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Overview: is the number one online destination for senior IT decision-making professionals. It is dedicated to providing IT professionals with the best information, knowledge and solutions that will enable them to succeed in the industry.

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Solutions and Research
Research 10 Critical Questions to Ask a Manufacturing ERP Vendor
10 reasons to consider migrating to new server technology
10 Tips to Measure Training ROI
2011–2012 IT Budget Benchmarks
2012 Security Outlook
2012 Trends to Watch: Storage
2012-2013 IT Budget Benchmark
2014 IT Budget Benchmark
22 November 2011: Read the latest issue of the UK’s leading technology publication, where we analyse the latest technology news and what it means for IT managers.
3G Femtocell technology in the home
4G mobile phone (LTE) opportunities for employers
4G mobile phone (LTE) revenue opportunities for business
5 Reasons Growing SMEs Cannot Ignore the Cloud
8 tips to ensure your server technology supports your business growth
A clearer horizon. Do CIOs have more clarity about cloud computing?
A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to testing and code quality
A Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to hybrid cloud
A CW buyer's guide to software asset management
A CW buyer’s guide to Human Capital Management
A Sustainable Print Agenda
Accelerating Digital Marketing
Accenture Technology Vision 2011
Accenture Technology Vision 2012
Accenture Technology Vision 2013
Accenture Technology Vision 2014
Activity based working: The Hybrid Organisation: Buildings
Acumin Contract Rate Index August 2012
Advanced cyber-security intelligence
Agile Project Management for Government
Air Transport Industry Insights 2014
Airline IT Trends Survey
Amazon is the new battleground for analytics and data management
An Information Architecture Vision
An Introduction to Quantum Lifecycle Management
Analyst Insight: Is There a Smart City Market?
Analyst's take: Benefits of Alpha ImageWorks 9000 for healthcare providers
Analyst's take: Benefits of Microsoft patterns and practices
Analyst's take: Business impact of Facebook in the workplace
Analyst's take: Foglight helps telecomms company find savings and boost efficiencies
Analyst's take: application drives faster development
Analyst's take: IBM Cognos Express helps efficient adoption of BI and PM technology
Analyst's take: IBM Cognos leverages value from SAP
Analyst's take: IBM’s acquisition of SPSS is good news for SAS and SAP customers
Analyst's take: Independent software vendors save money with DataDirect drivers
Analyst's take: Interactive MedicaLife Sciences Application Suite
Analyst's take: Invest in time and attendance applications to cut costs
Analyst's take: Kronos time and attendance applications achieve greater return on investment than Oracle products
Analyst's take: Kronos Workforce Central return on investment
Analyst's take: Managing IT in an economic downturn
Analyst's take: Maximise success with Microsoft Dynamics
Analyst's take: Microsoft Dynamics CRM boosts customer service and company profits
Analyst's take: NetSuite reaps rewards for satisfied customers
Analyst's take: New Microsoft Visual Studio Team System offers more benefits to users
Analyst's take: Nucleus Research's top 10 IT predictions for 2010
Analyst's take: Return on investment of IBM Cognos Software
Analyst's take: Scheduling applications cut healthcare costs
Analyst's take: Siemens PLM software cuts costs and boosts innovation for packaged goods industry
Analyst's take: Siemens PLM software revs up benefits for automotive industry
Analyst's take: Siemens product lifecycle management software solutions for aerospace industry
Analyst's take: Sterling Fax Conversion Services boost productivity and reduce headcount
Analyst's take: Surety's AbsoluteProof protects data integrity
Analytics exploration – today and tomorrow
Analytics, Decision Making & Teams That Do It Right
Applied Desktop Virtualisation
Apps Revolution
Are businesses taking chances when it comes to managing outsourcing risk?
Are you ready for 2020?
Are you securing the right things? How to effectively secure your data
ASOS: The boardroom view of IT
Back to the Future: The Hybrid Organisation: People
Balancing the Mobile Data Load
Benefits Management: How to increase the business value of your IT projects
Best practice in enterprise storage
Best practices for integrating your contact centre with
Beyond Big Data – The New Information Economy
Big Data Analytics
Big Data analytics: Adoption and employment trends
Big Data and Content Analytics: measuring the ROI
Big Data in Big Companies
Big data: Lessons from the leaders
Big Digital Leadership
BMC Mainframe Survey 2011
Boost business analyst performance with eight key competencies
Booz CIO briefing: Web 2.0 - lead now or get out of the way
Briefing: Handheld PCs, smart phones and mobile payments.
Bringing System Management to Messaging & Collaboration
BT rolls out Microsoft Sharepoint 2010
Building a digital government based on user needs
Building a high-performance application infrastructure
Building a Smarter London
Building consumerised end-user services
Building the business case for upgrading servers
Building the IT economy: the importance of information
Building the IT economy: transforming your organisation
Business analyst skillset well-suited to change management
Business and IT Analysis: Availability, recovery, and archive
Business Continuity Management Systems
Business Continuity: Availability, recovery and archive
Business IT guide for SMEs
Business leaders agenda 2012
Business Outcomes from Big Data
Business Reimagined
BYOD – who carries the can?
