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Join the KnowledgeStorm User Feedback Panel

The User Feedback Panel is a way for you to make your opinion heard and help us improve the user experience of the sites we develop. Our goal is to make the KnowledgeStorm Network as user friendly as possible, so your searches are more successful and your time spent searching is as low as possible. We want you to find what you are looking for without the headaches of website roadblocks.

When you join the User Feedback Panel, you will be able to choose which types of user testing you want to participate in:

  • Online Surveys
  • Phone Interviews
  • Usability Studies
  • Special User Events

When you sign up, be sure to use the same login information you used for your KnowledgeStorm registration. Only registered KnowledgeStorm users can participate in the User Feedback Panel, and only those with e-mail and phone contact information will be able to receive any sort of compensation for one of our studies or events.

For more information on the program and what you can expect by joining, visit our FAQ.

Now, go sign up and let your voice be heard!