More Effective Web Application Management
Job Scheduling Evolution: Workflows, Workloads and Automation in IT
Kicking the NetMeeting Habit
Layered Tech expands to new markets and improves ROI with CA 3Tera AppLogic
Lean IT: The Time for Transformation is Now
Leveraging Real-Time Web Collaboration to Improve Your Sales Process
Leveraging the Cloud for Data Protection and Disaster recovery
Lexmark Drives IT Transformation with CA Service Assurance Suite
Linking identity and data loss prevention to avoid damage to brand, reputation and competitiveness
Linking Identity and Data Loss Prevention to Avoid Damage to Brand, Reputation and Competitiveness
Living Large: Small Companies Yield Big Results with Web Collaboration
Mainframe Performance Management: A New Twist
Mainframe Server Consolidation Should be on Your Hit List
Mainframe Tape Technology: Eight Myths, Realities and Best Practices
Mainframe Tape Technology: Eight Myths, Realities and Best Practices
Making The Most of Mainframe Virtualization Capabilities
Manage Licensed Software, Optimize License Consumption, and Move Closer to Interoperable Solutions
Managing Application Performance to Achieve Mission Success
Managing the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud with CA
Managing the Virtualization Maturity Lifecycle
Managing the WAN's Migration from Plumbing to Platform
Manufacturer Scales Operations, Boosts Service Levels with AlvakaNet
Measuring the True Business Benefits of Web Collaboration
Meeting Market Demands for Delivery of Innovative, New Application Services
Mobile as a Platform for Business Service Innovation
Mobilizing your Infrastructure: The Fast Lane to Success
Modern Security and Disaster Recovery Challenges
Modern, High-Velocity Application Delivery
Modernizing ALM and Development for Virtual Resources and The Cloud
Modernizing the mainframe data center
MSPs Accelerating Customer Cloud Adoption
Navy Federal Improves DB2 Transaction throughput by 30% with proactive performance management
Next Generation Mainframe Computing
Next Generation Performance Testing with Service Virtualization and Application Performance Management
Next-Generation Mainframe Computing
Not All SOA Gateways Are Created Equal
Operations Energy Management: From Data Center through Facilities
Optimize Data Center Virtualization And Maintain Costs
Optimize Multi-vendor Voice and Data Networks for Service Quality, Responsiveness, and Cost of Delivery
Optimize Operations of Cisco Environments with Converged Infrastructure Management
Optimizing Mainframe Success by Simplifying Ownership
Overcoming the Three Pitfalls of Ineffective Monitoring Solutions
Performance Testing in the Cloud
PGI halves the time-to-market for new products with cloud infrastructure solutions from CA Technologies
Plan for the Future of IT with Converged Infrastructure
Presentation Transcript: A Framework for Assuring IT Service Quality and Performance
Presentation Transcript: Getting Reel Value from Virtual Tape
Presentation Transcript: IT/Business Integration- Who’s Doing it Best
Presentation Transcript: Reduce Costs by Automating Identity Management
Presentation Transcript: The Mainframe - Best Practices 2009
Project and Portfolio Management eBook
Project and Portfolio Management: A key tool for success in a tough economy
Protecting Your APIs Against Attack & Hijack
Protecting Your APIs Against Attack & Hijack
Put a Mobility Center of Excellence in Place to Maximize Return on Mobility
Rationalize Applications Across the IT Portfolio eBook
Re-Engineer Your Business For Mobile Moments
Reduce Costs with CA's Mainframe 2.0
Reducing the Costs of IT Security Management
Reducing the Costs of IT Security Management
Release Automation Combats Change Management Bottlenecks
Reshaping IT in a Consumer Driven Era
Rethinking Enterprise Mobility - The Way It Should Be
Rising Above the Competition as a Cloud Services Provider: Five Effective Steps for Claiming Your Share of the Pie
Royal Caribbean Safeguards the Guest Experience on 34 Ships with Proactive IT Management
Running New Workloads Like Linux
Saipem Creates a Strategic Project Management Solution with CA Clarity PPM
Sales Performance Optimization: 2007 Survey Results and Analysis
SCANA Corporation Anticipates Reduced Complexity Managing DB2 Workloads to Increase Efficiency and Grow Next- Generation Mainframe Skills
Secure Mobile Access for Enterprise Employees
Securely Accelerate Your Mobile Business
Securely Enable Online Business
Securex Selects CA Nimsoft to Streamline IT Monitoring
Securing Identities and Data Across Mobile Apps
Securing the Mobile Cloud Connected Enterprise
Securing Virtual Environments
Securing Virtualized Environments and Accelerating Cloud Computing
Selecting ALM tools for your organization
Service Portfolio Management: Manage IT For Business Value
Service Providers Put Their Heads in the Cloud
Seven Ways to Create an Unbeatable Enterprise Mobility Strategy
Seven Ways To Create An Unbeatable Enterprise Mobility Strategy
SharePoint Security in Action: Best Practices Drive Secure Collaboration
Smart enterprise mobility solutions are powered by Smart Containerization™