Calculating Cloud ROI : From the Customer Perspective
Calculating Training ROI
Capturing opportunity: Cleantech business booms
Capturing the ICT Dividend
Case Study: How John Lewis Conquered the Web
Case study: Microsoft Dutch HQ glimpses the future
Case Study: Tesco's £65 million data centre strategy to drive online growth
CEO insights: Reinventing the rules of engagement
CEOs are from Mars, CIOs are from Venus
CIO briefing on agile development
CIO insights: Moving from the back office to the front line
CIO keeps Network Rail on track for £1bn transformation
CIO Thought Leadership: The Sum of all brands
City University London Policy Challenge Report: Removing barriers to government using SME IT suppliers
Closing technology gaps for human resources
Closing the print security gap
Cloud Computing for Business
Cloud computing in the public sector
Cloud delivers 1.7 times more ROI
Cloud: Scaling to succeed in new business models
COBIT5 For Risk
Collaboration in the Cloud: everything to everyone, or too good to be true?
Collaborative Learning in a Project Environment
Computer Weekly - 1 May 2012: The technology behind the England football team
Computer Weekly - 10 January 2012: What’s in store for IT this year?
Computer Weekly - 10 January 2012: What’s in store for IT this year?
Computer Weekly - 13 December 2011: Read this week’s special issue announcing the UKtech50 – the 50 most influential people in UK IT.
Computer Weekly - 13 March 2012: The economics of private cloud
Computer Weekly - 14 February 2012: Does government IT deliver value for money?
Computer Weekly - 15 May 2012: Overhauling banking IT
Computer Weekly - 17 April 2012: How to ensure smartphone security
Computer Weekly - 17 January 2012: featuring the future of IT education; G-Cloud in action; networking challenges
Computer Weekly - 19 June 2012: How to succeed at desktop virtualisation
Computer Weekly - 21 February 2012: Preparing for IPv6
Computer Weekly - 22 May 2012: Why Tesco is spending £150m online
Computer Weekly - 23 August 2011: Download this week's issue of the UK's leading technology publication, with our analysis of the latest news and IT trends
Computer Weekly - 27 March 2012: What the Budget means for IT
Computer Weekly - 28 February 2012: Taking UK government into the cloud
Computer Weekly - 29 November 2011: Read this week’s issue of the UK’s leading technology publication, featuring the latest news, analysis and opinion about UK IT
Computer Weekly - 3 April 2012: Data security best practice
Computer Weekly - 31 January 2012: The importance of IT strategy
Computer Weekly - 6 March 2012: Windows 8 - tablet meets desktop
Computer Weekly - 7 February 2012: IT investment priorities
Computer Weekly - 8 May 2012: The changing face of retail IT
Computer Weekly 1 November 2011: Read this week's issue of the UK's leading technology publication, with the latest news, analysis and opinion for IT managers
Computer Weekly 11 October 2011: Download this week's issue of the UK's leading technology publication, featuring the latest news, analysis and opinion on the big trends in IT
Computer Weekly 13 September 2011: Download this week's issue of the UK's leading technology publication, with our analysis of the latest news, trends and IT management issues
Computer Weekly 15 November 2011: Read this week's issue of the UK's leading technology publication, with all the latest news, analysis and opinion for IT managers
Computer Weekly 16 August 2011: Read our analysis of the week’s biggest news stories in IT and in-depth features examining the latest technology trends
Computer Weekly 18 October 2011: Download the latest issue of the UK's leading technology publication, where we analyse the latest news in IT and what it means for IT managers
Computer Weekly 19 July 2011: A Conversation with the CIO of one of the UK government’s biggest IT estates
Computer Weekly 2 August 2011: We examine the calls for radical reform in the relationship between Whitehall and its IT suppliers
Computer Weekly 20 September 2011: Download the new issue of the UK's leading technology publication, featuring in-depth analysis of the latest IT news and technology trends
Computer Weekly 24 January 2012: Has Microsoft succeeded with Trustworthy Computing?
Computer Weekly 25 October 2011: Read this week's issue of the UK's leading technology publication, with news, analysis and opinion on the topics that matter to IT managers
Computer Weekly 27 September 2011: Download the latest issue of the UK's leading technology publication, featuring the news, analysis and opinion that matters to IT decision-makers
Computer Weekly 4 October 2011: Download the latest issue of the UK's leading technology publication, with our analysis of the business technology news that matters to IT managers
Computer Weekly 6 December 2011: Read this week’s issue of the UK’s leading technology publication, featuring news on open data, cyber security and our social media awards
Computer Weekly 6 September 2011: Download the latest issue of the UK’s leading technology publication, featuring the news, analysis and opinion that matters to IT decision-makers
Computer Weekly 8 November 2011: Read this week's issue of the UK's leading technology publication, with the news, analysis and opinion that matters to IT managers.
Computer Weekly buyer's guide to business tablets
Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to SME IT
Computer Weekly Buyers Guide: Mobile Technology
Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to Windows XP support
Computer Weekly datacentre case studies
Computer Weekly E-Zine: 5-11 July 2011
Computer Weekly networking case studies
Computer Weekly Special Report: Fujitsu
Computer Weekly storage case studies
Computer Weekly – 10 December 2013: The most influential people in UK IT
Computer Weekly – 11 December 2012: Microsoft puts up prices again
Computer Weekly – 12 February 2013: Can BlackBerry 10 bridge the business-consumer smartphone divide?
Computer Weekly – 13 November 2012: Government commits to open standards
Computer Weekly – 16 July 2013: Cloud takes to the stage at the Royal Opera House
Computer Weekly – 18 December 2012: London 2012 hands the baton to the Rio Olympics IT team
Computer Weekly – 19 February 2013: Software Developers in demand
Computer Weekly – 19 March 2013: Delivering software development success
Computer Weekly – 20 December 2011: Read this week’s issue, featuring: retail IT issues for Christmas; the cost of software failure; the founder of agile development
Computer Weekly – 20 March 2012: The open data revolution
Computer Weekly – 20 November 2012: Inside the £65m datacentre supporting Tesco's online strategy
Computer Weekly – 22 January 2013: Technology takes off at Heathrow Terminal 2
Computer Weekly – 24 April 2012: Are CIOs earning credibility in the boardoom?
Computer Weekly – 26 February 2013: European Commission targets data security
Computer Weekly – 27 November 2012: Announcing the most influential people in UK IT
Computer Weekly – 29 January 2013: The end of the PC refresh cycle?
Computer Weekly – 3 June 2014: How big data brings big donations for charities
Computer Weekly – 4 December 2012: Games giant Sega takes to the cloud
Computer Weekly – 4 March 2014: How IT brings aid to refugees
Computer Weekly – 5 February 2013: The third dimension – the innovation opportunity from 3D printing
Computer Weekly – 5 March 2013: Planning for a 4G future
Computer Weekly – 6 May 2014: The problems of legacy IT in banking
Computer Weekly – 6 November 2012: The business benefits of 4G
Computer Weekly – 8 January 2013: Digital strategies to drive CIOs in 2013
Computer Weekly Network IT case studies
Configuration Management for Virtual and Cloud Infrastructures
Conflicker Working Group - Lessons learned from Conflicker
Connected enterprise is the key to collaboration and cutting costs
Conquering the sys-admin challenge
Consumer Technology in the Enterprise - a Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide
Creating the hybrid organisation: Making public and private sector organisations relevant in the new economy
CW 500 Club – how organisations are sharing IT services to beat the downturn
CW Buyer's Guide: Asset Management
CW Buyer's Guide: Big Data Infrastructure
CW Buyer's Guide: Business Intelligence
CW Buyer's Guide: Client Computing
CW Buyer's Guide: Consumerisation
CW buyer's guide: context-aware security
CW Buyer's Guide: Customer Relations (CRM)
CW buyer's guide: data management
CW Buyer's Guide: Data Security
CW Buyer's Guide: Desktop virtualisation
CW Buyer's Guide: Government IT
CW Buyer's Guide: Green Computing
CW Buyer's Guide: Healthcare in IT
CW Buyer's Guide: infrastructure on demand
CW Buyer's Guide: IPV6 Migration
CW Buyer's Guide: IT for SMEs
CW Buyer's Guide: IT Tools
CW buyer's guide: mobile device management
CW Buyer's Guide: Optimising networks for cloud computing and virtualisation
CW Buyer's Guide: Outsourcing
CW Buyer's Guide: Private Cloud
CW Buyer's Guide: Server Virtualisation
CW Buyer's Guide: Storage and Back-up
CW Buyer's Guide: Tablets for business
CW buyer's guide: The business advantages of big data
CW Buyer's Guide: Windows 8
CW Buyers Guide To Finance and Insurance
CW Buyers Guide: Cloud Storage
CW Buyers Guide: Green IT
CW Buyers Guide: Human Resource Management
CW Buyers Guide: Mobile Device Management
CW Buyers Guide: Software as a Service
CW buyer’s guide: managing identity & access
CW Buyer’s Guide: Virtual desktops in the enterprise
CW Enterprise Software case studies
CW Europe - November Edition
CW Europe – December Edition
CW Europe – February Edition
CW Europe – January Edition
CW Europe – March Edition
CW Europe – May 2014 Edition
CW Europe – September Edition
CW Special report on Atos
CW Special report on Capgemini
CW Special report on Capita
CW Special Report on Cognizant
CW Special Report on CSC
CW Special Report on Dell
CW Special Report on HP
CW Special Report on IBM
CW Special Report on Microsoft
CW Special Report on Oracle
CW Special report on Symantec
CW Special Report on TCS
CW Special report on Wipro
CW Special Report: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
CW+ Casio research: The meeting room marathon - a waste of corporate time ?