SMB Guide to Continuous Operations
SOA and Web Services: The Performance Paradox
SOA Appliances: A Simple & Secure Approach to Integration across SOA, API & Cloud
SOA tools for National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Compliance
Social Media Moves into Mainstream IT Service Management
Software-as-a-Service: A Comprehensive Look at the Total Cost of Ownership of Software Applications
Solution Brief - Reduce cost by rationalizing your mainframe software portfolio
Solution Spotlight: Reducing Challenges with Integration Testing
Solution Spotlight: The Latest Trend - Deploying Apps to the Cloud
Sony Life Safeguards Data on More than 4.4 Million Customers with CA Access Control
Strategy and Vision for Cloud Identity and Access Management
StratITsphere enhances competitive advantage with proactive data center power management
Success Story: Large Service Provider Saves Millions through Vendor Consolidation Program
Supporting Cloud Computing with Professional Services
Tackling Increasing SMF Data Volumes and Decreasing Resources in the Mainframe Environment
Taking the risk out of server consolidation and virt
Talking Innovation - Five Disruptive Trends Changing the Face of IT
TechInsights Report: What Smart Businesses Know About DevOps
Test Automation: Exploring Automation Case Studies in Agile Development
The Benefits of Model Driven Development
The Best of Both Worlds: The Hybrid Cloud
The Central Role of Applications in Successful Mobile
The Changing Face of Network Management
The Changing Role of IT and What to Do About It
The CIO As Portfolio Strategist
The Cloud-Connected Management Suite
The Complete Guide to Monitoring Virtualized Environments
The Consumerization of IT: Security Challenges of the New World Order
The EMA All-Stars in Enterprise Systems Management for 2008
The Emergence Of Service Assurance For Enterprise IT
The Emergence of Service Assurance in Enterprise IT
The Fast Track to Service Management Success: Software as a Service
The Five Keys to Building a Successful Cloud Services Business
The Link Between Hybrid Cloud and IT Services
The New Competitive Advantage: Web Collaboration Reaches the Tipping Point PDF File Name
The New Normal of DevOps
The Promise of Content-Aware Identity and Access Management
The Role of Identity & Access Management in Achieving Continuous Compliance
The Role of Security Management in Achieving "Continuous Compliance"
The Total Economic Impact of CA Identity Manager
The Total Economic Impact of CA Technologies’ Business Service Insight Solution
The Value of Performance Metrics in Managing IT Service
Three Key Areas for Improving your Compliance Programs
Tips On Performance Testing and Optimization
Tips to take your mobility strategy to the next level
Top 3 Considerations When Building Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Service Offerings
Top 3 trends that could influence CIOs
Top 5 Signs You Need DevOps
Top five tips for avoiding automation mistakes
Top Strategies for Application Performance Monitoring
Top-Down Planning and Bottom-Up Execution: Harmony or Discord?
Total Economic Impact™ Of CA Mainframe 2.0
Transforming IT Culture to Assure Business Service Quality and Improve IT Operational Efficiency
Transforming IT into a Managed Service Provider
Transforming IT Processes  and Culture to Assure Service
Transforming Your Organization to Agile: The Inside Story of’s Transformation from Waterfall to Agile
Transition your existing service offerings into a private or hybrid cloud-based environment with Service Catalog
Trends in Converged Infrastructure Management
Unified Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Increases Availability, MTTR, and IT Staff Productivity
Unified Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Increases Availability, MTTR, and IT Staff Productivity
Unified Monitoring: A Business Perspective
Unlock the Mystery of Effective Strategic Planning
User Provisioning: The Business Imperative
Using Collaboration Tools for Effective ALM
Video: Introducing CA Nimsoft Monitor UMP 6.6
Virtual Support Networks: Ten Tips for Delivering Managed Services to On-Site Systems
Virtualization and Automation Drive Dynamic Data Centers
Virtualization Management And Trends
Virtualization Management Trends for 2010
We created a revolutionary way to run data centers far more efficiently. So, you don't have to.
Web-Servicing Mainframe Apps
Weekly 101 CA Nimsoft Monitor Demo
What Smart Businesses Know About DevOps
What Smart Businesses Should Know About DevOps
What To Expect From Integrated Data Center Infrastructure
What Your Enterprise Mobility Management Suite Needs
Whiteboard - John Michelsen Explains Service Virtualization
Who can achieve high-performance cloud computing?
Who can build a cloud for my location-aware applications?
Why You Must Have Cloud Governance Before You Move Your Apps
Why Your Service Desk is Failing
Without a service catalog, your public, private, or hybrid cloud is just a fog bank
Working with Enterprise ALM: Mobile, Cloud and More
Workload Automation for the Cloud
You're Not Ready For Internal Cloud

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