CW+ Exclusive EquaTerra research: Taking the pulse of the European outsourcing market
CW+ Gartner Research: The impact of cloud computing on suppliers in banking
CW+ Open Group: Governance in IT and Architecture - TOGAF
CW+ Open Group: Supporting requirements management in TOGAF
CW+ Open Group: The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF™ 9) and the US Department of Defense Architecture Framework
CW+ Open Group: World-class enterprise architecture
CW+ Quocirca report: Beating IT recession blues
CW+ Quocirca report: Managing carbon reduction across your datacentre assets
CW+ Quocirca report: Privileged user management
CW+ Quocirca report: Reaping the benefits of IP geolocation
CW+ Quocirca report: Reducing complexity and cost in mobile deployments
CW+ Quocirca report: Standardised battlefield SOA
CW+ Quocirca report: The evolving MPS landscape
CW+ Quocirca: Reaping the benefits of an enterprise output management strategy
CW+ Roundtable: IT fights back to deliver business-related benefits
CW+ XpertHR: Computer staff salary survey
CW+: 500 Club case study: The Royal Mail approach to supplier relationship management
CW+: Analyst's take: Alfabet PlanningIT reaps rewards for decision makers
CW+: Analyst's take: Benefits of Siemens product lifecycle management software for life sciences
CW+: Analyst's take: Cyber-Ark benefits privileged account management
CW+: Analyst's take: IBM Cognos software helps schools score top marks
CW+: Analyst's take: Leveraging IBM Cognos software with training
CW+: Analyst's take: The benefits of IBM Cognos software for independent software vendors
CW+: Analyst's take: The benefits of third-party SAP and Oracle support
CW+: Architecture for deperimeterisation of IT security
CW+: BDNA: IT asset management user trend survey
CW+: Bloor Research - EU Compliance and Regulations for the IT Professional
CW+: Business opportunities in the North American mobile market
CW+: Cloud computing - look before you leap
CW+: Compass: How benchmarking can identify IT savings
CW+: Compass: How to negotiate effective telecoms contracts
CW+: CW 500 Club – How to Deal with Disruptive Technologies
CW+: CW 500 Club: How IPOS met the challenge of creating a global IT department
CW+: Developer Survey Report from Embarcadero Technologies
CW+: Executive breifing - The Indian Sub-Continent Mobile Market
CW+: Global Simplicity Index – how complicated is your business?
CW+: How mature are companies' software quality management processes?
CW+: How to build, secure, manage and measure IT workloads
CW+: How to manage device lifecycles
CW+: How to manage expenses in small and mid-sized businesses
CW+: How to produce a business case for software quality
CW+: How to use predictive modeling to run an effective technology platform
CW+: IDC Report - Enterprise disaster recovery for SMBs
CW+: IDC Report - How to manage documents in the enterprise
CW+: Interoperability in the cloud – a guide from PA consulting
CW+: Isle of Man rolls out Microsoft Windows 7
CW+: KPMG: Dynamic technologies for smarter government
CW+: Leverage memory technology to cut data centre power consumption
CW+: Manage your work more effectively with The Power of Slow
CW+: Mobile Games: App store strategies, business models and forecasts
CW+: Mobile payments market opportunities for business
CW+: Mobile ticketing market analysis, strategic opportunities and forecasts
CW+: Mobile Voice over IP - opportunities and threats
CW+: MWD Strategic Insight: Understanding your requirements: online communities and team workspaces
CW+: Online in the afterlife
CW+: Open Group technical document: IT Specialist Certification (ITSC) Conformance Requirements
CW+: Open Group technical report: IT Specialist Certification (ITSC) accreditation requirements
CW+: Overview of the Open Group Security Forum
CW+: PA Consulting: Customer-supplier relationships in the cloud
CW+: PA Consulting: Securing data in the cloud
CW+: Quocirca Report: 21st century enterprise print services
CW+: Quocirca Report: A gift from IT to the business
CW+: Quocirca Report: Building a case for data centre infrastructure management
CW+: Quocirca Report: Cloud Computing - Taking IT to task
CW+: Quocirca report: Communications technology – be prepared to be flexible
CW+: Quocirca report: Digital Britain – opportunities and risks for UK businesses
CW+: Quocirca report: Effective public sector citizen communication
CW+: Quocirca report: Enterprise performance management
CW+: Quocirca report: Enterprise performance management cycle 2
CW+: Quocirca Report: How to automate your expenses – a guide for higher education and universities
CW+: Quocirca report: Managed print services programmes for SMBs
CW+: Quocirca report: Mobile application momentum – why write mobile applications?
CW+: Quocirca Report: Mobile expense management - taking the big picture view
CW+: Quocirca report: Predictive service excellence for printers
CW+: Quocirca Report: Tackling printing costs in midmarket businesses
CW+: Quocirca report: Telecoms re-invention - optimising the online customer experience
CW+: Quocirca Report: Telecoms re-invention – death of the traditional telco
CW+: Quocirca report: The perfect storm: time to review client computing strategies
CW+: Quocirca Report: Utilising SOA in defence logistics
CW+: Quocirca report: Valuable business connections – a review for SMEs
CW+: Quocirca report: Web retailing - keeping the orders flowing
CW+: Quocirca report: You sent what ?
CW+: Quocrica report: Managed hosting in Europe
CW+: Roundtable debate: The impact of IT consolidation on business growth
CW+: Roundtable: Managing IT assets and tracking total cost of ownership
CW+: Snapshot 360° review of IT
CW+: Special report on Accenture
CW+: Special Report on CA Technologies
CW+: Special report: Next generation mobile broadband – the opportunities
CW+: Study: The economic benefits of cloud to business and the economy
CW+: Study: The economic benefits of cloud to business and the economy (part II)
CW+: The Open Group: Building return on investment from cloud computing
CW+: The Open Group: Cloud buyers’ decision tree
CW+: The Open Group: Cloud buyers’ requirements questionnaire
CW+: The Open Group: Strengthening your business case for using cloud
CW+: The Open Group: Strengthening your business case for using cloud
CW+: The state of IT project management in the UK
CW500 - Top trends for CIOs in 2011
CW500: Back to the Future: Big Data at Channel 4
CW500: Best practice in BYOD
CW500: Best practice in BYOD
CW500: Business and Economics Outlook for IT Leaders in 2014
CW500: Future gazing to 2014
CW500: Major IT recruitment, skills and career development issues in 2014
CW500: Retail IT: The high street vs the internet
CW500: The technology behind the BBC's Olympics coverage (quick download)
CW500: The technology behind the BBC's Olympics coverage (video version)
CW500:Future Gazing 2020 (I)
CW500:Future Gazing 2020 (II)
Cybercrime and warfare: All that matters
Data Center & Virtualization PI Survey
Data Centre Migration, G-Cloud & Applications Store Programme Phase 2 – Technical Architecture Workstrand Report
Data Centre Risk Index 2013
Data Centre Strategy, G-Cloud & Applications Store for Government Programme – Founding Principles
Data Protection Masterclass: Global Privacy
Data Protection Masterclass: New EU Data Protection Regulation
De-risking IT Lifecycle Management
Defining the Business Change Agenda
Delivering on high cloud expectations
Detecting the use of TrueCrypt
Digital identities and the open business
Disrupt IT:  A new model for IT in the digital age
Does the mobile M2M market herald the rise of the machines?
Domino’s Pizza:  Datacentre Transformation
Don't sweat assets, liberate them!
DWP: Social Media Strategies and Idea Street
Effective B2B Integration
Effective print management
Effective print security for SMBs
Efficacy of Emerging Network Security Technologies
Elliptic curve cryptography in transport ticketing
Enabling rapid and effective IT recovery
Encryption in the cloud
Enhanced Wi-Fi Companion: A Complete Wi-Fi Solution for Business Mobility
Enterprise Security Architecture
Enterprise Security Architecture – an outsourcer's view
Environmentally-friendly mobile handsets and applications
Equip technical staff with business expertise to get ahead
ERP software for SMEs demonstrates that size isn’t always everything
Euro crisis: Key questions CEOs and CIOs should ask each other
European cross-border e-commerce
European IT Law Briefing: Monitoring employees' use of social media
European IT Law Briefing: Recruitment and social media
European IT Law Briefing: Taking action on misuse of social media by employees
European IT Law Briefing:  Practical steps for companies using social media
Evaluating Netsuit Suitecommerce
Evaluation of managed print service suppilers
Evolution of Hosted Server Computing: The emerging ‘cloud’ alternative
Executing Your Strategy 1: Ideation
Executing your strategy 2: Nature
Executing your strategy 3: Vision
Executing your strategy 4: Synthesis
Executing Your Strategy 5: Engagement
Executing Your Strategy 6: Transition
Executive briefing - mobile money transfers and remittances
Expert guide: How to design job roles and plan careers structures in the IT department
Fair exchange protocols with anonymity and non-repudiation for payments
Fighting Economic Crime in the Financial Services sector
Fighting fraud in government
Finance for IT decision makers: Making business cases
Financial services must gain speed and go mobile to satisfy customers
Financial Services Report: Reshaping ICT, Reshaping Business
FM, IT and Data Centres
Forrester: Datacentre Transformation
Fostering the next-generation of IT talent
Further IT Spending Cuts Likely in Europe's Public Sector
G-Cloud Report: Data Centre Strategy G-Cloud and The Applications Store for Government - Commercial Strategy Team
G-Cloud Report: Data Centre Strategy, G-Cloud & Applications Store for Government Programme – Implementation Strategy
G-Cloud Report: Data Centre Strategy, G-Cloud & Government Applications Store Programme Phase 2
G-Cloud Report: G-Cloud Programme - Strategic Outline Case
G-Cloud Report: Service Management, Organisation & Governance Approach
G-Cloud Report: Service Specification Approach
Gartner CIO briefing: The future of client computing
Gartner market insight: The impact of cloud computing in retail
Gartner: A perspective on Android 2.2 for the enterprise
Gartner: Attachmate's acquisition of Novell – what does it mean for Novell customers?
Gartner: Best practices for I&O for cloud-readiness
Gartner: Best practices in virtualisation
Gartner: CIO checklist for next-generation mobile strategies
Gartner: Context-aware computing
Gartner: Decide now if you will become a money-making CIO
Gartner: Deploying iPads on the corporate network
Gartner: Deriving value from Big Data for CRM
Gartner: Five Roles for Government in Cloud Computing
Gartner: Five trends that will affect your cloud strategy
Gartner: How to build an online community
Gartner: HTML5 and the journey to the modern web
Gartner: Installing telepresence to the home - are you ready ?
Gartner: Reducing storage costs
Gartner: The future of videoconferencing
Gartner: The role of the IT department in mergers and acquisitions
Gartner: Three actions to support governance as business gets social
Gartner: Time to rethink backup procedures
Gartner: Top trends in network outsourcing 2011
Gartner: Two-tier ERP suite strategy - considering your options
Gartner: What CIOs should know about cloud‑based customer service
Global cloud survey: the implementation challenge
Global Disaster Recovery (DR) Index 2012
Global Disaster Recovery Index: 2011
Global lessons in eHealth implementation
Global profiles of the fraudster
Global sourcing trends 2011
Global Sourcing Trends in 2012
Going public? The case for private or public clouds to support enterprise IT strategy
Google Voice: Ready for the Enterprise?
Governance of IT, an executive guide to ISO/IEC 38500
Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)
Grant Thornton Focus on Technology
Guide to building an optimised and cost-effective datacentre strategy
Guide to using social media for customer support
Guide: Maximizing the Value of Cloud for Small-Medium Enterprises
Guide: Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7
Guidebook:  Oracle Cloud Services
Hands-on Oracle Application Express security
Harvey Nash CIO Survey 2012
Harvey Nash CIO Survey 2014
Harvey Nash CIO Survey: New Decade, New Opportunies?
Healthcare sector to shed pounds with mobile health applications
Herding Geese: The Retail Supply Chain
High-tech, low-tech, no-tech
How CIOs drive innovation and create value across the enterprise
How IT can work with the gadget-conscious Generation Y
How mature are companies' software quality management processes in 2010?
How Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems are taking over mobile devices
How social media drives business success
How technology, media and telecoms companies can win the confidence of investors
How to be influential online
How to Bridge the Gap Between Business and Social Apps
How to build a business analysis centre of excellence
How to build an effective User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Team
How to choose between in-house and outsourced SAP managed services
How to configure Mac OS X Server
How to control abuse of social networking on mobile devices
How to create inherently secure communications
How to embed innovation in the corporate culture
How to establish end-point security
How to handle requirements for risk assessment methodologies
How to improve your communication with your boss
How to keep your IT agile through cloud computing services
How to make the business case for de-perimeterisation
How to make the storage decisions to ensure virtualisation success
How to manage a mobile phone fleet
How to manage data privacy
How to manage emerging technology in IT
How to manage the enterprise lifecycle
How to navigate the cloud securely and confidently
How to select cloud formations for secure business collaboration
How to start, refine and improve your social media business strategy
How to tackle encapsulation and encryption
How to tackle Enterprise Information Protection & Control
How to tackle identity management and federated identity
How to tackle information access policy management
How to tackle information classification
How to tackle information lifecycle management
How to tackle internet filtering and reporting
How to tackle IT audit and compliance
How to tackle risk lifecycle management
How to tackle risk taxonomy
How to tackle secure protocols and mobile management
How to tackle trust and co-operation
How to tackle trust management
How to tackle trust management and business impact levels
How to tackle trust management: Impact sensitivity categorisation
How to tie learning to business impact
How to use Collaboration Oriented Architectures
How to work out the true cost of ownership for server technology
HR Technology Key Trends 2014
HR Technology Toolkit
Improve the success of HR systems implementation
Improving Business Performance Through New IT Service Delivery Models
Information security breaches survey 2012
Information security for SMEs
Infosecurity Europe 2014
Innovation ? How ?
Inspiring disruption: Tech Trends 2014
Insurance Industry IT: What's costing you dearly?
Integrating and monitoring business-to-business (B2B) value chains
Intervention areas for superfast broadband project Connecting Cumbria
Invest in innovation by reducing your server management burden
iOS 6 Foundations
IPV6 Transition – Why the rush ?
Is EMC Greenplum the real Hadoop company?
Is the cloud safe? Breaking down the barriers to cloud computing
Is the cloud safe? Breaking down the barriers to cloud computing
Is the mobile gambling market still a safe bet for business?
ISG Outsourcing Index (EMEA)
IT as a driver of M&A success
IT education in Scandavia
IT hiring activity and salary changes for 2010
IT in the UK SMB (Small and Medium sized Business) Sector
IT industry outlook 2014
IT Infrastructure: Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide
IT Jobswatch - Financial Services
IT jobswatch - opportunities in retail
IT jobswatch – trends in media IT recruitment
IT matters again
IT pay & compensation survey 2012/2013
IT pay and bonus prospects in 2011
IT pay and recruitment report: Software houses and consultants
IT Project Management: Guide to estimating timescales and resources.
IT Security Case Studies
IT Service Management: Optimizing IT performance and delivered business value
IT Services Purchase Intentions 2013
Jericho Forum - the vision
Jericho Forum: Data Protection
Jim Norton: The boardroom view of IT
Key Insights for Building “Consumerised” End-User Services
KPMG 2012 Global Technology Innovation Survey
Latest IT bonus figures - what are IT professionals earning ?
Leaders and Laggards in the Digital Economy
Learning Computing: Why object orientated programming works.
Legal briefing: The Draft EU General Data Protection Regulation
Leveraging Talent
Low cost handsets & entry level smartphones
Making Sense of Big Data in the Petabyte Age
Making sense of storage in a big data world
Managed Print Services Landscape, 2013
Managing IT projects for business change. Dealing with trouble.
Managing Software Estates in the Enterprise
Managing the digital innovation process
Maximising automation and the industrialisation of IT
Measuring the half life of data
Met Office: The changing role of social media
Microsoft announces new office 365 offerings
Microsoft catches up with iPad support for Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Convergence 2012
Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Government
Minority Report: How science fiction is becoming reality
Mitchells and Butlers: The boardroom view of IT
Mobile Apps Stores
Mobile Augmented Reality
Mobile augmented reality opportunities for business
Mobile banking strategies - maximise your revenues
Mobile coupon technology
Mobile Data Offload and Onload
Mobile Expense Management
Mobile location-based services gaining ground
Mobile messaging is the key to connecting communities
Mobile Music Opportunities - market size, strategic analysis and forcasts
Mobile NFC in Retail
Mobile NFC in Transport
Mobile payment technology - a buyer's guide
Mobile phone app opportunities for business
Mobile Security Strategies
Mobile ticketing opens doors of opportunity for business
Mobile working in business - the facts.
Modelling the Insurance Enterprise
Monetising Mobile Adult Content
Monetising the Mobile Content Plan
Multiple Country Implementation — Influencing Factors and Approaches
Musings on datacentres
National Fibre Strategies
Navigating your Future within an SOA information manufacturing system
Negotiating cloud contracts
Network Purchasing Intentions 2013
Network security is being redefined to better block data raiders
Network sharing - is it time to rethink the structure of the mobile industry?
New ways of working - Microsoft’s ‘mobility’ office
Next Generation Data centre Index – Cycle III
Next Generation Datacentres Index –Cycle II
Next Generation Datacentres: The Cloud
Nimble employers turn to agile project management
Open Group technical document: IT Specialist Certification Accreditation Policy
Open Group technical document: The Single Unix Specification
Open Group: FAIR -ISO/IEC 27005 Cookbook
Open Information Security Management Maturity Model (O-ISM3)
Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (O-TTPS)
Optimising Linux on System z
Optimising the data warehouse
Optimising your OmniPayments: Consumers, payments and the future
Outsourcing the problem of software security
Over-the-Top Video: First to Scale Wins
Overcoming the insight deficit
Overcoming the IT challenges of successful carve-outs
Overview Of Near Field Communication
Ovum briefing: The cloud computing strategies of major telcos
Ovum: Business tips for using SMS and web chat
Ovum: CIO trends for 2011
Ovum: Cloud Computing - 10 tips for IT departments and suppliers
Ovum: Security trends to watch in 2011
Ovum: The changing face of multi-national mobility
Perceptions of business technology in the 21st century
Personal skills for professional success: influencing
Powering the data centre
Practical Data Migration: PDMv2
Preparing for the Capital Requirements Directive
Presentation: City & Guilds unified communication stragey
Presentation: The BBC’s Unified Communications Strategy
Presentation: Virgin Media’s unified communications strategy
Printing: a false sense of security?
Privacy and Big Data
Protecting against modern password cracking
Re-birth of the IT Budget?
Re-birth of the IT Budget?
Realise Benefits from a Digital Strategy
Research: Moving to the cloud cuts energy consumption by 91%
Retail IT - A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide
Rethinking Managed Print Services (MPS)
Robert Walters career lifestyle survey 2013
ROI Case Study: Quest Foglight at Imperial College London
ROI Case Study: Salesforce Tableau Software
Roundtable: Green IT: Making sustainability a corporate game-changer
Sap and SuccessFactors Break Adoption Silos
Sap business suite now available on Sap Hana
SAP Managed Services Survey Findings
Scan and Go - Transport Ticketing on the Mobile
Secure internet routing
Secure your data – protect your business
Security Pay Rates: UK Permanent Salary Index February 2013
Security strategy essential to keep ahead of rapidly changing threats
Security the future: Keeping up with the business
Security Think Tank: Bring your own device
Security visualisation
Service excellence and Managed Print Services
Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure (SOCCI) Framework
Six reasons why manufacturers should consider cloud ERP
Skills Forecast: Big Data Analytics
Sleeping Android: the danger of dormant permissions
Smart cards: security risks
Smart Cities: The anywhere working city
Smart Grid and the Internet of Things
Smart Grid and the Internet of Things
Smart phone, smarter service.
Smart technologies and the internet of things
Smartphone market set to expand as vendors vie for position
Smartphones: Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide
Smartself-service – a guide for buyers
Smart  Organisations
SOA Reference Architecture
Social media is not just for fun – it can transform your business
Software Licensing and Subscription
Software testing: why it needs a new professionalism
Sourcing and integrating managed services
Special Report on Adobe
Special report on Dell
Special Report on Infosys
Special report on SAP
Special Report on Cisco
Special Report on Steria
Special report on EMC
Storage Through the Looking Glass
Stories That Move Mountains: Improve your presentation skills
Straight to the Top. CIO Leadership in a Mobile, Social, and Cloud-based World
Strategic IT
Super themes shaping the ICT agenda in 2013
Supercomputers: A Computer Weekly guide
Supercomputers: prestige objects or crucial tools for science and industry ?
Sustainability through Managed Print Services
Tablet & eReaders: strategies and opportunities
Tablets and connected devices - future opportunities for business
Tablets in the enterprise: five steps for successful adoption
Targeted attacks and how to defend against them
Technology industry at the cross-roads: Transforming quote-to-cash operations
Technology industry at the cross-roads: Transforming quote-to-cash operations
Technology Industry Survey 2012
Technology Industry Survey 2013
Technology Industry Survey 2014
Technology Industry Survey2012
Technology value matrix : ERP
Technology value matrix: Human Resources solutions
Technology, Innovation and Change
Technology, innovation and change: the IT department's view
Terrorist use of the internet
The 11 security commandments - Jericho Forum
The Banking Industry Architecture Network and TOGAF
The big returns from big data
The business benefits of switching to mobile TV
The capability approach to enterprise architecture
The Cloud Risk Framework
The Cloud: Time for Delivery
The CMO–CIO disconnect
The Consumerisation of IT
The Cyber Savvy CEO: Getting to grips with today’s growing cyber-threats
The Deciding Factor: Big Data & Decision Making
The Deloitte CIO Survey 2013
The Deloitte Consumer Review: A more secure customer
The Demise in Effectiveness of Signature and Heuristic Based Antivirus
The Digital Enterprise
The DNA of the CIO
The Economic Value of Data
The evolving business case for tier-1 erp in midsize companies
The Future of Corporate IT
The Future of Corporate IT
The future of digital forensics
The future of Government operations: Digital citizen survey
The Future of Innovation Management: The Next 10 Years
The future of software development: Energized Work
The future of software development: The FT's view.
The future of software development: The LateRooms Group
The future of work: Expections of the next-generation workforce
The Global ICT Supplier Top 50
The Global State of the PMO 2012
The Global State of the PMO 2013
The global state of the project management office
The Human Face of Big Data: Data Driven
The Human Face of Big Data: Pulse of the Planet
The identity perimeter
The impact of Cloud on IT
The Impact of E.U. Internet Copyright Regulations on Early-Stage Investment
The mid-market conundrum
The Mindset of the Chief Information Officer
The mobile print enterprise
The new virtual datacentre
The next frontier for managed print services
The next wave of digitisation: setting your direction, building your capabilities
The NFC Retail Opportunity
The Open Group - Cloud Computing guide to interoperability and portability
The Open Group Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM) Version 2
The psychology of IT projects: Why they fail
The reality behind the hype: Government cloud computing
The ROI for ERP: An Overall Approach
The ROI of Social CRM
The tablet market: consumer trends and market segmentation
The Total Economic Impact Of Implementing Microsoft’s Productivity Platform
The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Office 2010
The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
The trust advantage: How to win at big data
The truth about software quality - a global benchmarking study
The value of mobile and social to CRM
The work/life report: The Hybrid Organisation: Technology
The year of Application Performance Management (APM) Datacentre Transformation
Three simple steps to building a digital framework
Tiers for Fears: an holistic approach to managing datacentres
Time to Rethink the IT Stack
TOGAF® and SABSA® Integration
Top 10 Business Analysis Trends for 2013
Top 10 Predictions for 2013
Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2013
Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2013
Top 10 Project Management Trends For 2014
Transformation Through Innovation
Transforming business at the intersection of marketing and technology
Transforming IT at HM Revenue & Customs
Trends in business intelligence
Trends in Enterprise Mobility
Trust and security in the cloud
UK Computer Science Education in the 21st Century
UK IT priorities 2012
UK Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction 2012
UK steps towards “Digital Britain” with the introduction of the Digital Economy Act 2010
Ultrabooks & Mobile Computing
Underexposed risks of public Wi-Fi hotspots
Understanding the hard ROI of BYOD
Unlocking growth potential in emerging markets
Unlocking the value of big data
Using cloud technology to enhance sustainability and reduce consumption
Using ICT financing for strategic gain
Using mobile phones to manage mobile workers’ expenses
Virtualization Security: Protecting Virtualized Environments
VMWorld Case Study:  Catalent Pharma Solutions
VMworld Europe Case Study: DER Deutsches Reisebüro
VMworld Europe Case Study:  Bull SAS
VMworld Europe Case Study:  Colt Technology
VMworld Europe Case Study: The National Trust
VMworld Europe Case Study: Tiger Wheel and Tyre
WAN Speak Musings – Volume I
WAN Speak Musings – Volume II
WAN Speak Musings – Volume III
Where is the smart money going in ICT ?
White paper: Building a data-driven IT infrastructure
White paper: Building a Flexible IT Architecture
Why mobile cloud computing could be your business strategy’s new best friend
Windows 2012 Server Network Security
Windows 8 Secrets
Windows Server 2012 Security from End to Edge and Beyond
Winning the Paper Wars
Women in IT: Ann Brown HR Director of Capgemini
Women in IT: Labour shadow minister, Chi Onwura
Women in IT: Rebecca George
Women in IT: The Unconscious Bias
Women in Technology 2012
Women in Technology 2013
World-Class EA: The Agile Enterprise

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